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Why your Employee need Checkup? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Generally it is noticed that an employee\'s physical and psychological health, wellness and overall well-being affects his work. Odd hours of working, unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, stress can cause many diseases. For this it is advisable that the employees take a Executive Health checkup to identify the future potential health risk factors and makes the company aware of the areas to work on in order to optimize the employee’s well-being.\nIndus Health Plus provides best preventive health checkup packages such as heart checkup, full body checkup packages, fitness checkup, annual corporate checkup, executive checkup, couple checkup and family health checkup at 50% less than market cost with same day reports.\n\nGet your checkup done today @ http://bit.ly/2gmXBNk\nCall Us: 0-90490-22222\n

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Why do

your Employees



Corporate Health Checkups

 Health checkup plans tailor made for a

corporate organisation are called corporate

health checkups

 Corporate health check-ups or corporate

wellness program are sponsored by companies

for their employees

 Corporate health checkup plans ensure that the

needs of the corporate & the individual working

in that organisation are both met

Corporate Checkup Benefits

 Employees are assets for any organization

 Corporate health checkups proves that the

organization values their employees

 Corporate checkup are done with an objective to

ensure that the employees remain healthy

 Healthy employees remain active, takes fewer

days off & offer better productivity

 Companies taking care of their employees

create a healthy working environment

 Employees also work hard & remain loyal to

the organization

 Better healthcare attracts & retains the

best employees

Pre-employment Health Checkup

 Pre-employment health checkup is done before

employment and is like a medical examination

 It’s objective is to determine whether an

individual is fit to perform his or her job

without any risk to himself or others

 Moreover the pre-employment health

checkup is done as per the

requirement of the job

 For example, a job in which colour

differentiation plays a vital role, the

test for colour blindness is

absolutely mandatory

Employee wellness plays a vital role in

his/her deliverables of work &


 Executive wellness program is tailor

made depending on the type of the job

an executive is doing

 Executive checkup ensures better

fitness of an executive

 Thus the outcome is better work

productivity & fewer days off

Tax Benefits

 Health checkups help avail Tax


 One can save tax on checkup by

buying a preventive health

checkup package

 Tax savings for preventive health

checkups fall under income tax

exemption under section 80 D

 This tax benefit is applicable to

individual paying health checkup

costs for self, spouse, children &


 It falls under the income Tax act

of India

Preventive Health Care

 Preventive health care is a

health checkup done to prevent

a disease

 Consider it as the 1st right step towards being


 Chronic diseases take long periods of time to


 Thus detection of these diseases at the right

time is important for an early cure

 Tests undertaken for prevention of a

disease are also important in preventive

health care

 Choose comprehensive health checkup

package now.

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