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The Lifespan Benefits Department Presents Your LIFESPAN EMPLOYEE BENEFITS PowerPoint Presentation
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The Lifespan Benefits Department Presents Your LIFESPAN EMPLOYEE BENEFITS

The Lifespan Benefits Department Presents Your LIFESPAN EMPLOYEE BENEFITS

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The Lifespan Benefits Department Presents Your LIFESPAN EMPLOYEE BENEFITS

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    1. 1/27/2012 RIH 1 The Lifespan Benefits Department Presents Your ***LIFESPAN EMPLOYEE BENEFITS*** Health (Medical) Dental My Health Advocate Working Healthy Long Term Disability Employee Life and AD&D Insurance Spouse and Child Life Insurance Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) - Medical and Dependent Care Legal HIV Insurance Long Term Care Insurance Benefit Enrollment Process Employee Assistance Services Auto and Homeowners Insurance College Bound Fund Universal Life Insurance Employee Fund 403(b) Savings Plan

    2. 1/27/2012 RIH 2 Health and Dental Coverage Options

    3. 1/27/2012 RIH 3 Health Coverage Choices

    4. 1/27/2012 RIH 4 Lifespan Blue Coverage Overview PCP REQUIRED No OUT OF NETWORK Reduced coverage COVERAGE after deductible PRE-EXISTING None CONDITION LIMITATIONS NOTE: Please refer to the Benefits Overview booklet in your benefits enrollment package for details.

    5. 1/27/2012 RIH 5 Lifespan Blue Co-Payments OFFICE VISITS $15 PRESCRIPTIONS $5 Generic 1 month supply $20 Preferred $35 Non Preferred PRESCRIPTIONS MAIL ORDER $5 Generic 3 month supply $5 Preferred $35 Non Preferred EMERGENCY ROOM VISIT $50 CHIROPRACTIC $15 (12 visits per year)

    6. 1/27/2012 RIH 6 Dental Coverage Choices

    7. 1/27/2012 RIH 7 Dental Coverage Comparison

    8. 1/27/2012 RIH 8 My Health Advocate Call the Helpline for questions regarding: Health insurance co-pays, deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses and provider searches Dental insurance billing questions, orthodontics and provider searches Pharmacy plan co-pays, mail order and specialty meds Health options in retirement Plan material requests Nursing home or assisted living facility options Call (401) 467-3113 in RI or - (800) 643-8028 out of state

    9. 1/27/2012 RIH 9 Working Healthy Health & Wellness Lecture Series Healthy Eating/Weight Management Lifespans Shape Up RI Challenge Physical Activity Programs Smoking Cessation Programs Stress Less Health Fairs Health Promotion Team at each site For more information call (401) 793-3157. Working Healthy Recipients of the Well Workplace and Fit Friendly Awards

    10. 1/27/2012 RIH 10 Long Term Disability Coverage Your Coverage Options: 60% option (60% of your monthly base salary) Company Paid 70% option (70% of your monthly base salary) Employee pays for the 10% difference in coverage. Monthly base salary is hourly rate x standard hours x 52 weeks/12 (excluding overtime pay, commissions, bonuses, premiums and shift differential). Maximum monthly benefit is $5,000. Benefits begin after 30 days of disability. LTD benefits coordinate with other disability payments and some other sources of income (i.e. Social Security, TDI, Workers Compensation, other employment). Employee paid premiums are payroll deducted before taxes.

    11. 1/27/2012 RIH 11 Employee Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D) Basic Life Insurance = 2x annual base salary. Company Paid Supplemental Life Insurance = 1x to 3x annual base salary. Employee Paid Type of coverage is group term life insurance Annual base salary is your hourly rate x standard hours (excluding overtime pay, commissions, bonuses, premiums and shift differential). Employee paid premiums are payroll deducted before taxes.

    12. 1/27/2012 RIH 12 Beneficiary Designation Web based on-line process Minnesota Life web site Access site 2 weeks following completion of benefit enrollment material

    13. 1/27/2012 RIH 13 Imputed Income The IRS requires the value of your life insurance in excess of $50,000 to be taxed. Imputed income is subject to federal, state and social security taxes. Taxable income reported on W-2 is not actual coverage amount but a smaller amount calculated under an IRS formula based on age and amount of coverage over $50,000. Listed on pay stub under other benefits. Not a deduction from your pay.

    14. 1/27/2012 RIH 14 Will Preparation, Legal Services and Travel Assistance Create simple wills, simple powers-of-attorney, testamentary trusts and health directives on line at assistance or call 1-877-708-6992. No cost for initial 30-minute consultation with attorney. Travel assistance applies when traveling more than 100 miles from home. Available 24 hours a day in more than 200 countries. Services include emergency medical assistance, emergency travel arrangements and legal/final assistance. For more information, call 1-877-708-6992 or visit

    15. 1/27/2012 RIH 15 Spouse Life Insurance Your Coverage Options: $10,000, $25,000 or $50,000 A spouse life coverage election of $10,000 or $25,000 requires no Evidence of Insurability application. A spouse life coverage election of $50,000 requires completion of an Evidence of Insurability application. Coverage is subject to insurance company approval. Ineligible dependent: your spouse if employed as benefit eligible within the Lifespan system. Premiums are payroll deducted after taxes.

    16. 1/27/2012 RIH 16 Child Life Insurance Your Coverage Options: $5,000 or $10,000 Child life does not require Evidence of Insurability. If both you and your spouse are employed within the Lifespan system, only one person may elect child life insurance. Coverage for children 14 days to six months of age is $1,000. Premiums are payroll deducted after taxes.

    17. 1/27/2012 RIH 17 Flexible Spending Accounts Your Options: Health Care or Dependent Care You are not taxed on the monies you contribute to flexible spending accounts. Your before tax contributions are used to reimburse yourself for any out-of-pocket eligible expenses from date of participation through the end of the calendar year (providing you maintain benefits eligibility). Contributions not spent by the end of the year (2010) on eligible expenses and claimed by March 31, 2011 are forfeited, as required by Federal law. PLAN CONTRIBUTIONS CAREFULLY!

    18. 1/27/2012 RIH 18 Health Care Flexible Spending Account $3,000 annual maximum contribution ($52 annual minimum) Used for health, dental, hearing or vision care expenses (for you or eligible dependents) which are not covered by a health or dental plan including: health deductibles/co-pays dental expenses over annual maximum orthodontics eye exams, glasses, contact lenses hearing exams, hearing aids certain eligible over-the-counter medications You can be reimbursed up to your annual contribution at any time during the year, provided you have made at least one payroll deduction contribution. Any questions regarding Flexible Spending Accounts should be directed to ADP at 1-800-654-6695.

    19. 1/27/2012 RIH 19 Using the Debit Card is simple because . Its automatic the funds are immediately transferred from your FSA at the time of purchase. Its fast a simple swipe of the card makes it hassle-free! It improves your cash flow you dont have to lay out cash at point of service and then wait for reimbursement. Its easy in most cases, no claim forms to complete and submit.

    20. 1/27/2012 RIH 20 Save Your Receipts Note: While you have the convenience of a Debit Card, many expenses will still require you to submit receipts. Because the IRS requires you to substantiate any claims paid from your account, you may be asked to submit receipts for eligible expenses paid using your card.

    21. 1/27/2012 RIH 21 Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account Annual contribution $52 - $5,000 Eligibility: Should you and your spouse (if applicable) work or attend school full-time and have expenses for children under age 13 or persons over age 13 who are handicapped and spend at least 8 hours per day in your home. Most types of day care services are covered including: day care centers - in home baby-sitters day camps - elder care centers You can only be reimbursed up to the balance in your account at any time during the year.

    22. 1/27/2012 RIH 22 Illustration Flexible Spending Accounts Without FSA $25,000.00 (Annual salary) <$2,880.00> (Est. tax) $22,120.00 (Adjusted Salary) <$1,000.00> (Dental expense) $21,120.00 (Disposable Income) With FSA $25,000.00 (Annual salary) <$1,000.00> (FSA Contribution) $24,000.00 (Income subject to taxes) <$2,692.00> (Est. tax) $21,308.00 (Disposable Income)

    23. 1/27/2012 RIH 23 Legal Services Insurance No waiting periods 19 services are covered in full including: Family law matters Will preparation Real Estate matters Unlimited access to a hotline 24 hrs/7days connecting you with a local law firm for questions/advice - Website address is and the telephone number is: 1-800-247-4184. Financial Planning and Tax Advice Services available Non-participating attorneys services paid in full up to plan maximums Premiums are payroll deducted after taxes.

    24. 1/27/2012 RIH 24 HIV Insurance Your Coverage Options: $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, $150,000 or $250,000 Coverage elections require a confidential HIV test prior to enrollment. HIV test must be administered by a lab contracted with the insurance company (if coverage is elected, you will be notified by the the insurance company regarding scheduling of the test). Pays lump sum equal to the coverage option elected should you test HIV positive while covered. Premiums are payroll deducted after taxes.

    25. 1/27/2012 RIH 25 Long Term Care Insurance Provides a cash benefit when you are no longer able to take care of yourself. Covered services: - Nursing home - Home care services - Assisted living care - Adult day care - Hospice care - Adult foster care Eligible Participants - employees, spouses, common law spouses and same sex domestic partners - parents, parents-in-law, grandparents, grandparents-in-law

    26. 1/27/2012 RIH 26 Long Term Care Insurance (cont.) Participation requires Evidence of Insurability and is subject to approval by the insurance company. Benefits begin after 90-day waiting period. For your convenience - Premiums for employee and/or spouse coverage are paid through after tax payroll deductions. Premiums for other eligible dependents are paid directly to the insurer. For further details or to enroll, contact CNA at 1-877-777-9072.

    27. 1/27/2012 RIH 27 Benefit Enrollment Process Complete and forward Benefit enrollment material by the deadline specified on the enrollment form. NOTE: If you do not enroll in or waive coverage by the deadline specified, you will be defaulted to the benefits indicated with an arrow on your enrollment form. A confirmation statement will be mailed to your home. Data entry errors should be reported to the Benefits Department, 4-5265 ASAP.

    28. 1/27/2012 RIH 28 Making Changes During an annual open enrollment period (usually held in October with a January 1 effective date) unless you have a mid-year Qualified Family Status Change. Qualified Family Status Changes include: Marriage, divorce, legal separation, Birth, adoption of a child, Death of a spouse or dependent, Gain or loss of spouses medical coverage, Change in hours for you or your spouse which effects benefits eligibility.

    29. 1/27/2012 RIH 29 Making Changes (cont.) Complete and submit the Qualified Family Status Change form to your HR Site Office or Benefits Department within 31 days of the qualifying event. If you do not comply within 31 days you may not be allowed to make a change in benefits until the open enrollment period. Supporting documentation of your Qualified Family Status Change must accompany the form.

    30. 1/27/2012 RIH 30 Resource International Employee Assistance Services Employee Assistance Services is: A confidential, professional resource for employees and their family members who may need assistance with any type of personal concern. Counselors are available 24 hours/day 365 days/year to provide you with immediate services. Refers you to appropriate agencies or services if needed. These services are offered to you as a cost free employee benefit. Call 1-800-445-1195 for assistance.

    31. 1/27/2012 RIH 31 Other Lifespan Benefits Auto and Homeowners Insurance Farmington Life Insurance College Bound Fund Employee Fund

    32. 1/27/2012 RIH 32 Dont forget About Saving For Your Retirement

    33. 1/27/2012 RIH 33 You Have Two Investment Providers To Save For Your Retirement Fidelity Investments And/Or TIAA-CREF

    34. 1/27/2012 RIH 34 Employee 403(b) Plan Account Immediately eligible to participate Contribute up to $16,500 of your pay. Age 50 and older contribute an additional $5,500. Contributions are payroll deducted on a before tax basis. Loans and hardship withdrawals permitted.

    35. 1/27/2012 RIH 35 Employee 403(b) Plan Account (cont.) After Tax Savings $25,000* (Annual Salary) <$2,880> (Est. Tax) $22,120 (Adjusted Salary) <$1,000> (After tax savings) $21,120 (Disposable income) Pre tax Savings $25,000* (Annual Salary) <$1,000> (4% contribution) $24,000 (Income subject to taxes) <$2,615> (Est. Tax) $21,385 (Disposable income)

    36. 1/27/2012 RIH 36 Employee 403(b) Plan Account (cont.) Investing your accounts Fidelity investment funds TIAA CREF investment Funds You can change investments any time. Future contributions Current account balance

    37. 1/27/2012 RIH 37 Accessing Your Fidelity 403(b) Plan Account Information Call Fidelity at 800-343-0860 to obtain a Pin #, then either - speak with a Fidelity retirement specialist Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-midnight or - listen to account information any time by using Fidelitys automated system and following prompts. You can access your account information on line at work. Quarterly account statements

    38. 1/27/2012 RIH 38 Accessing Your TIAA CREF 403(b) Plan Account Information Call TIAA CREF at 800-842-2776 to either - speak with a TIAA CREF retirement specialist or - listen to account information any time by using TIAA CREFs automated system and following prompts. You can access your account information on line at Quarterly account statements

    39. 1/27/2012 RIH 39 Rollovers Permitted for tax-qualified distributions from prior employers plan(s).

    40. 1/27/2012 RIH 40 Other Benefits Offered Meal discounts Free parking Discounted movie tickets Special vendor discounts

    41. 1/27/2012 RIH 41