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PTAWeb Employee Training PowerPoint Presentation
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PTAWeb Employee Training

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PTAWeb Employee Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PTAWeb Employee Training . Why PTAWeb?. Paperless user-friendly system Greater efficiency for supervisors and employees Up-to-date leave balances and leave history Accessed anytime with Internet Explorer through the Web. What will I learn?. How to logon to PTAWeb

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PTAWeb Employee Training

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    1. PTAWeb Employee Training

    2. Why PTAWeb? • Paperless user-friendly system • Greater efficiency for supervisors and employees • Up-to-date leave balances and leave history • Accessed anytime with Internet Explorer through the Web

    3. What will I learn? • How to logon to PTAWeb • How to enter work time • How to enter leave time • How to enter a default work schedule • How to view leave balances & history • How to correct errors

    4. Today marks the first day that you can log on to the PTAWeb payroll, time & attendance system. You will be required to use a PTAWeb specific logon ID to access this application. (The logon does NOT replace your current logon ID, which you will continue to use when you log onto your computer.) Use the following link to access PTAWeb (AVAILABLE ON THE INFOSITE): https// Your PTAWeb logon ID is: X!X????X Your temporary password is: XXX!!!???XX You will enter this ID on the screen to log into the PTAWeb system. You should plan on changing your password when you log in the first time. For security reasons, do not share your PTAWeb logon ID with anyone. If you have any questions or problems logging onto PTAWeb, please email the DMA Help Desk at or contact DMA Payroll at (608) 242-3167/3165, DSN 724-3167/3165. Please retain this e-mail for reference regarding your new PTAWeb logon ID.

    5. Logging On

    6. Enter the ID assigned to you in the introductory e-mail Enter your temporary password

    7. The first time you login to PTAWeb you will be required to enter your Social Security number twice to identify yourself in the system. Once you have gone through this process, you will only need to enter your ID and password to log in to PTAWeb. When you have entered your Social Security number in both places, click on ‘OK’.

    8. Employee, Jane E. 777-74-7000 Using the Social Security number you entered, PTAWeb will look up and display the name associated with that number. If the information is correct thenclick on ‘Yes’, if the information is incorrect, click on ‘No’ and re-enter your Social Security number. If the message indicates it cannot find you, please contact your Payroll Office.

    9. Entering Time

    10. Make sure you are entering for the correct day. The system will always highlight the current date.

    11. Enter your stop and start times in the format 0000 ‘a’ for A.M. and ‘p’ for P.M. You do not need to enter the colon. Click on the ‘Save Work Times’ button when you have completed your entries.

    12. Employees who work a non-standard schedule, earn compensatory time and are not paid by default MUST enter compensatory time for the week in which they work less than 40 hours.

    13. The settings on the ‘Employee Profile’ screen determine if you must enter comp time for the short week. If your settings are: Overtime: Comp Time Earned Paid by Default: No you must use comp time if you work less than 40 hours in a work week

    14. You may enter/change work hours for the pay period until midnight on Monday following the end of the pay period.You may enter up to six start and stop times per day. You cannot enter work hours in advance. You may enter both work and leave hours on the same day.

    15. Entering Leave

    16. Enter the number of leave hours and select the leave type from the drop down menu. Click on the ‘Save’ button

    17. The leave will be recorded and the hours posted on the calendar grid. The hours will also be deducted from your leave balance.

    18. To remove the leave, click in the box below the label ‘Delete’. The ‘Delete’ button will be highlighted. Click on the button to remove the leave.

    19. The ‘Future Leave’ option allows you to enter leave into future pay periods. You may enter up to one week at a time, but may enter multiple weeks. Leave is NOT posted against your balances until the pay period in which the leave becomes current, at which time it will be automatically entered for you and edited against your leave balances. You may delete future leave by clicking in the box under the column “Delete”. A check mark will appear in the box and the ‘Delete’ button will be highlighted. When you click on the ‘Delete’ button, all leave you have ‘checked’ will be deleted.

    20. You may enter/change leave for the pay period until midnight on Monday following the end of the pay period.You may enter more than one leave type per day.You may enter leave hours in advance.You may enter both work and leave hours on the same day.

    21. Entering a Default Schedule

    22. Enter stop and start times for yourstandard work day using the same format as when you enter your daily hours. If you work a non-standard schedule, enter the daily times you work most frequently. Click on the ‘Save’ button to record your entries.

    23. Viewing Balances & History

    24. PTAWeb provides you access to information about you, your position, your leave balances and your past activity. This information is available to you, on demand, by selecting different choices from the ‘Employee Menu’.

    25. The ‘Show Pay Period’ screen gives you a summary of activity for a specific pay period. You may click on the hyperlinks for each day to view the detail for that date. You may select past pay periods by using the drop down menu.

    26. The ‘View PP Detail’ screen displays detailed information regarding entries for each day of the pay period. It also displays summaries of work, leave and other hours at the bottom of the screen. This screen can also be viewed for previous periods by using the drop down menu.

    27. The ‘Employee Profile’ screen displays basic information about you, as an employee. It also displays information about how you are set up in PTAWeb. The data on this screen cannot be modified by you. Most of the information is gathered directly from your record on the Central Payroll system at DOA.

    28. The ‘Position Information’ screen displays basic information about your position. No data on this screen can be edited.

    29. The ‘Leave Balances’ screen displays your real time leave balance. Any leave entries you have entered will be reflected in your balance. The leave data is updated every pay period on Friday following the pay period end. Only leave entered using the ‘Future Leave’ option is not calculated in these balances.

    30. The ‘Leave History’ screen displays, in detail all leave entries past, present and future

    31. The ‘Retro History’ displays a history of all the corrections you have made in PTAWeb after a pay period had closed. You may click on the hyperlink for each date to view detail about the specific adjustment.

    32. Correcting Errors

    33. The ‘Retroactive Adjustment’ option allows you to correct work/leave time entered in a prior pay period. You begin by entering the date you wish to correct and clicking on ‘OK’.

    34. The original entries will be displayed for that date and you will have two options, if you did not work, click on ‘Did Not Work’ this will create a transaction to remove the work time. If you need to change the work hours for the day or if the hours should have been leave hours, click on ‘Create/View’ Adjustment’.

    35. You must reenter all time for the day, even if it did not change and you must save each type (work & leave) separately. This adjustment will not be processed until your supervisor completes their approval. If you need to make a retroactive adjustment, contact your payroll office for assistance.

    36. What did I learn? • How to logon to PTAWeb • How to enter work time • How to enter leave time • How to enter a default work schedule • How to view leave balances & history • How to correct errors

    37. Contact Information PTAWeb Questions – DMA Payroll Cathy Johnson 608-242-3167 DSN 724-3167 or Katie Esser 608-242-3165 DSN 724-3165 or email Logon Questions/Problems - DMA Help Desk email

    38. Questions?

    39. PTAWeb Supervisor’s Training

    40. What will I learn? • How to approve employee’s time • How to select a backup supervisor • How add/change employee work/leave time • How split cash pay/comp time for overtime • How to view reports • How to approve adjustments

    41. Approving Time

    42. As a supervisor, when you log into PTAWeb you will be taken to your approval screen first. The current period will always be displayed. If you are approving time for other than the current period, you will need to select the correct period from the drop down menu labeled “Pay Period From:” or by clicking on “Prev”. To approve employee time click in the box next to each employee’s name in the “Approved” column and click on the ‘Save Changes’ button. You may elect to approve all employees time at once by clicking on ‘Check All’ and the on ‘Save Changes’. To remove an approval, click on the ‘Approved’ box next to the employee’s name and click on ‘Save Changes’. To remove all approvals click on ‘Uncheck All’ and ‘Save Changes’. Once you have approved time for an employee, they can no longer make any changes. To view detail for a specific employee click on the hyperlink for their name.

    43. Selecting a Backup

    44. To assign another supervisor to perform approvals for your employees’ in your absence, select the ‘Edit Backup’ option from the ‘Supervisor Menu’. A drop down menu will display with a list of all the supervisors in your department. Select the name of the supervisor who is to be your backup and click on the ‘Save Backup’ button. This person will have the same rights to information for your employees as you have. You may remove or select a different backup at anytime.

    45. To complete approvals for a supervisor who has assigned you as their backup, select their name from the drop down menu next to the label “Supervisor”. This will display all of that supervisor’s employees. The same rules apply to approval as for your own employees. Make sure you are on the correct period and then perform the approvals by either clicking individually or ‘Check All’ and clicking on ‘Save Changes’.

    46. Editing Employee Work/Leave

    47. To add/change work or leave time for an employee you must first access the employee’s record. You may do this by either clicking on the hyperlink on your approval grid or by selecting their name from the drop down menu under the ‘Select Employee’ label on the Supervisor’s Menu. When you select the employee you will be moved to their record. Their name will appear at the top of the menu window and any actions you take will be on that employee’s record.

    48. You may now perform any function on the employee menu for this employee except editing their default schedule. If you make a change to work or leave time for an employee, they will not be able to change anything further on that day. They will see a message indicating an administrative change has been made. This also will appear if someone in payroll makes a change on behalf of the employee. To return to your own record, from the ‘Supervisor Menu’ select the option ‘Select Own Data’.

    49. Supervisors who have an employee on FMLA can designate the leave hours to be applied to the Family/Medical leave in two places in PTAWeb. If the hours have already been entered, you may select the employee, select ‘Leave History’ from the ‘Employee Menu’ and click in each box next to the leave entry and then click on ‘Save Changes’.