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The Changing Family  . The mid. 1800s. premarital sex and marriage. By 1850, old traditions of marriage no longer mattered among the working class -became romantic Economic consideration were most important in the middle class Mothers payed special attention to their daughters

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premarital sex and marriage
premarital sex and marriage
  • By 1850, old traditions of marriage no longer mattered among the working class

-became romantic

  • Economic consideration were most important in the middle class
  • Mothers payed special attention to their daughters

-men were also watched but by the time they reached their adolescence they had sexual experience

  • From 1750 to 1850 there was an illegitimacy explosion
  • Regions not experiencing urbanization and industrialization ,religious communities and certain churches as well, did not go through the illegitimacy explosion
  • More babies were beginning to be born to married women

-however, many women were still getting married pregnant

  • in 19 c. many single pregnant women got married

- not getting married was unacceptable and this helped economically and helped create stable relationships in working class

  • Paris Alone, 155,000 women were registered as a prostitute in 1871-1903
    • 750,000 women suspected as prostitutes
  • Men of all classes visited prostitutes
  • “My Secret Life”, a volume autobiography of an sexual adventurer
    • Reveals the dark side of sex and class in urban society
  • Men purchased prostitutes before and after marriage
  • For young women, it was like a domestic service, not permanent employment
kinship ties
kinship  Ties
  • newlyweds wanted to live near their parents often in the same neighbourhood
  • extended family could help in times of need
  • relatives could watch children so that both parents could work to earn needed money
gender roles and family life
Gender Roles and Family Life:
  • Industrialization and the growth of cities greatly affected  married women
  • -most women at the time were married -many women were the "stay at home moms "during the 1850s, the preindustrial pattern of both a man and wife  working together began to decline
  • -less women began to work in factories after factory owners stopped employing whole families
gender roles and family life cont
Gender Roles and Family Life (cont.)
  • society developed a strict division of  labour

-man was normally the wage earner while the women worked at home -husbands were unsympathetic and hostile towards their wives  

-women suffered severe prejudice when they wanted to enter "a mans employment"-women were paid less and lacked legal identity could not own property

cont again
  • middle class feminists began the campaign for equal rights for women

-they tried to give women more opportunities for work

- in 1882,married women were given right over property

- more women could find white caller jobs after 1880

- turned their attention to suffrage

and yet again another cont
and yet again, another cont...
  • some women had important roles in their finance

-Englishmen gave their wages to their wives to manage - managing a home was complicated

        had to economize, raise their kids, and shopping for the family

some work women did
some work women did
  • Taking care of their family and making bread
child rearing
child rearing
  • new medical theories increased concern for children

-parents believed that any abnormality they had would be given to their child

couples were worried about their child obtaining unhappiness and many other things including bad sexual behaviour

  • parents were extraordinarily concerned about their child’s sexual behaviour and success

-masturbation was not allowed and many thing (clothes, change in diet, etc.) were made to avoid this behaviour

-gender roles made relationships in a household and a great amount of pressure was committed to make offspring successful

the end!