strategic family therapy n.
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Strategic Family Therapy

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Strategic Family Therapy. Elif Deniz Kuru 1664028. Outline. Problems Faced in Families General Purposes of Family Therapies Strategic family therapy What brings family therapy? Goal Stages Homework Assignments Case examples ( Interview with Mrs. Bray ). Problems Faced in Families.

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Strategic Family Therapy

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strategic family therapy

Strategic Family Therapy

Elif Deniz Kuru


  • Problems Faced in Families
  • General Purposes of Family Therapies
  • Strategic family therapy
  • What brings family therapy?
  • Goal
  • Stages
  • Homework Assignments
  • Case examples (Interview with Mrs. Bray)
problems faced in families
Problems Faced in Families
  • Communication problems (%24,04)
  • Quantity and quality of the communication in families
  • Alienation between family members
  • Lack of democracy
problems faced in families1
Problems Faced in Families
  • Raising a child (%14,84)
  • Attitudes of parents
  • Developmental stages of the child
  • Divorce (%9,2)
  • Uncertainty about the decision
  • Facilitate the process of divorce
  • Emotional problems after divorce
problems faced in families2
Problems Faced in Families
  • Gambling (%5,04)
  • Lack of self-reliance (%3,56)
  • Suicide thoughts or attempts
  • Behavioral disturbances
  • Puberty
  • But not just these

- Any problem that can be faced in family settings

general purposes of family therapies
General Purposes of Family Therapies
  • Improving the verbal communication between family members
  • Increasing or simplifying emotional communication
  • Providing balance of power in a family
  • Determining role problems and such
strategic family therapy1
Strategic family therapy
  • Milton Erikson, Don Jackson,Jay Haley
  • is a family-oriented that involves a patient's daily family environment as a major part of treatment
  • many approaches used in psychotherapy focus on underlying issues that cause problematic behavior
  • it was far more important to get patients to actively do something about their problems rather than help them to understand why they had these problems
strategic family therapy cont
Strategic family therapy (cont.)
  • It is goal-driven and task-oriented
  • focuses on the present and how to change the future
  • seeks to address specific problems that can be addressed in a shorter time frame
what brings strategic family therapy
What brings Strategicfamily therapy?
  • If:
  • There is a problem in the developmental stages of the family
  • A present problem in the family cannot be solved by the techniques that are already used by members
  • Attempting the same solutions with no results
  • The goal is to break this vicious circle
  • Determine who is involved in presenting problem and in what way
  • Design an intervention to shift focus of presenting problem
  • Changing ineffective attempts
  • Introduce alternatives
  • Process is broken down into five different parts
  • The brief therapy stage
  • The problem stage
  • The interactional stage
  • The goal-setting stage
  • The final stage
the brief therapy stage
The Brief Therapy Stage
  • seeks to observe the family’s interactions, create a calm and open mood for the session, and attempts to get every family member to take part in the session
the problem stage
The problem stage
  • is where the therapist poses questions to the clients to determine what their problem is and why they are there
the interactional stage
The interactional stage
  • is where the family is urged to discuss their problem so the therapist can better understand their issues and understand the underlying dynamics within the family
  • hierarchies within a family, coalitions between family members, and communication sequences that exist
the goal setting stage
The goal-setting stage
  • is used to highlight the specific issue that needs to be addressed
  • this issue is both identified by the family members and the therapist
  • the family and the therapist work together to come up with goals to fix the problem, and better define the parameters for attaining those goals
the final stage
The final stage
  • is the task-setting stage
  • in this stage, the therapist wraps up the session by coming up with concrete homework assignments or directives the family can do outside of therapy to start to change their problems
  • additional therapy sessions seek to further gain understanding to a family’s problems, dynamics
homework assignments
Homework Assignments
  • The underlying goal of the homework is to try to change the way the family dynamics function around the presenting problem that was identified in session
  • The therapists take a more active and controlling approach in dealing with the family
case examples
Case Examples
  • A child with a fear of dogs
  • A distant father
  • Involvement of mother is excessive
  • Problem: level of involvement of father, mother’s approach towards the fear
  • Task: Finding a dog that fears from people and take away this fear

- But the father should help the child about this task

case examples cont
Case Examples (cont.)
  • Depressive adolescent:
  • Limited social contact with family
  • Isolating himself from home environment
  • Problem: Insistence of other family members about changingthe way he behaves
  • Task: Stop insisting and allow him to decide what time is appropriate for changing his behaviors
case examples cont1
Case Examples (cont.)
  • A newly married couple:
  • Parents of both side are excessively involved in every task of the couple
  • Number of visits
  • Problem: not starting the new phase (being married) and stuck in “child in the family” phase of the life
  • Task: Increasing the number of demans from parent

- Parents become confused and draw back themselves

  • Problems Faced in Families
  • General Purposes of Family Therapies
  • Strategic family therapy
  • What brings family therapy?
  • Goal
  • Stages
  • Homework Assignments
  • Case examples