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A new family PowerPoint Presentation
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A new family

A new family

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A new family

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  1. A new family

  2. Greetings Hello Hi Good morning / afternoon / evening Nice / please / lovely to meet you See you soon / later Good bye / bye bye

  3. Presentations This is my… family brother sister wife son husband father mother grandfather grandmother

  4. House It’s the … bedroom bathroom living room dining room kitchen …

  5. Personal dates I’m Snoopy! What’s your name? I’m… / My name is… Where are you from? I’m from… How old are you? I’m… years old What about your… family friends school house hobbies

  6. What’s your favourite sport? What sport do you practise? What’s your favourite player? Do you live with your family? Are you married? What’s your telephone number / e-mail? What do you do in your free time? Do you like….? What kind of music do you prefer? My favourite sport istennis!!!

  7. Informations about life in family What shall we do tonight? • How are you? I’m fine, thanks • What shall we do tonight? • Would you like to go to..? / Let’s go to the cinema • What / how about going to the theatre? • I’d like to go to.. • What are you doing tonight?

  8. Do you know a good restaurant? • We are organizing a party, • would you like to come? • Yes, I’d like / No, I’m afraid not • Where shall we go? • What time can we meet? • Where can we meet? • I’ll fetch you • Let’s come with …/ I’ll go later

  9. What time can /shall I get up? do you usually have meals? Shall I come back home at night? Can I have the door-key? May I use the telephone? Can I help you? Do you mind making my/your… bed? setting the table? tidying my room? doing the washing up?

  10. If I am not here at… don’t wait for me • Let’s meet / where can I find you? • I’m looking forward to –ing…… • Excuse me, I’m late • Come and see me! • What’s on at the cinema tonight?

  11. Personal needs I can’t eat … I don’t like… I must take some medicines for… / I need...

  12. Information about place How can I go to / where is the… school? centre? supermarket? shop? cinema? …

  13. Meeting friends

  14. Where can we go? Let’s go to the disco or to the cinema. Why not to go to the park? I’m hungry why don’t we go to a restaurant or to a pizza hut?

  15. What about going to the stadium? No, I’d like to go to the theatre Shall we go to the swimming pool?

  16. Who are we going out with? With my girlfriend and my friends with my family

  17. When shall we go out? We are going out this evening. I can’t go on Sundays. I prefer going tomorrow afternoon

  18. How are you? So and so Fine thanks Not very well I’m bad

  19. How can we go? There is a bus at five o’clock and at eight there is a train I can go with my car or mymotorbike. Let’s go by bike or on foot


  21. Hello! 01156780 speaking! HI! It’s John. Can I speak to Mary please?

  22. If he/she is in If someone else answers If he/she isn't in No, I’m sorry. She isn’t at home. Call you later. Yes, hold on please. Yes it’s me. Hi John!

  23. Now I must go. See you soon! Ok, bye bye!

  24. VOCABULARY Identifying yourself: • “Hi, it’s me, Paolo.” (very informal) • “This is Mr. Rossi” • “This is Paolo Rossi from Computer Industry” • “Paolo Rossi speaking” • “Paolo Rossi here” • “My name is Paolo Rossi” • “This is Paolo Rossi’s secretary” • “I’m calling for Mr. Rossi” • “I’m calling on behalf of Mr. Rossi”

  25. Asking to speak to someone: • “John Smith please” • “Can/could I speak to John Smith, please?” • “I’d like to speak to John Smith, please?” • “Is John Smith there, please?” • “Extension 428, please” Asking to speak to a person by job function: • “I’d like to speak to the person who is responsible for shipping, please” • “Can you connect me to the person who is in charge of credit approval?” • “Could you give me the person who deals with international shipping, please?” • “I’d like to speak to someone about placing an order, please.”

  26. Asking for an office or department: • “Can you put me through to the Customer Service Department, please?” Wrong number/extension: • “I must have misdialed, excuse the call, please.” • “Sorry, wrong number.” Ask information • “Where is a public telephone?” • “How does one use this telephone?” • “Where can I get a phone-card?” • “Can I call Italy from this phone?”

  27. “How much does a three minute call to Italy cost?” • “What is the prefix for…?” Words • Centralino • Scatto • Tariffa • Festiva • Telefonata • Intercontinentale • Urbana • Operator • Unit • Tariff/ rate • Weekend rate • Call • Intercontinental call • Local call

  28. What time does the train leave / arrive? The train leaves / arrives at 6:00 pm Many thanks!!!

  29. What time does the train pass?? I don’ t know…

  30. Sorry… Can you inform me when we get to Paris? Yes… of course

  31. Where can I buy the ticket?

  32. It’s £218,50 One ticket, please Shall I pay a supplement? How much is the ticket for Paris? Single or return?

  33. Do I need to neserve? I’d like to confirm / cancel / change my booking Ok… Yes, it is Yes, there is …. No, there isn’t Is there a reduced rate for the weekend?

  34. Where is the left-luggage office? It is in front of the bar! Where can I find the luggage?

  35. Can you tell me where the international/ domestic flights are? Can you tell me where the Alitalia check-in desk is for the flight for…Milano? What time is the next flight for…Milano due to leave -A return -An open return -A one-way single ticket for…Milano

  36. I’d like a smoker’s/ non-smoker’s/ central/ widow/ aisle seat, please Are there any special rates? Is there a connecting flight for…?

  37. How long do you think it will take us to go to……?

  38. I have not received my lunch tray! I can’t manage to fasten my safety belt! When are we due to land? I’d like something for air sickness/ nausea, please!

  39. My luggage is lost / stolen/ damaged…

  40. Have you got the time of the bus? What is the bus / train / plane for Turin?? ?????

  41. May I have a tube map? Yes, here it is. It’s £5!

  42. What is the line for the airport? How many stops are there to the airport? Does this train/ bus/ stop at the airport? Sorry, I must get off! How long does it take to get to the station? Is this seat empty? Sorry, but this seat is reserved! Shall I change train?

  43. How much is the hiring? I’d like to hire a car… Where shall I find… a taxi?? Where shall I pay?

  44. How much does the street cost? Is this the route for Paris? What is the address?

  45. May /shall I pay in advance? I have a reservation… I’ve booked… Do you organize tours? Is there a message for me? May I leave a message?

  46. May I leave my luggage here? I’m sorry, the hotel is full… I had a wonderful time, thanks!

  47. Directions

  48. We must go: along… down… straight to… until the traffic light Can you tell me the way to the stadium? We are late for the concert! Cross the street… turn right on… turn left into… Shut up! Follow me. I know the way

  49. Of course not on horse back! But by: bus… car… train… tube… or on foot How can I go to the bank?