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what are the goals of english iv n.
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What are the goals of English IV? PowerPoint Presentation
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What are the goals of English IV?

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What are the goals of English IV?
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What are the goals of English IV?

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  1. What are the goals of English IV? Course goals: The goal of English IV is to improve students’ ability to communicate through reading, writing, speaking and listening. As we work on these skills, we will discuss questions related to students in their final year of high school. These questions include but are not limited to: What do I expect of myself? What goals do I have for myself now and in the future? What skills and beliefs matter most to me and to my future?

  2. What to expect from me: • I will be prepared for class with lessons that adhere to state and national standards. • I will be available to help you when you need it or will find help for you if I cannot provide the answers you need. • I will respect you as a young adult and as a valuable member of this class. • I will maintain an open mind to listen to your ideas and suggestions.

  3. What is expected of you: • I expect you to be ready for class – arrive on time, prepared, and with a positive attitude. • I expect you to be a responsible young adult – think before you act, be accountable for your actions and words, and put forth your best effort. • ***I expect you to be respectful – respect yourself, respect classmates’ rights and property, and respect my rights and property. No one has the right to disrupt the classroom and prevent his/her classmates and me from completing daily lessons.

  4. Necessary supplies: 1) a binder or folder with paper in it 2) pens or pencils 3) a separate spiral notebook, composition book or journal

  5. Optional supplies If you would like to donate any of the following for class use, it would be appreciated: Kleenex/facial tissue Hand sanitizer Markers Printer paper Construction paper Glue/glue sticks Scissors Index cards Post-it notes Magazines—to read or to cut up for projects

  6. Homework: You will sometimes have homework such as vocabulary, reading assignments, writing assignments and research practice. Students who successfully use class time can often finish small assignments during class and will not have to complete as many assignments at home.

  7. Late work due to absence: To have late work accepted for a full grade: Have an excused absence. 2) Put the assignment in the correct make-up work folder on time. I will give you the number of days you missed plus one. For example, if you miss two days, you have three days to turn in your make-up work. Make-up work will be available in the folders near my desk or on the online classroom. You can take work that you missed out of the folders. If you are unclear on what you missed, please talk to me the day you return.

  8. Directions for online classroom: • Go to http://www.scott.kyschools.us/ • Click on “Scott County High School” in the bottom left corner. • Find “School Links” on the right and click on “Teacher Websites.” • You will see “Jennifer Beckett.” After you click on it, you will see the different subjects I teach. Click on the appropriate class. The list of daily assignments is available under “View Blog,” which is in red lettering near the top of the page. Links to handouts are under the “Links to Assignments” box. • Direct link: http://www.scott.kyschools.us/olc/teacher.aspx?s=1128

  9. Late work not due to an absence: Students are encouraged to turn in work on time so that they do not fall behind. I will accept a student’s work late once or twice for a late grade because I understand that mistakes happen. However, beyond one or two instances of late work, I will contact home and stop accepting late assignments from that student. I will not accept late work more than a week past the original due date. Please do not expect to turn in a stack of late work right before a grading period ends. It will not be accepted.

  10. Absences on test days: If you are absent on a test day, you need to schedule a make-up time within one week after the test. Tests are scheduled in advance. If you miss the day before or even 2 days before a test, you will be expected to take the test unless new material was covered while you were out. Review does not count as new material.

  11. Tardies: This class will follow the high school’s tardy policy.

  12. Plagiarism will result in a zero. In the event of plagiarism, students will be allowed one re-do opportunity with the teacher. A student can earn up to 50% on the re-do. Plagiarism also results in a disciplinary referral.

  13. Seniors:  Please sit at the desk where the index card has your name.  Thank you.  If there is no card for you, please let me know.  Schedules may have changed since I first made the cards.   Please number your card and respond to the following: 1)The name you prefer being called by your teachers 2) The person you’d most like to meet 3) Where you plan to be in August 2014 4) What do you think makes a good teacher? 5) What do you think makes a good student? 6) If you would like, you can take a moment and ask me a question about myself or about this class.