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XRF Metrology Tools for Solar Photovoltaic Manufacture PowerPoint Presentation
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XRF Metrology Tools for Solar Photovoltaic Manufacture

XRF Metrology Tools for Solar Photovoltaic Manufacture

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XRF Metrology Tools for Solar Photovoltaic Manufacture

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  1. XRF Metrology Tools for Solar Photovoltaic Manufacture Company Confidential

  2. Age of Solid State Energy PV Efficiency Gains & Cost Reductionwill achieve Convergence With Fossil Fuel Grid Costs Solar Metrology: The Convergence

  3. Solar Metrology: The Market Driver • Low-cost solar PV factories of the future will utilize: Ü New Materials: R&D Ü Products: Process • Develop and commercialize new low cost solar PV panels through capacity ramp and yield management.

  4. One Trillion-Dollar Global Electricity Generation Industry Solar Metrology: The MarketPotential ÜSolar PV currently <1% of total annual electric power generation worldwide. ÜSolar PV market share in vicinity of 10% anticipated by 2020. Ü PV Metrology Equipment Market: $5 billion TAM projected by 2012.

  5. Solar Metrology: What We Do We Provide an Enabling Technology… • Solar Metrology tools are required to manufacture the active layer in photovoltaic (PV) cells that converts sunlight to electricity. • Solar Metrology technology enables manufacturers to conduct R&D, control processes and manage yield to produce high-efficiency, low-cost commercial solar PV panels. TCO Window Layer (CdS) CIGS Back Contact (Mo) Glass, Stainless, Plastic CIGS Layer

  6. Solar Metrology: How We Do It Photons from the X-Ray tube impinge on the sample material (CdS or CIGS/Electrode Layer/Substrate). Atoms are ionized and fluoresce characteristic emissions that are collected by a detector then amplified, digitized , and sorted into a histogram (intensity vs. energy – spectrum) and displayed CdS CIGS Mo Substrate

  7. Solar Metrology: Who Will Do It THE SOLAR MANAGEMENT TEAM… • Has over 100 years cumulative experience in the XRF business. • Formed Matrix Metrologies in 2003 • Has existing base of success to leverage in transition to solar. • Has designed and marketed six XRF product lines, with an installed base in excess of 5000 units. • Members have held key management positions at Thermo, Veeco Instruments, Fisons and Kevex.

  8. Solar Metrology: Who Will Do It MANAGEMENT TEAM: • FRANK REILLY: President & Sales/Marketing Director (Principal) Successfully managed Matrix Metrologies as a going concern for five years. (Years XRF Experience: 22) • FRANK FERRANDINO: V.P. & Dir. of Technology/Project Management (Principal) Patented X-ray optical beam and detector column with vacuum conduit; developed and patented NIST-traceable metal calibration standards. (Years XRF Experience: 26) • JIM BOGERT: Director, Domestic Sales, Spectroscopist (Principal) Developed advanced mathematical methods for spectral analysis; extensive surface analysis, materials engineering and sales force management experience. (Years XRF Experience: 26) • IGOR LENICKY: Director, International Sales, QC Engineer (Principal) Experienced global marketer of advanced technology-based instrumentation. (Years XRF Experience: 30) • TIM CAHANEY: Director, Marketing/Product Management (Principal) Experienced in development of process and metrology equipment solutions for semiconductor industry and Polytechnic Inst. of NY graduate(Years Semi Experience: 30) BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Frank Reilly, Frank Ferrandino, Walter Scherr ADVISORS: • WALTER SCHERR:Founder of Panafax (first commercially availably fax machine), Litton, Sperry and Veeco Instruments; operated XRF Industrial Measurement Group at Veeco. • EDWARD BRAUN:MBO Veeco instruments (1991); CEO Veeco; President of SEMI and Solar Product Development Specialist at Veeco.

  9. Solar Metrology: Product Platforms Our Products SMX-BEN, SMX-ILH, SMX-ISI The System SMX is a unique family of three platforms designed exclusively for the Photovoltaic manufacturing industry for multi-layer thickness and composition measurements of flexible or rigid substrates. Presently containing XRF technology it allows for the inclusion of other “best-of-breed” measurement technologies. • SMX-BEN for Bench top Measurements • SMX-ILH for In-Line, Near-Line Atmospheric Measurements- Integrated or Remote X-Ray head; Static, Linear, and Dual-Axis Configurations • SMX-ISI for In-situ Vacuum Measurements- Static or Linear X-Ray head Configurations

  10. Solar Metrology: Tool Insertion Points XRF Tool Insertion Points • R&D, Process development, Failure analysis Material selection, Layer formulations • Off-Line Process Control Detailed individual Product Sampling • Yield Management In-line and In-situ measurement of PV cells and panels

  11. Solar Metrology: Moving Forward Future PV Manufacturing Requirements • Capacity Ramp of existing technology • Enhanced Yield Management • Continuous Gains in Conversion Efficiency Future Solar Metrology Requirements • Expansion of global distribution channels • Rapid product development • Procurement of additional metrology Methods