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photovoltaic solar energy n.
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Photovoltaic Solar Energy PowerPoint Presentation
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Photovoltaic Solar Energy

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Photovoltaic Solar Energy
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Photovoltaic Solar Energy

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  1. Photovoltaic Solar Energy

  2. What Photovoltaic Solar Energy Actually is and What all the Fuss is About?

  3. Environment • Photovoltaic Solar Energy • Renewable Energy Sources • Recycling Global Awareness and Human Evolution

  4. Awareness • Global awareness and human evolution have finally reached a peak and now we are looking for more resourceful ways of giving back to the environment as well as sustaining productivity in the electronic age • A few years ago we did start to take baby steps in saving out environment by making people more aware of recycling, carpooling and renewable energy sources

  5. Awareness • Photovoltaic solar energy was the turning point, sending us into a journey of positive clean productivity. • Photovoltaic's, also referred to as PV, is the field of technology and research related to the application of solar cells for energy by converting solar energy directly into electricity. • Small solar cells that capture the light convert this into a direct current of electricity, which can be used to power equipment and even to recharge batteries.

  6. Advantages of Photovoltaic Solar Energy

  7. Advantages Photovoltaic Solar Energy has Accelerated In earlier stages it was mainly used to power orbiting satellites and spacecrafts, and today it is commonly seen on your next door neighbour's rooftops, in hospitals and businesses, even on the side of the road. Photovoltaic solar energy not only plays a great part to global cause but it has given people the opportunity to generate their own power and reduce costs of living dramatically. Planet for Future Generation For people of the world to really get involved in something as exciting as creating their own energy and shaping this planet for future generation's to come is truly amazing. With everything from DIY photovoltaic solar energy systems to wind power kits already available today there is certainly something for every budget and skill level.