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The Human Communication Studio

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The Human Communication Studio (HCS) provides strategic communication consulting and training services to Attorneys, Politicians, Academics, and ESL students and professionals adapting to an American environment. We combine a practical curriculum of personality theory and a focus on building a skillset of techniques to fine tune the mind-breath-body relationship. Along with our private client and university work we produce an education podcast and video web series detailing human face-to-face communication techniques. The physical offices include an audio/video production suite available for rent as well as a range of digital video and audio recording equipment for rent.\n\nhttp://www.humancommunicationstudio.com/\n\n738 N. 5th Ave, Tucson, Arizona, USA - 85705\n 15209752131\ninfo@humancommunicationstudio.com

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welcome to

Welcome to

Human Communication Studio

about us
About Us
  • Kathryn Kellner is a strategic communications consultant and educator with a practice spanning twenty-five years. Her unique approach offers multidisciplinary coaching drawn from the world of cognitive science, philosophy of communication, and principles of acting from the classical school. read more
effective public speaking techniques

Effective Public Speaking Techniques

We are pleased to offer a variety of individual and group services. Whether you are looking for private coaching at our facilities or need group training in communication skills and personality theory for your whole team we look forward to addressing and serving your needs. 

Our offices have the ability to mimic the qualities that match your real world presentation environment. Whether you need to practice around a conference table, master your speech at a podium, or train under the hot lights for your on-stage moment we've got you covered. READ MORE

tucson podcast studio

Tucson Podcast Studio

We are pleased to be able to offer the use of our private facilities to the local arts community. When you book time at HCS expect user friendly tech, comfort, and a price point that enables your work.



Desigend for smaller scale art and film auteurs, our studio is built to be a plug and play creative space able to accommodate the needs of independent projects.

Need to record an interview or narration for your project? We've purpose built our studio to do one thing really well: lay down high quality spoken word audio.

podcast the human communication studio

Podcast — The Human Communication Studio

Communication Strategist Kathryn Kellner shares the expertise cultivated over her twenty-five-year career as a consultant and educator to help you better understand device-free human-to-human interaction in the digital age. Read more

738 n 5th ave ste 110 tucson az 85705

738 N. 5th Ave. Ste 110Tucson, Az 85705520-822-8646

Web- http://www.humancommunicationstudio.com/

Studio by appointment

General Inquiries:info@humancommunicationstudio.com