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Like Water for Chocolate Chapters 3 & 4

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Like Water for Chocolate Chapters 3 & 4 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Like Water for Chocolate Chapters 3 & 4. English 84 Spring 2012. Please do the following:. Sign in. Find your folder and take out your Engrade access code (small slip of paper) and any sheets of paper inside. Leave your folder in alphabetical order. Journal Responses.

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please do the following
Please do the following:
  • Sign in.
  • Find your folder and take out your Engrade access code (small slip of paper) and any sheets of paper inside.
  • Leave your folder in alphabetical order.
journal responses
Journal Responses
  • For Part 3, remember the following:
  • There should be two paragraphs. The first one explains what happens before and after the quote.
  • The second paragraph shows the significance of the passage.
example of a strong response
Example of a Strong Response

This passageiswhen Tita goes to congratulate Pedro and her sister after the marriage ceremony. When she gives Pedro a hug, he holds her tight and whispers that in her ear. It make Tita full of joy but upset Mama Elena. She tells Tita she is no fool after that and is not allowed around Pedro after the wedding.

strong response cont d
Strong Response (Cont’d)

The way Pedro holds Titamakes her feel good and happy again. It does not say how Rosaurafeels, but everyone else in the room notices he whispered in her ear. This shows how strict Mama Elena is, she was very upset about Pedro telling her anything and says she has played those games before and for Tita not to lie to her about what Pedro said. If Mama Elena has played those games before, does it

response cont d
Response (cont’d)

mean that she was once in love with someone else other than her father or maybe they had the same struggles as Tita and Pedro that Mama Elena is just trying to protect her from.

This passage shows that Tita’s view on this marriage could change. When Pedro tells her the real reason why he accepts the hand in marriage, it does not upset Tita. Maybe she could forgive Pedro and be happy with him marrying her sister as long as they could still be around each other.

response cont d1
Response (cont’d)
  • Maybe Pedro’s feeling will change, and he will fall in love with Rosaura and forget about Tita and her love.
revising responses
Revising Responses
  • You may revise the response you wrote in chapters 1-4.
  • I will return chapters 3 & 4 (hopefully) Wednesday.
  • Revisions are due next Wednesday, March 5. Attach the old journal responses with the new ones. You may do any or all of chapters 1-4.
things to revise for
Things to revise for:
  • Write in the present tense. It’s a writing convention used to talk about literature and reading passages. It’s called the literary present.
  • When Pedro asked asks for Tita’s hand in marriage, Mama Elena refused refuse.
revise for the following
Revise for the following:
  • Avoid using “you”:

In formal writing, especially about literature, avoid it.

You get the feeling that Mama Elena is a tyrant.

  • Avoid “I” or “me.”

It seems to me that Pedro is selfish.

how i grade the response journals
How I grade the response journals:
  • Parts 1 & 2 were 5 points each.
  • Part 3 was 10 points.
  • If you wrote two paragraphs, and the first one explains the context and the second one explains the significance, you received 7 out of 10 when you wrote only a minimum of 5 sentences.
response journals
Response Journals
  • If you went beyond that, you received a higher grade.
  • If you wrote only five sentences, but didn’t analyze in the second paragraph or explain the context in the first paragraph, you received a score below 7.
chapter 3
Chapter 3

1. How does Tita take Nacha's death?

2. What gets into the recipe that causes it to act as an aphrodisiac?

3. Discuss Tita and Pedro's newfound form of communication. (Include page number.)

4. Why had Pedro never seen Rosaura naked?

5. What do the following words mean: aphrodisiac (p. 51), tribute (p. 59) and generate (p. 60)?  

choose one question
Choose one question.
  • I am going to go down a row.
  • One person will choose a question to read to the class.
  • The next person can either answer the question or ask another question.
chapter 4
Chapter 4

1.  When Pedro sees Tita on her knees bent over the grinding stone (the “erotic” position), he looks at her in a way that “changes their relationship forever” (67).  Explain.

2.  Tita was upset because at one point, Pedro had “inexplicably stopped raving about her cooking”; what was the real reason he had stopped complimenting her cooking?

3.  How do Tita’s feelings towards her nephew differ from how she expected she would feel towards him?

4.  How does the mole sauce (that Tita was preparing when Pedro gave her “the look”) affect the guests who eat it at the baptism?

5. What do the following words mean: warranted (p.65), chaste (p. 67), impervious (p.74), and euphoric (p.79)?

choose one question1
Choose one question.
  • I am going to go down a row.
  • One person will choose a question to read to the class.
  • The next person can either answer the question or ask another question.
close reading
Close Reading
  • Annotate the passage assigned to your group. Find 3-4 items in the passage that is significant.
  • Explain the significance under the “What does it mean?” column. Jot down phrases.
  • Choose the person with the longest hair to explain what you discussed.
  • The rest of class jots down what he or she says.
a few reminders about lab activities
A Few Reminders about Lab Activities
  • Do only the assigned lab work for the day or any future assignments if you are done with the lab work for the day.
  • Please do not do homework for another course.
  • Visit websites that relate to English 84 assignments. Please do not visit inappropriate websites or social networking sites.
more reminders
More Reminders
  • If you need to send an important text or make a phone call, please let me know before class and do it outside. Let me know if you are going outside, and keep it short. If this privilege is abused, you will receive an absence for the day.
  • Refrain from using MP3 players, Bluetooth or other similar electronic devices.

If you violate one of the rules above, you will be given a verbal warning. If it happens again, you will be given an absence for the day. If the behavior continues, Form A will be given, which requires a meeting with the dean. If the behavior still continues, Form B is given, which is a suspension.

how lab assignments work
How Lab Assignments Work

1. The lab is a significant component of this course. You will attend the computer lab one hour weekly for demonstrations and independent work. This extended practice enables you to deepen your understanding of the course content.  

2. Check the lab page of our course website, entitled “Lab Activities,” for detailed information. I will post articles, web links, discussion board assignments, samples and online exercises to help you complete your work.

due dates
Due Dates

3. If you cannot finish your lab work during class time, you will need to complete on your own time. It is due at 8:15 p.m. on the following Monday. For example, if a lab assignment is given on Monday, March 5, then it is due on Monday, March 12, at 8:15 p.m. 

4. If you are absent, lab assignments are still due. To receive full credit, complete the lab assignment at home by 8:15 p.m. one week after it is assigned. For example, if you are absent on Monday, March 5, you must turn in the work that you missed by Monday, March 12, at 8:15 p.m. 

5. If you miss a lab assignment completely, you will need to wait until May 30. Please see the section below entitled “Make-Up Day for Weekly Assignments” for more details.

today s lab activities
Today’s Lab Activities
  • Inspiration Training - I will give you a quick training on how to use the software.  
  • Complete Online Questionnaire
  • Post 3 Websites about Yourself on Engrade.
to find out what we are doing
To find out what we are doing. . .
  • Go to our course website.
  • Click on “Lab Activities.”
if you don t finish today
If you don’t finish today,
  • you must finish at home.
  • It needs to be completed by 8:15 the following week.
  • There is a due date listed for each day’s assignment.