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You Can Learn, Inc. Joseph F. Tavolacci, CEO / President Robert S. Colombo, Chief Knowledge Consultant Peter Yates, Vice President Operations. Introduction. YCL is a Delaware C Corp (transitioning from a Florida S Corp – will be completed 1 st Qtr 2014)

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You can learn inc

You Can Learn, Inc.

Joseph F. Tavolacci, CEO / President

Robert S. Colombo, Chief Knowledge Consultant

Peter Yates, Vice President Operations


  • YCL is a Delaware C Corp (transitioning from a Florida S Corp – will be completed 1st Qtr 2014)

  • YCL is an educational facilitator – our business objective is to enhance, expand, customize and improve the efficacy of the educational process.

  • Investments to date have been approximately $250 K (Founders Joseph & Eugenia Tavolacci $185 K and others $65 K)

  • The YCL team is comprised of a group of knowledgeable, experienced, capable and passionate educators and technologists.

You Can Learn, Inc.

Presentation overview
Presentation Overview

We will:

  • Briefly describe the problem and related issues

  • Introduce YCL’s solution – our Advanced Adaptive LearningTM Methodology (YCL’s AAL)

  • Review the financial aspects of the solution

  • Provide a overview of competition and current adaptive learning entities

  • Briefly discuss traction and past accomplishments

  • Describe the market opportunity

  • Present the You Can Learn team

  • Close with a brief summary

You Can Learn, Inc.

The problem
The Problem

Different people learn different subject matter at different speeds, through different modalities and in different schedule scenarios.

Current educational development methods:

  • do not fully satisfy the needs and desires or fit the lifestyles of 21st century learners.

  • have not keep pace with available state of the art technologies.

  • do not fully apply the concepts of Pedagogy (the science of learning) as required.

You Can Learn, Inc.

The solution
The Solution

The YCL-Advanced Adaptive LearningTM Methodology:

  • Addresses each of the defined problems and delivers an adaptive learning experience in multiple degrees of complexity on any desired platform.

  • Includes a common core development approach that enhances standard content using proprietary tools and templates to create the delivered YCL formatted content.

    • Uses a cloud based technology for content distribution, application maintenance and analytics of all metrics.

    • Includes a complete set of tools and templates that expedite the development process and can be licensed to institutions, publishers and third parties as required.

You Can Learn, Inc.

The financial aspects
The Financial Aspects

  • Buyers Motivations –

  • Multiple studies show that educators and individuals need and demand new technologies and methodologies for content developers and students or they risk being at an extreme disadvantage.

  • YCL’s AAL Customer Cost –

    • YCL’s AAL applications are all inclusive and yet they will cost about the same as standard required study material or less.

  • Cost to Produce –

  • YCL’s AAL concept is designed around common core content using the YCL toolset and templates, thus keeping cost at a minimum while maintaining consistency and quality.

  • Further once developed for a single platform a YCL AAL application can be played on any platform using the free YCL platform players without any additional development cost.

You Can Learn, Inc.

Ycl s advanced adaptive learning methodology distribution maintenance and delivery system
YCL’s Advanced Adaptive Learning Methodology Distribution, Maintenance and Delivery System

Course Developer

User 1

User N

Course Maintenance

You Can Learn, Inc.

A brief discussion on competition
A Brief Discussion on Competition Maintenance and Delivery System

  • Per a review of existing Adaptive Learning Developers

  • Current available products and solutions are limited at best and don’t contain all of the advantages of the YCL-AAL concepts.

  • Each competitor’s product is designed for a single platform (it is a unique application).

  • YCL’s AAL Exclusive Features

  • Cloud based application distribution and maintenance – via the YCL cloud-based servers – one update to the database updates all like apps worldwide regardless of platform.

  • One copy of enhanced subject content is stored in the cloud and can be played on any of the YCL’s Platform Players

  • YCL’s AAL Methodology, toolsets and templates will be available on a license bases to third parties (institutions, businesses, publishers and etc.)

You Can Learn, Inc.

Adaptive learning competition 1 of 2
Adaptive Learning Competition (1 of 2) Maintenance and Delivery System

  • Competition and Adaptive Learning Use

    • ALEKS Corporation - An online assessment and learning company, uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately determine what a student knows and doesn't know in a course.

    • Carnegie Learning - A publisher of math curricula offers adaptive math software (known as the Cognitive Tutor) to high school students, along with traditional textbook offerings.

    • CogBooks- An adaptive learning platform in the corporate sector since 2006, with numerous F500 clients and corporate training partners.

    • eSpindle Learning - A nonprofit maintaining an online vocabulary and spelling coaching program based on the adaptive learning concept.

    • Grockit - An online learning company currently using adaptive learning technology for its online test-prep courses and plans to apply it to a wide range of educational markets.

    • Knewton- An adaptive learning company that has developed a platform to personalize educational content.

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You Can Learn, Inc.

Adaptive learning competition 2 of 2
Adaptive Learning Competition (2 of 2) Maintenance and Delivery System

  • Competition and Adaptive Learning Use (Continued)

    • KnowRe - An adaptive learning solution for mathematics that provides real-time assessments, an individualized curriculum tailored to each student, uses a game-like environment.

    • McGraw-Hill Education - A content, software and services-based education company that most notably uses adaptive learning technology in McGraw-Hill LearnSmart.

    • Pearson - An education company whose adaptive SuccessMaker software provides elementary and middle school reading and math instruction.

    • PrepMe - An online learning company currently uses adaptive learning technology for test preparation, K-12 education, and professional development.

    • Sherston Software - A UK education software company, offers PlanetSherston, an adaptive learning platform.

    • - A social learning and community website, uses adaptive learning technology with the goal of increasing learning speed and retention.

    • Smart Sparrow - An adaptive learning platform that offers instructional designers and teachers integrated tools to create, publish and analyze their own adaptive content.

    • In conclusion, our analysis showed that no other single entity addresses and includes all of the YCL’s advanced adaptive learning enhancements.

You Can Learn, Inc.

Traction accomplishments and in progress developments
Traction – Accomplishments and Maintenance and Delivery SystemIn Progress Developments

  • YCL’s accomplishments to date

    • Developed and currently available for sale 20+ simple apps (in Spanish & English)

    • Have established a solid team of dedicated professional educators and developers

    • Filed two provisional patents & four trademarks protecting our existing intellectual property

    • Invested over 5,000 hours in framework and development / deployment technology efforts

  • YCL’s current system development status

    • Completing the first full featured YCL-AAL Pilot app (February 2014)

    • Finalizing infrastructure, cloud access and player configurations (February 2014)

    • Finalizing the Advance Adaptive Learning toolset and templates (Mid 2nd Qtr 2014)

    • Implementing and releasing all current apps for Android and Windows 8 by end 1st Qtr 2014

    • Completing the BB full featured app – Space Science (4 Levels / 28 Lessons / 80 + Learning Objectives)

  • YCL’s New Revenue Generating Efforts – (Letters of intent are available)

    • Developing a pilot App with USF Department of Undergraduate Research - Dr. R. Pollenz

    • Pilot App with USF Education and Hillsborough School District - Flip Classroom Project - Dr. L. Plank

    • Developing a pilot with Medicalistics – Dallas TX Medical S/W Company – Chris Russell / Robert Francis

You Can Learn, Inc.

Ycl s market opportunity
YCL’s Market Opportunity Maintenance and Delivery System

  • The YCL product concepts can be applied to all educational disciplines.

  • Just considering the current worldwide self paced (adaptive learning) market it is estimated to reach 49.9 billion dollars by 2015*.

  • More importantly the self-paced (adaptive learning) market is expected to have a compound growth rate of 9.2% per year*.

  • Therefore the adaptive learning market alone represents an ever expanding opportunity.

  • By mid year 2014 YCL’s AAL development and distribution tools and templates will be available for licensing, which expands our marketing opportunities extensively.

* As defined in an Ambient Research Study - published in 2013.

You Can Learn, Inc.

Ycl s methodology can be applied to
YCL’s Methodology Can Be Applied To Maintenance and Delivery System

You Can Learn, Inc.

The ycl team
The YCL Team Maintenance and Delivery System

* You Can Learn, Inc Inception was Jan 2012 - ** Years Related Experience

You Can Learn, Inc.

In summary
In Summary Maintenance and Delivery System

  • Currently there is need for adaptive learning to satisfy known deficiencies, needs and learner requirements.

  • YCL’s AAL is a solution that addresses development, delivery and maintenance issues second to none.

  • The proposed solution and products are in demand and can be delivered to potential customers on an extremely cost effective basis.

  • YCL has the core staff and technical resources in place and is ready to accept the challenge to become a major player in the Adaptive Learning Frontier.

You Can Learn, Inc.

Thank you
Thank You Maintenance and Delivery System

Joseph F. Tavolacci, President / CEO

Dr. Robert S. Colombo, Chief Knowledge Consultant

Dr. Peter Yates, Vice President Operations

Phones: (813) 995-2432 Office

(813) 996-4553 Fax

You Can Learn, Inc.