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Thomas Jefferson’s Presidency

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Thomas Jefferson’s Presidency - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Thomas Jefferson’s Presidency. US History Standards: SSUSH6 The student will analyze the nature of territorial and population growth and the impact of this growth in the early decades of the new nation.

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thomas jefferson s presidency

Thomas Jefferson’s Presidency

US History Standards:

SSUSH6 The student will analyze the nature of territorial and population growth and the impact of this growth in the early decades of the new nation.

b. Describe Jefferson’s diplomacy in obtaining the Louisiana Purchase from France and the territory’s exploration by Lewis and Clark.

jefferson and the courts
Jefferson and the Courts
  • The Judiciary Act of 1801 – decreased the number of Supreme Court judges and increased the number of Federal Judges
  • before leaving office, John Adams made a series of “midnight appointments” to fill vacancies on the Supreme Court with Federalists who would serve for life – John Marshall most notable, Chief Justice of Supreme Court
  • Marbury v. Madison (1803) – Jefferson tried to deny some of Adams’s appointments, particularly an appointed DC Justice of the Peace named William Marbury – under Jefferson’s orders, James Madison (Secretary of State) didn’t sign the paperwork
  • John Marshall ruled against Marbury, establishing judicial review – the power of the courts to decide if laws passed by Congress are Constitutional
louisiana purchase
Louisiana Purchase
  • Adams and Jefferson encouraged the expansion of states in the frontier area with the Land Act of 1800 – allowed Americans to buy small parcels of land on credit
  • Napoleon took much of the Spanish lands west of the Mississippi River – he gained control of the mouth of the Mississippi at New Orleans
  • Settlers needed the use of this river, so Jefferson approached Napoleon about buying the city of New Orleans
  • Napoleon decided he wanted to sell all of Louisiana – Monroe offered $15 million for the area without the approval of the President and the Congress
lewis and clark
Lewis and Clark
  • Jefferson chose Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to lead an expedition to explore this new United States territory
  • Expedition lasted from 1804-1806 and explored from the

Mississippi River

to the Pacific Ocean

Left: Meriwether Lewis

Right: William Clark

election of 1804
Election of 1804
  • Jefferson was an

extremely popular

President - he lowered

taxes, made the

Louisiana Purchase, and

allowed the Alien and

Sedition Acts to expire

  • The Federalist Party was weakened and Jefferson easily won reelection, winning all but 2 states
alexander hamilton and aaron burr s demise
Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr’s Demise
  • Jefferson and Burr did not work well together during Jefferson’s first term, so Burr decided to seek the governorship of New York in 1804
  • Alexander Hamilton (who was also from NY) opposed Burr for governor and succeeded in making sure that Burr was not even nominated

Aaron Burr

Alexander Hamilton

alexander hamilton and aaron burr s demise1
Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr’s Demise
  • Summer 1804 – Burr

challenged Hamilton to a


  • July 11, 1804 – each fired

a shot – Hamilton into the

air, Burr into Hamilton’s chest

  • With one shot, the leader of the Federalists was dead and Burr’s political career was over – Burr was charged with murder and fled
election of 1808
Election of 1808
  • In Washington’s tradition, Jefferson did not run for reelection in 1808
  • James Madison is elected the 4th President of the United States in 1808