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The White House PowerPoint Presentation
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The White House

The White House

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The White House

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    1. The White House

    3. White House President George Washington oversaw the construction of the White House. He never had the chance to live there because his presidency ended before it was finished being built.

    4. The White House Has 132 rooms 35 bathrooms 412 doors 147 windows 28 fireplaces 8 staircases 3 elevators

    5. White House Names Presidents Palace Executive Mansion Presidents House It wasnt until 1901 when President Roosevelt named the building The White House.

    6. White House History The first president to live in the White House was our second president, John Adams. Since then, each president has made his own changes and additions to the house. Some additions included a bowling alley, balcony, indoor swimming pool, and a movie theater.

    7. White House History The White House was set on fire by the British during the War of 1812. President James Madison fled and his wife, Dolly, saved the Declaration of Independence as well as a portrait of George Washington. The White House survived the fire.

    8. Blue Room The Blue Room is the formal reception room of the mansion. The president holds ceremonies here. During Christmas, a large Christmas tree is placed in the center of the room.

    9. Oval Office The president works in the Oval Office. He gives all of his speeches from his desk in this room.

    10. Dining Room The State Dining Room is used for hosting formal dinners. The dining room can serve up to 140 guests. The portrait of George Washington, that Dolly Madison rescued, hung in this room.

    11. Lincoln Bedroom This bedroom currently serves as a guest bedroom. It served as an office for President Lincoln during his time in office. He signed the Emancipation Proclamation in this very room.

    12. East Room The East Room is the largest room in the White House. Concerts, recitals, bill signing ceremonies, and conferences are held here.

    13. White House Pets There were many pets in the White House. Kennedy had a pony named Macaroni. Taft owned a cow. Lincoln had 2 goats. John Quincy Adams was given an alligator. Clinton had a cat by the name of Socks.

    14. What Do You Know About The White House?