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The Berlin wall

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The Berlin wall. The wall didn’t just keep people in Germany, it kept people and technology out People had records instead of mp3 players film instead of DVDs They weren’t allowed a freedom of speech or change in the country, they were living in the past. By Alvin, Tyler, Drake. The fall.

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The Berlin wall

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the berlin wall
The Berlin wall
  • The wall didn’t just keep people in Germany, it kept people and technology out
  • People had records instead of mp3 players film instead of DVDs
  • They weren’t allowed a freedom of speech or change in the country, they were living in the past

By Alvin, Tyler, Drake

the fall
The fall

With the fall of the wall people in Germany were allowed access to computers use and freedom of speech

People were now living in a new world

This is what Friedman calls `The New World of Creativity

By Alvin, Tyler, Drake


Uploading is the transmission of information from a computer to the world wide web.

People nowadays are likely to add information to websites.

By breaking down the barrier from independent users to the online community, is a form of flattening the world.

By, Tayana & Serina

flatness 5 outsourcing
Flatness-#5 Outsourcing
  • Outsourcing is the process of taking work that used to be done in-house (e.g., accounting) and paying another company to do it.
  • In 1999, the “Y2K” fear gripped the U.S. Y2K refers to Year 2000, and the concern was that much of the existing software stored information on year using only two digits: 97 instead of 1997.
  • The fear was that when a program advanced from December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2000, it would behave as if the year was actually 1900, potentially disrupting a huge amount of business and scientific calculations.
  • U.S. companies were then scrambling to make their software “Y2K compliant” and they were in short supply of English-speaking programmers. Enter hordes of well-trained Indian programmers who would work for a fraction of the cost of an American programmer and deliver high-quality work.
  • Only now, thanks to the fiber-optic cable in India, those Indian programmers never have to travel to the U.S. – they can do all their work from home.
  • By: Duke B. and Christina G
digital steriods

Digital Steriods

By Nick and Gino

digital steroids
Digital Steroids
  • They are there to amplify the effects of outgoing sources.
internet calling
Internet Calling
  • They mainly help with internet calling.
  • They make it so that you are able to save files in all the same format.
supply chaining
Supply- Chaining
  • Supply-chaining is increasing the connections between suppliers, retailers, and customers.
  • Wal-Mart is great example of a supply ‘chainer’
  • Wal-Mart doesn’t make any products, only sells products
  • When a product is scanned in a checkout a signal is sent to Wal-Mart’s headquarters and tracks if the product is in high or low demand and if that store needs more of the product
by supply chaining wal mart makes lotsa moola
By supply chaining Wal-Mart makes lotsa MOOLA

Ivana, Brett, Bethany, Kathleen



Google helps you find things easy, than other search engines.

Google helps you find your own information that you are looking for.

Google had 150 million searches per day, three years ago. Now there are one billion searches per day.

Natassia &Kyla


There is not much privacy when stuff is put on to Google.

With yahoo you can have, private, semi-private and public conversations.

Natassia & Kyla



Insourcing is widely used in an area such as production to reduce costs of taxes, labor, transportation, etc.

UPS is a prime example for insourcing, in which the company’s employees perform services – beyond shipping – for another company

For example, UPS repairs Toshiba computers on behalf of Toshiba. The work is done at the UPS hub, by UPS employees


Insourcing is a business decision that is often made to maintain control of critical production or competencies

  • More jobs are insourced than outsourced
  • Insourcing may be done by “onshoring”
  • Ambiguity persists about the most appropriate use of insourcing and onshoring


By Nick and Gino

  • Offshoring is when a company moves from its home production place to an area with ‘cheap labour.’
china s leap
China’s leap
  • China is trying to get there technology to the top of everyone.
  • Machines and computers that run by themselves
  • Machines that do repetitive and simple jobs
  • Can also be used to work in dangerous conditions that would harm human workers
  • Revolutionized the work force in marketing and manufacturing
  • The quality of product it puts out, is not same quality of the same product made by a Human
  • More products can be produced to meet a high demand of the product, which means more profit

By Sebastian, Sarwar, Jeron


The invention of the typewriter brought workflow from the manufacture to the office

  • During the 1980s, two aspects of workflow organization drew heavy criticism. First, the methods pioneered by Taylor modeled humans as simple automata. The classical industrial-style of work was critiqued as being both dehumanizing and suboptimal in its use of the potential of human beings.