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The Berlin Wall

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The Berlin Wall - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Berlin Wall

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  1. By: Andrew Gawronski The Berlin Wall

  2. The Creation of the Wall • The construction of this wall began on August 13th, 1961. The east side was soviet controlled, while the west side was the free market system and democratic government. The Berlin wall was used as a border between east and West Germany. Some of the reasons that the Berlin wall was created were that… • Too many well-educated people moved from East Germany, and some worked in West Berlin and lived in East Berlin (it's cheaper there), so DDR lost money on this. • Political. The West side interfered with the East side • After only a few years the west side became more prosperous than the east side.

  3. Trying to Cross the Wall In the beginning of the time of this wall, it had been easy to cross over from side to side. But later in these times, they began to crack down and not allow crossings. The way that they did this was adding guards and barbed wire on the top of the wall. Along the whole wall the guards that were protecting the wall had guns to protect the sides from merging.

  4. Trying to Cross the Wall #2 • The chance of getting across was little to none but climbing was the obvious way to go and some 5,000 were said to have reached the other side. However in its thirty year history 100 people were shot dead There had been tunnels built to get under it, and even jumping across it from boarder buildings.

  5. Story of Crossing the Wall • Here is a story of one of the most famous instances of somebody crossing the boarder. • Eighteen year old Peter Fetcher, who tried to cross over the wall was hit in the hip, and then was left to bleed to death in no-man’s land as the world’s media, watched on.

  6. Graffiti • During these times, the east side began to paint graffiti on their side to create the now famous east side art gallery. There were pictures of the wall from an aerial view and there was one picture that surprised me, it was a picture of many faces in between the walls, and not separated. That shows that at least one person wants this all to be over and for Germany to unite once again.

  7. Some Pictures

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