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“Homecoming” is about four kids that are on a journey to find a home . PowerPoint Presentation
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“Homecoming” is about four kids that are on a journey to find a home .

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“Homecoming” is about four kids that are on a journey to find a home . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Homecoming” is about four kids that are on a journey to find a home . Makenzie Emily Matt Rylee. Predictions We Made. Predictions Emily made:

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PowerPoint Slideshow about '“Homecoming” is about four kids that are on a journey to find a home .' - holli

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Presentation Transcript

“Homecoming” is about four kids that are on a journey to find a home.






Predictions We Made

  • Predictions Emily made:
  • -The Tillermans are going try to find their grandmother because Dicey bought two maps of where she lives. (page 148)
  • Predictions Makenzie made:
  • - Their grandma is not going to let them stay with her because everybody kept saying that the grandma is crazy.
  • Predictions Matt made:
  • -The family is poor because they have a super small house.
  • Predictions Rylee made:
  • -The mom was depressed because she left her kids.

Dicey Tillerman, James Tillerman, Sammy Tillerman, and Maybeth Tillerman are all siblings on the run.

Dicey- Thirteen years old and since she is the oldest she is very mature.

James- Ten years old and very smart.

Maybeth- Nine years old, is very shy and quiet.

Sammy- six years old and has a short attention span.

Grandma- Her name is Abigail.

Setting: Connecticut

Conflict: The kids don’t have a home or parents.

Textual Evidence of the conflict:

(Chapter 1) Their mom leaves they in a car.


Inferences We Made

Inferences Emily made- They don’t like it at their cousin’s house because they all sound sad. (page 149)

Inferences Matt made- They go back to the circus with Will. Claire’s station wagon pulled in front of the house. (page 291)

Inferences Makenzie made- Their going to their grandma’s house. They bought three maps of where their grandma lives. (page 148)

Inferences Rylee made- Their mom is depressed. She cries a lot. (page 20)


Vocabulary That Stands Out

Vocabulary that Emily found- Dinghy- any various small bouts.

Context- “All of these yachts have little Dinghy that go with them…”

Vocabulary that Makenzie found- Parasitic- Plant that lives off of another plant.

Context- Honeysuckle is parasitic.

Vocabulary that Rylee found- Jib- a triangular sail secured forward of the mast of foremast.

Context- The jib flapped.

Vocabulary that Matt found- did not find any.



A few themes we came up for this book are:

-Try to see the positive in everything. (Makenzie)

-Family is important. (Rylee)

-Family should always stick together. (Emily)

-If your mom abandons you its ok to steal. (Matt)


Connections We Made

Emily- Maybeth reminds my of my sister because they are both quiet and shy.

Makenzie- My sister acts shy like Maybeth but is actually a very outgoing person.

Rylee- James reminds me of my brother.

Matt- I ate chickens wings on a beach with my brothers and sisters once.


Questions We Had

  • -Do you think Will would have adopted the kids if they were not going to their grandma’s?
  • -Do you think the grandma will adopt them?
  • Where do you think their dad went?
  • - What is the town called where Windy and Stewart go to school at?
  • -Where is their mom at?
  • - What would happen if the cops found the kids?
  • - Are they going to find a home?
  • - Why was Windy out so late?

Book Recommendations

We would recommend this book to our friends because it is a very interesting book. When you expect something the book will give you the opposite. It is also interesting to see what they go through. They are also always on the run.


Objective Summary

Four kids are abandoned and go on a long journey to find a home. They decide to go to Bridgeport and find their Aunt Cilla. Instead they found their cousins Eunice. They don’t like it there and head to their grandma’s house. They end up liking it there and want to stay, but will their grandma let them?