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↓Ben Carson Gifted hands↑

↓Ben Carson Gifted hands↑. By: Carolyn Baldwin-Quick. Ben Carson’s mother told him that his father was not coming back home. When he was 4 years of age. Ben asked why and his mother said because she find out that his father had a wife and other kids on the side. (That they knew nothing about.)

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↓Ben Carson Gifted hands↑

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  1. ↓Ben CarsonGifted hands↑ • By: Carolyn Baldwin-Quick

  2. Ben Carson’s mother told him that his father was not coming back home. When he was 4 years of age. Ben asked why and his mother said because she find out that his father had a wife and other kids on the side. (That they knew nothing about.) Ben Carson never knew how his mother found out though. ↨Ben Carson goodbye daddy↨

  3. ○Ben Carson caring the load◘ • When Ben Carson’s big brother Curtis started junior high school they put him in a class called vocational-type curriculum. • He (Curtis) once had a low grade he had been climbing it to get back up nicely for a year. • He had been enrolled in a predominantly White school and his mom had no doubt the counselor operating. So the counselor was in capable of blacks been at the school

  4. §Later in the school year§ • Later in the school year some kids started to pick on him. • So he made a joke back and everyone started to laugh. • So Ben Carson thought he was cool then. • And he started to try to be cool. • And while he thought he was cool his grades were failing.

  5. -A boys big problem • When he 1st started school in the 8th grade his clothes did not matter to him and tell this day they still don’t. (except for a brief period of time) • He hated going to Wilson junior high in the middle of 8th grade. But he was glad that they were moving back to there old house. • Butt he said moving had meant switching schools. Curtis went to southwestern, and Ben Carson went to hunter junior high. • It was a predominantly all black school, but 30 percent of the students were white.

  6. ?In school? • When Ben Carson was in school he could not see very well, so he always made bad grades. • His classmates would pick on him. • They used to call him stupid. • When the class went to get eye examination the nurse said he was fine. • But he still could not see.

  7. -Eight years old- • When Ben Carson was at the age of 8 he was frightened of rats and snakes. • They had a snake in the building basement and someone killed it. • When the snake got into the building it killed 4 kids died in there sleep. • There mother worked constantly. She worked in a weal car home caring for people and there kids.

  8. Terrible tempers • Ben Carson had a bad temper when he was in school. • One time he was trying to open his locker a boy shoved him at his locker he stumbled and his temper flared. • And he swung at him with the lock in his hand, it had slammed into his forehead and he groaned, staggered a little backward blood coming from his head (a 3 inch gash.) • And at one point he was about to stab his friend, but his friend had on a belt buckle lucky for him. • And Ben did not know how to say sorry the right way.

  9. ROTC’s • Ben Carson was 10 years of age when he 1st became interested in hospitals. • Then when he turned 13 he said his focus changed from being a general practitioner to becoming a psychiatrist. • But at his same age (the age 13 years) he was aware that living in the untied states psychiatrist must make a good living. • Then for his 13th birthday his brother Curtis gave him a subscription to a Psychology today. He was happy.

  10. Collage choices • In 1968 for Ben Carson he had a choice to make but there were no options open. • But also in 1968 Ben Carson has most of the top collages in the country contacting him with offers and inducements. • But the only problem was that he ha

  11. ↕Changing the rules↕ • During Ben Carson collage years he worked several different jobs. • He started practice in high school, when he worked in school laboratory. (in the summer time during his junior and senior school year. Wayne state university in biology laboratories.) • In high school he had no choice but to get a job he needed school clothes, books, and transportation money, and dozens or expenses money. • And how he got his job in high school was because a counselor in high school understood. She talked ford motor company into giving Ben Carson a job. (it worked) • He worked very hard for his money. Then he got a job picking up litter off the side of the street. (he survived that)

  12. Serious Step • In collage Ben Carson met a girl named Lacena Rustin but they called her candy. • She was a freshman at cross point country club. • He thought she was very pretty and smart he also said he was even more surprised when he found out she played violin.

  13. Another step forward • Ben Carson worked as an neurosurgeon, it was difficult finding the foramen oval. (the hole that’s in the base of the skull). • He told his instructor there must be an easier way. The women when they are working on operating on had a condition called trigeminal neuralgia painful in the face. • The instructor told Ben Carson the hard part is finding the foramen ovale.

  14. Coming onto my own • When Ben Carson 1st started working in as an doctor he walked in the building and the women at the front desk though he was coming to pick up someone. • Ben Carson thought to himself the only black people that she had seen was the orderlies. • Ben Carson said I am an intern!! The women looked at Ben Carson like he was crazy. • The women did not now what to say and she apologized. • As the women let him walk by everyone thought he was there to pick up a patient. • He wonted to tell her that she never seen a black intern before based on there past experiences. You never encountered on a black intern. • Ben Carson thought or saying so you assumed I was the only kind of black male wearing whites a respiratory therapist.

  15. More about coming on his own • Ben Carson thought to him self and said that a few white patients did not wont a black doctor to help them. And they protested to Dr. Long. • Then when dr. Ben Carson came in a patients room she/he said I’m sorry I do not wont a black physician in on my case. Dr. long to her/he there’s the door you’re welcome to leave if you won’t to. And he said if you stay then Dr. Ben Carson will be in on your case.

  16. Evaluation • This is a wonderful start to your Power Point Presentations at SanLee. May I make some suggestions to strengthen your work? • Citations are critical for 7th grade work. You have to give everyone credit –photographers, artists who do clip art, and writers. Learn to hyperlink your photos and clip art; you don’t want to lose points for missing those citations. • Write your slides out before you work in the lab; get some one to proof read and edit the grammar. Or go back and read what you typed yourself. (Look back at slide 3, for example, that is not what you were trying to express, is it? Allow time to edit. • You will be very good at this as you work out these details.

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