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Welcome to Mayflower

Welcome to Mayflower

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Welcome to Mayflower

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  1. Welcome to Mayflower Open to God Open to All

  2. Lenten Liturgy Lent is a journey with Jesus toward Jerusalem, toward the cross and beyond. We will be transformed and blessed by this journey.

  3. Lenten Liturgy We are pilgrims on a journey. We are travellers on the road. We cannot undertake this journey and expect to remain the same. We are pilgrims on a journey. We are travellers on the road.

  4. Lenten Liturgy It will take a long time. We will feel the strain in our bodies and the ache in our feet, yet love will urge us onward. We are pilgrims on a journey. We are travellers on the road.

  5. Lenten Liturgy Unison prayer: God of all times and places, as we make our pilgrimage from life to death to new life, you will surprise us. We put our trust in you, knowing you will lead us and provide for us. Amen.

  6. Call to worship

  7. Call to worship 1 Now the snake was the most cunning animal that the LORD God had made. The snake asked the woman, “Did God really tell you not to eat fruit from any tree in the garden?”

  8. Call to worship 2 “We may eat the fruit of any tree in the garden,” the woman answered,3 “except the tree in the middle of it. God told us not to eat the fruit of that tree or even touch it; if we do, we will die.”

  9. Call to worship 4 The snake replied, “That's not true; you will not die.5 God said that, because he knows that when you eat it you will be like God and know what is good and what is bad.”

  10. Call to worship 6 The woman saw how beautiful the tree was and how good its fruit would be to eat, and she thought how wonderful it would be to become wise.

  11. Call to worship So she took some of the fruit and ate it. Then she gave some to her husband, and he also ate it.

  12. Call to worship 7 As soon as they had eaten it, they were given understanding and realised that they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and covered themselves.

  13. Singing the Faith StF – 25 God is here as we his people

  14. God is here! As we his people meet to offer praise and prayer, may we find in fuller measure what it is in Christ we share. Here, as in the world around us, all our varied skills and arts wait the coming of the Spirit into open minds and hearts.

  15. Here are symbols to remind us of our lifelong need of grace; here are table, font, and pulpit; here the cross has central place. Here in honesty of preaching, here in silence, as in speech, here, in newness and renewal, God the Spirit comes to each.

  16. Here our children find a welcome in the Shepherd's flock and fold, here as bread and wine are taken, Christ sustains us, as of old. Here the servants of the Servant seek in worship to explore what it means in daily living to believe and to adore.

  17. Lord of all, of Church and Kingdom, in an age of change and doubt, keep us faithful to the gospel, help us work your purpose out. Here, in this day's dedication, all we have to give, receive: we, who cannot live without you, we adore you! We believe! Fred Pratt Green (1903-2000)

  18. Prayers of adoration, praise and confession

  19. The Lord’s Prayer

  20. Collection For the work of our church

  21. Singing the Faith 342 All hail the power of Jesu's name!

  22. All hail the power of Jesu's name! Let angels prostrate fall; bring forth the royal diadem, and crown him Lord of all.

  23. You seed of Israel's chosen race, you ransomed of the fall, hail him who saves you by his grace, and crown him Lord of all.

  24. Hail him, the heir of David's line whom David Lord did call, the God incarnate, Man divine, and crown him Lord of all.

  25. Let every kindred, every tribe on this terrestrial ball, to him all majesty ascribe, and crown him Lord of all.

  26. O that with yonder sacred throng we at his feet may fall, join in the everlasting song, and crown him Lord of all! Edward Perronet (1726-1792) adapted by John Rippon (1751-1836)

  27. Good News Bible Romans 5: 12 - 19

  28. 12 Sin came into the world through one man, and his sin brought death with it. As a result, death has spread to the whole human race because everyone has sinned. Adam and Christ

  29. 13 There was sin in the world before the Law was given; but where there is no law, no account is kept of sins. Adam and Christ

  30. 14 But from the time of Adam to the time of Moses death ruled over the whole human race, even over those who did not sin in the same way that Adam did when he disobeyed God's command. Adam was a figure of the one who was to come. Adam and Christ

  31. 15 But the two are not the same, because God's free gift is not like Adam's sin. It is true that many people died because of the sin of that one man. Adam and Christ

  32. But God's grace is much greater, and so is his free gift to so many people through the grace of the one man, Jesus Christ. Adam and Christ

  33. 16 And there is a difference between God's gift and the sin of one man. After the one sin, came the judgement of “Guilty”; but after so many sins, comes the undeserved gift of “Not guilty!” Adam and Christ

  34. 17 It is true that through the sin of one man death began to rule because of that one man. But how much greater is the result of what was done by the one man, Jesus Christ! Adam and Christ

  35. All who receive God's abundant grace and are freely put right with him will rule in life through Christ. Adam and Christ

  36. 18 So then, as the one sin condemned all people, in the same way the one righteous act sets all people free and gives them life. Adam and Christ

  37. 19 And just as the mass of people were made sinners as the result of the disobedience of one man, in the same way the mass of people will all be put right with God as the result of the obedience of the one man. Adam and Christ

  38. Singing the Faith 341 All for Jesus - all for Jesus

  39. All for Jesus - all for Jesus, this our song shall ever be: for we have no hope, nor Saviour, if we have not hope in thee.

  40. All for Jesus - thou wilt give us strength to serve thee, hour by hour; none can move us from thy presence, while we trust thy love and power.

  41. All for Jesus - thou hast loved us; all for Jesus - thou hast died; all for Jesus - thou art with us; all for Jesus crucified.

  42. All for Jesus - all for Jesus - this the Church's song must be; till, at last, we all are gathered one in love and one in thee. W J. Sparrow-Simpson (1859-1952)

  43. Good News Bible Matthew 4: 1 - 11

  44. 1 Then the Spirit led Jesus into the desert to be tempted by the Devil.2 After spending 40 days and nights without food, Jesus was hungry. The Temptation of Jesus

  45. 3 Then the Devil came to him and said, “If you are God's Son, order these stones to turn into bread.”4 But Jesus answered, “The scripture says, ‘Human beings cannot live on bread alone, but need every word that God speaks.’ ” The Temptation of Jesus

  46. 5 Then the Devil took Jesus to Jerusalem, the Holy City, set him on the highest point of the Temple, The Temptation of Jesus

  47. 6 and said to him, “If you are God's Son, throw yourself down, for the scripture says: ‘God will give orders to his angels about you; they will hold you up with their hands, so that not even your feet will be hurt on the stones.’ ” The Temptation of Jesus

  48. 7 Jesus answered, “But the scripture also says, ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test.’ ”8 Then the Devil took Jesus to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world in all their greatness. The Temptation of Jesus