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CAGLE KIDS 2012. The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963. By 6 th Grade T.A.G. Class Cagle Kids of 2012/2013: Emily Beth Blakely Dashawn Dunbar Madison Floyd Kaitlin Grubb Christian Hanna Abbi Locklair Chance Matthews Sean Swaringer

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the watsons go to birmingham 1963

The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963

By6thGradeT.A.G. Class

Cagle Kids of 2012/2013:

Emily Beth Blakely Dashawn Dunbar

Madison Floyd Kaitlin Grubb

Christian Hanna Abbi Locklair

Chance Matthews Sean Swaringer

Saquan Wahab Nicholas Wilkes Jordan Yarborough Abbigail Yates

chapter 1 and you wonder why we get called the weird watsons

Chapter 1. And You Wonder Why We Get Called The Weird Watsons

BY: Madison Floyd

The Watsons go to Birmingham

it was very cold outside
It was very cold outside
  • “ It was one of those super-duper-cold Saturdays. One of those days that when you breathed out your breath kind of hung frozen in the air like a hunk of smoke and you could walk along and look exactly like a train blowing out big, fat, white puffs of smoke.”
  • “ It was so cold that if you were stupid enough to go outside your eyes would automatically blink a thousand times all by themselves, probably so the juice inside of them wouldn’t freeze up.”
kenny and byron had to scrape the car s windows
Kenny and Byron had to scrape the car’s windows
  • “ Dad pulled two ice scrapers out of his pocket and said,“ O.k., boys, let’s get out there and knock those windows out.”
  • “ We moaned and groaned and put some more coats on and went outside to scrape the car’s windows.”
byron got froze to the car
Byron got froze to the car!
  • “Keh-ee! Keh-ee! Hel’ . . . Hel’ . . . ! When he started banging on the door of the car I went to take a peek at what was going on.”
  • “ By was leaned over the outside mirror, looking at something in it real close. I picked up a big, hard chunk of ice to get ready for Byron’s trick.”
  • “ Ke-hee! Keh-ee! Hel’ me! Hel’ me! Go geh Mom-ma! Go geh Mom-ma! Huwwy uh! He banged his hand against the car harde and started stomping his feet.”
  • “ I moved closer. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Byron’s mouth was frozen on the mirror! He was as stuck as a fly on flypaper!
  • “ Momma, quick! It’s By! He’s froze up outside! I screamed, “Really! He’s froze to the car! Help! He’s crying!’
  • Remember….???
byron got froze to the car continued
Byron got froze to the car! Continued…
  • “Momma, please hurry up!”
  • “ The fly was still stuck and buzzing. Oh, Mom-ma! Hel’ me! Geh me offa ‘ere!”
  • “Oh my Lord’! Momma screamed. Joey, of course, started crying right along with Byron.
  • “Daniel Watson! What are we gonna do? What do ya’ll do when this happens up he-uh?”
  • “Dad said, “I don’t know, pouring water on him might be the worst thing to do, bit it might be our only chance.”
  • “Momma tried to pour water on the mirror but her hands were shaking so much, she was splashing it all over the place. Dad tried too, but he couldn’t look at Byron without laughing and shaking. That meant I had to do it.
  • I gently poured a little stream of water over the mirror. Dad was right! This was the worse thing we could do! The water made a cracking sound and froze solid as soon as it touched the mirror and By’s lips!
byron got unstuck from the mirror
Byron got unstuck from the mirror!
  • “Momma gave Byron’s head a good hard snatch and my eyes automatically shut and my hands automatically flew up to cover my ears and my mouth automatically flew open and screamed out, Yeeeowwww!
  • “When I opened my eyes Byron was running to the house with his hands over his mouth and Momma following right behind him.”

about christopher paul curtis
About Christopher Paul Curtis
  • Writer of many novels.
  • Ex: Bud not buddy , the Watsons go to

Birmingham, 1963, and most resent The Mighty Miss. Malone.

  • All the setting’s are in flint, Michigan where Mr. Curtis was raised.
the brown bomber pg 61
The brown bomber( pg. 6)

Byron said “ was t*** brown.”

The Watsons automobile / car

byron kisses the mirror pg 81
Byron kisses the mirror (pg. 8)

Byron says he must be adopted because “there's no way two folks as ugly as momma and dad gave birth to him.”.

the lipless wonder pg 19
The lipless wonder( pg.19)

Kenny's made up super hero

Beats up super hero's smaller than him

Only thing he's afraid of is a cold mirror


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The Watsons go to Birmingham 1963 Christopher Paul Curtis

give my regards to clark poindexter

Give My Regards to ClarkPoindexter

Kaitlin Grubb

Ms. Cagle 6th grade

plot of the chapter
Plot Of The Chapter

Kenny gets tired of being bullied by a kid named Larry Dunn. That’s when Rufus comes in. Kenny at first sees him as his personal savior sent by God. A friendship is developed as the story progresses.

kenny meets rufus
Kenny Meets Rufus
  • “As soon as the doors of the bus swung open and two strange new boys got on, I knew part two of my miracle happened.”
  • “As I looked at this new boy with the great big smile and the jacket with holes and the tore-up jeans, I knew who he was. I knew God had finally sent me my personal savior.”
kenny s first impression
Kenny’s First Impression
  • “As soon as the boy thanked the driver in that real polite, that real country way I jerked around in my seat to see what the other kids were doing to do to him.”
  • “I knew they weren’t going to waste any time with this new guy, it was going to be real easy and real quick with him. He was like nobody we’d seen before. He was raggedy, he was country, he was skinny and he was smiling at everybody a mile a minute.”
rufus gets made fun of
Rufus Gets Made Fun of 
  • “Hiya, y’all!” and I knew that here was someone who was going to be easier for the kids to make fun of than me.”
  • “Then Larry Dunn said, “Lord today, look at the nappy-headed, down-home, country corn flake the cat done drugged up from Mississippi, y’all!”

Nazi ParachutesAttackAmerica and Get Shot Down over the Flint River by Captain Byron Watson andHis Flamethrower of Death

Chapter 5 From The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963

Written by: Christopher Paul Curtis

PowerPoint by: Abby Yates

something s burning
Something’s Burning…….
  • Byron tries to make a “movie” that’s called “ Nazi Parachutes Attack America and Get Shot Down Over the Flint River By Captain Byron Watson and His Flamethrower of Death”.
  • He starts setting toilet paper on fire with matches, and throwing them in the toilet, then flushing it.
  • When Byron was on take seven, Mrs. Watson starts to wonder why the toilet was flushing so many times.
  • Mrs. Watson gets curious and walks upstairs to find out why the toilet was flushing so much.
  • She looks to find Kenny peaking into the bathroom through the keyhole.
busted continued
BUSTED!!! (continued)
  • Mrs. Watson starts to smell matches, so she busts the door down and catching Byron making the “movie”.
  • She grabbed Byron by the neck, drags him downstairs, and took him in the living room.
  • “Joetta, go out to the kitchen and bring me a book of matches.”
  • Mrs. Watson was about to burn Byron.
run byron run
Run Byron, RUN!!!

Joey begged Mrs. Watson not to burn him, but Mrs. Watson was a square peg and Joey was a round hole.

Byron was completely frozen with fear, literally!

Mrs. Watson lit the match, put it closer and closer to Byron’s fingers. Then…………………….


WHOOSH! Joey blew the match out.

Mrs. Watson lit another one, WHOOSH!

This happened over and over until Mrs. Watson decided to stop.

Byron was LUCKY!! This time…..


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what is a conk
What is a Conk???

A hairstyle in which curly or kinky hair is straightened hair or looked slicked back

Pg. 86 “ Byron, what did I tell you about wearing that hat in the house?” said Momma

She made Byron take off his hat and he had on a blue handkerchief on.Momma took in a ton of air. Byron had gotten a conk.

lecturing byron
Lecturing Byron
  • “ Do you think that looks more attractive than your own hair”
  • “Did those chemicals give you better-looking hair than me and your daddy and God gave you?”
  • Momma tells Byron he looks like Bozothe Clown.Byron says his new hairstyle makes him look cool.Momma send Byron to his room.
the news spreads
The News Spreads
  • Kenny tells Joey as soon as she gets home from church and they go upstairs and wait for Byron.They went upstairs and Byron’s feet were dangling. Joey was shocked when she saw Byron’s hair.“Death row prisoner number five forty-one.” said Kenny.“Lets go wash that stuff outBefore Daddy gets home.”
the hair cut
The Hair Cut
  • “ Mr. Watson let me introduce you to SeñorByroncito Watson!”
  • Dad went upstairs and Byron was sitting on the toilet.
  • They closed the door and Joey startedcrying again. All they could hear was choo-chickachoo-chicka.Let me introduce you to Yul Watson.Byron’ head was so shiny and that could only mean one thing.
  • Daddy had shaved Byron’s head.

chapter 8

Chapter 8

By: Jordan Yarborough

December 7, 2012

the brown bomber
The Brown Bomber

The brown bomber looked great! Not almost new, but not almost fifteen years old either.

Page 101

the final touch page 103
The Final Touch Page 103

And now the thing that makes this car more perfect…

Dad started helping Joey cut up. He said, The final touch.

Joey repeated, the final touch!

Joey pulled her hand out of the bag and said, it’s a smelly green pine tree!

the ultra glide chapter 9 page 100
In the middle of the dashboard, to the right of the steering wheel, something real big was sticking out.

Ladies and gentlemen, the newest addition to the Brown Bomber! Our very own drive-around record player!

Page 108-109

The Ultra-GlideChapter 9 page 100
beautiful music
Beautiful Music

And then the most beautiful notes of music I’d ever heard came from the front of the car and the back of the car at the same time.

Page 116

  • The Watsons Go To Birmingham-1963
the watson s go to birmingha m 1963
TheWatson'sGoTo Birmingham-1963
  • In this crazy the Weird Watsons’take a trip down to Birmingham, Alabama to visit old grandma Sands. Also be prepared to read other scary mysterious parts of this book
the trip
The Trip

By, Kenny, Joey, Mama, Daddy all take an odd trip. During this trip there is slob, peanut butter, and handling business behind trees.

bobo brazil

Date of birth: July 10,1925

Date of death: January 20,1998

Birth name: Houston Harris

Nickname : The South American Giant

Signature Move: Coco Butt

Bobo Brazil
the sheik

Wrestler: The Original Sheik

Real Name: Edward George Farhat

Birthday: June 9, 1926

Hometown: Born in Lansing, MichiganWilliamston, Michigan

Married to: Joyce

Height: 5'11

The Sheik
the sheik continued

Weight: 247 lbs

Debut: 1950

Previous Gimmicks: Sheik of Arab

Finishing Move: Camel Clutch

Favorite Moves: Blatant Choke Weapons

The Sheik (Continued)
book quote

There was going to be a battle something like if Godzilla met King Kong , or if Frankenstein met Dracula, or like when champion wrestler Bobo Brazil meets the Sheik!

Book Quote

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Curtis, Christopher Paul. The Watsons go to Birmingham--1963. New York: Delacorte Press, 1995. Print.

i meet winnie s evil twin brother the wool pooh

I Meet Winnie’s Evil Twin Brother, the Wool Pooh



By Saquan J. Wahab


When I went to the church people were crying I saw a shoe that looked like Joeys so I pulled it but it would not move when I looked up I saw the wool pooh on the other side pulling the little girl

the story of what s happening
The Story of What’s Happening

Grandma Sands tells the kids to stay away from Collars landing because a kid got caught in a whirlpool and By being himself told Kenny a story about Winnie the poohs evil twin the Wool Pooh .

  • " Google Image Result for" Google. N.p., n.d. Web. 6 Dec. 2012. <

Page 180

“I know it was Sunday because I heard Joetta getting ready for Sunday School.”

“She did look kind of pretty too, she had on lacy white hat and little lacy socks and shiny, shiny black shoes.”

“She had on a fluffy white skirt, a regular blouse and the little white gloves Grandma Sands had made her.”


“It seemed like every animal and bird and bug in Birmingham stopped making noise for about two seconds . It seemed like everything that was alive stopped whatever it was doing and was wondering the same thing: What was that noise?”

Page 182

page 183
Page 183

“ By! What happened?” He got the pants up and said, “A guy just came by and said somebody dropped a bomb on Joeys church.”

page 184
Page 184

“I could see people everywhere making their mouths go like they were screaming and pointing and yelling but I didn’t hear anything.”

“I saw Momma and Dad and Byron holding on to each other, all three of them looking like they were crazy and trying to keep each other away from the pile of rocks that used to be the front of the church.”

page 190
Page 190

“Grandma Sands said What are all them sirens doing? Lord has the whole world gone mad today? Where's your momma and daddy?”



The World-Famous Watson Pet Hospital

By: Emily Beth Blakeley

page 193
page: 193

If one of our dogs got hit by a car and could walk away or if one of them chewed through an electric wire or ran away from home and showed up a couple of weeks later half-starved or something they’d head right for the back of the couch.

Sound here

page 195
page: 195

The only trouble was that the magic powers seemed to be taking a real long time to decide what was going to happen to me. Maybe I wasn’t spending enough time back there.

page 200
page: 200
  • My Adam’s apple felt like it was going to blow a hole in my throat but I said “I did go to the church, By. I saw what happened. I saw two of those little girls. I thought Joey got killed too.”
page 201
page: 201


Magic powers


He grabbed my ear and twisted my head until I had to look at him. “You think I don’t know you waiting for some stupid magic powers or genies or an angel to make you feel better? Dig this: you can wait behind that couch for the rest of your life and ain’t no magic powers gonna come back there and make you feel nothing.

page 203
page: 203

He walked over to the mirror scrunched his face up so he could look at his chin again, then used his thumb and finger to pull that long, skinny hair out a little bit. He let the hair go, smiled at himself and ran his hands along his head like he was brushing his hair.

page 206
page: 206
  • Some of the time I wondered if there was something wrong with me. A few minutes ago I’d been crying on the floor like a kindergarten baby and now I was looking in the mirror laughing. I blew my nose and out. Besides, I had to think of a way to get at least half of my dinosaurs back from Rufus.
  • “Come in Joey.”

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Dear 2013/14 T.A.G. Class,

You guys are very lucky to have Ms. Cagle as a teacher! We all agreed that The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963 is a wonderful book. This slideshow (along with the book), is dedicated to the four little girls’ lives that have been taken by the Birmingham Church Bombing:

~Addie Mae Collins

~Carole Robertson

~Cynthia Wesley

~ Denise McNair