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The Pompous Peacock PowerPoint Presentation
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The Pompous Peacock

The Pompous Peacock

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The Pompous Peacock

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  1. The Pompous Peacock By: Sabrina Domingo

  2. Once upon a time, in a land full of birds in all shapes and sizes, there was a quarrel among them on who was the greatest bird of them all.

  3. Many birds squawked of their beauty and bright colorful feathers, but none of them boasted as much as pompous peacock.

  4. “ I have the prettiest feathers of them all. The ladies love me!” boasted the peacock.

  5. He came upon a lake one day, shooing off the other birds. “This is my lake! No other bird is allowed here but me!” he exclaimed.

  6. The other birds left grudgingly. Toucan said to Macaw, “Cursed Peacock! Karma will come to him one day, you’ll see!”

  7. As Peacock drank water from the lake, he flaunted his beautiful feathers. Unknowingly to him, his bright colors had attracted a crocodile lurking underwater.

  8. The haughty bird, lost in his own world, wasn’t quick enough to react to the crocodile, who snapped at his body like a ninja. The peacock screamed and begged for help, but none of the birds came to his aid.

  9. The poor peacock was plunged to the deepest depths of the lake, his blood staining the water a crimson red. The peacock become a fancy meal for the crocodile.

  10. The lesson learned in this story is to never be vain or selfish, like the peacock. His vanity had caused the other birds to hate him as well as making him easy bait for the crocodile.

  11. THE END