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b y K h al i d. peacock. description.

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  1. byKhalid peacock

  2. description • The male peafowl is called the peacock. He is about 84 inches long. The female is called peahen and is about 34 inches long. Both have fan shaped crests on their head. The peacock has a long bright colored train of feathers that grow from it’s blue back. He can raise the train of feathers forming a stunning display. The peahen does not have a train, her feathers are brown white and black.

  3. Adaptations • When in the wild the peacock has a lot of friends. The peacock is very small and has bright colors, this makes it very easy for its predators to spot them. The peacock’s only way of protecting itself is to fly in the trees. For the male peacocks to make friends there is a test that he must go though. The male in peacock must display his bright colors by strutting front of all the females. He shows off by vibrating his feathers.

  4. HABITAT • The peacock’s habitat is very interesting. The peacock lives in many different places such as Sri Lanka, India, Africa and the Congo. Some peacocks live in parks or zoos and some people keep them as pets. In the wild peacocks usually live in open forests and woodlands. A peacock’s home is called a nest and is made from sticks leaves and grass.

  5. Feeding habitat and food/diagram When the male peacock hunts for his food he is not the strongest flier. Helooks for food and nesting places in the grass on the ground. The peacock hunts its prey through the forest on foot. Peacocks are omnivores because they eat seeds, fruit, insects and small animals like worms and snakes. When a peacock is eating and feels threatened by his predators he quickly flies into the tall trees for safety.

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