scleroderma education is the key n.
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Scleroderma: Education is the Key.

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Scleroderma: Education is the Key. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Scleroderma: Education is the Key. By, Dana Tanner. Scleroderma is a disease that is in the process of being understood fully. . The more we know, the faster we can find a cure. What do we know? No one knows what causes scleroderma.

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the more we know the faster we can find a cure
The more we know, the faster we can find a cure.
  • What do we know?
    • No one knows what causes scleroderma.
    • It is a disease that causes an abnormal growth of connective tissue, the proteins that support your skin and organs.
    • There are two main types.
      • Localized scleroderma affects only your skin.
      • Systemic scleroderma affects your blood vessels and internal organs, as well as your skin.
    • There is no cure, but various treatments can relieve symptoms
there are people in the u s that don t know they have scleroderma
There are people in the U.S. that don’t know they have Scleroderma.

How can a person find out if they have Scleroderma?

  • A diagnosis could take months as the disease develops and as the doctor tried to rule out other possible causes for the symptoms a person is having. The person’s doctor will use their medical history and a physical exam to determine a diagnosis.
  • The doctor will order some laboratory tests. These tests will evaluate a persons blood counts and kidney function. The presence of certain antibodies in your blood can help confirm a suspected diagnosis. Although, the lab tests can help diagnose a person, with out physical symptoms it is hard to do so.
treatment is different for each individual
Treatment is different for each individual.
  • No treatment had been proven effective at impacting the over production of collagen that creates scleroderma. However, several treatments are very effective at preventing and/or reducing organ damage from this disease. Because systemic sclerosis is a complicated disease that can affect many different organs, you may need to be treated by several different physicians at different times.
learn more you could help save a life
Learn more! You could help save a life!

How has knowing more about Scleroderma helped today?

  • We have learned that scleroderma is not contagious.
  • While the amputation of fingers and toes is sometimes still unavoidable, these procedures are rarely necessary because of the availability of many new treatments that target specific tissues and nerves.
  • Other health specialists become involved if particular organs are affected: for example, cardiologists for heart problems, pulmonologists for lung complications, and gastroenterologists for digestive tract issues.