hp infrastructure from emulex fibre channel to converged networking l.
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HP Infrastructure from Emulex – Fibre Channel to Converged Networking   PowerPoint Presentation
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HP Infrastructure from Emulex – Fibre Channel to Converged Networking  

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HP Infrastructure from Emulex – Fibre Channel to Converged Networking   - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HP Infrastructure from Emulex – Fibre Channel to Converged Networking  . &. MSA. XP. ML & DL . EVA. Alpha. SWD Disk Storage. Integrity. ESL. MSL. ISS & BCS Servers. EBS Tape Storage. P-Class. C-Class. 15-year strategic OEM partnership with HP

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SWD Disk Storage




ISS & BCS Servers

EBS Tape Storage



  • 15-year strategic OEM partnership with HP
  • 5 consecutive years of revenue growth!
  • HP Shift-Left Lab
    • An HP-dedicated interoperability/test lab
    • Product qualification
    • End-to-end interoperability with HP ESSN
    • Dedicated staff of 12 test engineers
  • Products for HP - Hardware
    • Converged Network Adapters (FCoE)
    • 10Gb-E and hardware iSCSI
    • 8Gb and 4Gb Fibre Channel
    • Windows, HP-UX, VMware, Linux
  • Products for HP – Software
    • SMI-S Providers (HP SIM)
    • OneCommand
hp infrastructure from emulex hbas nics and cnas
HP Infrastructure from EmulexHBAs, NICs and CNAs

4Gb Express SC/DC

Win/Lin/VMware (ProLiant/Integrity)

A8002A, A8003A

FC2142SR, FC2242SR

4Gb Express SC

HP-UX/OpenVMS, Integrity


4Gb Express DC

HP-UX/OpenVMS, Integrity


4Gb/1Gb-E (2P/2P)

HP-UX, Integrity


4Gb/1Gb-E (1P/1P)

HP-UX, Integrity


FCoE +10Gb NIC Express DC

Win/Lin/VMware (ProLiant )

580151-B21 (NC551m)

8Gb Express DC

Win/VMware (ProLiant)

HP-UX (Integrity)

BladeSystem c-Class


10Gb NIC Express DC

Win/Lin/VMware (ProLiant )

581204-B21 (NC550m)

FCoE+10Gb NIC Express DC

Win/Lin/VMware (ProLiant )

CN1000E (AW520A)

10Gb NIC Express DC

Win/Lin/VMware (ProLiant )

581201-B21 (NC550SFP)

8Gb Express SC/DC

Win/Lin/HP-UX (ProLiant/Integrity)

AJ762A/81E, AJ763A/82E

AH402A, AH403A (BCS)

4Gb Express DC

Win/Lin/VMware (ProLiant)

HP-UX/OpenVMS (Integrity)

BladeSystem c-Class


resources and contacts
Resources and Contacts
    • Convergenomics – The Guide to Network Convergence Solutions
    • Emulex Product Briefs
    • Updated sales tools and collateral
    • Whitepapers
      • Convergence with HP FlexFabric
        • http://www.emulex.com/artifacts/11c8ff2b-be92-4ae8-bf04-4b7d5acbd686/esg_ar_all_convergence_ulom_hp.pdf
      • StorageWorks CN1000E FC to FCoE Best Practices and Deployment
        • http://www.emulex.com/artifacts/7b5e3ccd-05b0-42a0-b658-8f1d2ab432fa/esg_ar_all_hp-cna-lab-report_hp.pdf
      • HP Intel G7 performance paper by IT Brand Pulse
    • ESG Lab Validation
    • HP Virtual Connnect for Dummies Handbook
  • Who to Call:
    • Barry Wong, Dir of Field Engagement
        • Barry.Wong@Emulex.com
    • Frank Arrazate, Technical Marketing
        • Frank.Arrazate@Emulex.com
    • Janice Owens, OEM Marketing Manager – HP
        • Janice.Owens@Emulex.com
lee johns director of marketing hp storageworks
Lee Johns, Director of Marketing

HP StorageWorks

HP Storage

Overview for Connect Lunch and Learn

©2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

The information contained herein is subject to change without notice

major tectonic shifts in it
Major Tectonic Shifts in IT

Physically Dedicated

Secure, Multi-tenant

  • Distributed Computing to Utility Computing
  • Deliver Enterprise IT as a Utility Service
  • Shift to infrastructure convergence across the data center

Internal Data Center


3 global mega trends
3 Global Mega Trends

Evolving Business Models

130M Enterprise users in Mobile Cloud3


Major Technology Shifts

Move To virtualized Computing

Move to IT as a Service (Cloud)

Move to Converged InfrastructureTo Deliver an

Instant-On Infrastructure

Create 8x more data1












Mankind created 150 exabytes of digital data1

Mobile apps download > 21B2

2T devices connect to the internet4


Changing Workforce

shift to virtualization
Shift to Virtualization

Of 130 IT decision makers interviewed …

... Only 6% fully achieving ROI from server virtualization projects and 4% from virtual desktop infrastructure*

*Source – The Register 2010

shift to it as a service
Shift to IT as a Service

IaaSSaaS Web 2.0


Utility Computing

Scale-out andUtility Storage



Blade Servers



Internal Virtualization



shift to it as a service business is outpacing it
Shift to IT as a ServiceBusiness is Outpacing IT

The Public Cloud is a long term (years) evolution


Cloud can…


  • Speed innovation
  • Accelerate business processes
  • Reduced time to app revenue

75% of CIOs say cloud data security is a major concern

60%concerned about lock-in

45% concerned about integration of internal and external services

shift to converged infrastructure critical to reduce it sprawl and silos
Shift to Converged InfrastructureCritical to reduce IT Sprawl and silos



to be

New IT Project



Ongoing IT Operations


the shifts drive new storage requirements
The Shifts Drive New Storage Requirements

Provision rapidly

Handle diverse and unpredictable workloads


Support appropriate, dynamic service levels


Deliver high resource utilization

On a Converged Server, Storage & Networking Platform

Offer low operational overhead

new requirements demand new technologies
New requirements demand new technologies




  • Autonomic Management
  • Granular, Policy-based Tiering
  • Single Namespace
  • Intuitive Replication
  • Manage 100’s of Objects as Easily as1
  • Support Automation
  • Self Monitoring
  • Self Healing
  • Breadth of Thin Technologies
  • Granular, Flexible Deduplication
  • Modular, Scale-out Growth
  • Advanced Data Protection
  • Wide Striping
  • VM-Optimized Storage
  • Common Platforms, Mgmt
  • Low-Bandwidth Replication
  • Clustering
  • Massive Scalability
  • Non-disruptive Growth, Migration
  • Independent Scaling of Storage Tiers
  • Service Level Resilience
  • Non-Disruptive Array Failover
  • Flexible DR Technologies
four modern storage architectures built for the shifts in it
Four Modern Storage Architectures Built For The Shifts in IT

100% + growth in 2010

StoreOnceD2D Backup




IT & Storage aaS

$6.6bn WW Cloud product revenue market (by 2013)*

Massive growth in Large unstructured data Sets

Disk-based Backup and Data Efficiency

Scale-out SAN and new converged infrastructure solutions

*HP Estimates




HP StorageWorks

©2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

The information contained herein is subject to change without notice

storage designed for convergence
HP Confidential: NDA Thru 03/01/2010Storage designed for convergence

Announcing March 1st, 2011

  • Accelerating 3PAR Utility Storage for the cloud

New: Deploy new cloud applications in minutes

New: Harness explosive data growth

New: StoreOnce with greater scale & performance

New: 1st SAN fully converged with BladeSystem

New: Turnkey business communications

  • Simplifying data management with storage & server convergence
  • Continued investment for traditional applications
  • Total P2000 G3 MSA refresh
  • Mission critical P9500 XP
  • Next generation EVA coming soon
today s storage was not designed for the requirements of tomorrow s it needs
Today’s storage was not designed for the requirements of tomorrow’s IT needs
  • Storage is complex, costly, & unable to respond to unpredictable demands
  • Service deployment is complex and management silos slow time to value

Enterprise IT as-a-service reveals systemic storage limitations

  • New data types and explosive growth demands new approach to file data


HP 3PAR Utility Storage is the storage foundation for IT-as-a-service
  • Adaptive optimization for unpredictable workloads
  • Clustered mesh-architecture for resilient scale
  • Thin technologies to maximize utilization
  • Autonomic management to simplify operation
  • Multi-tenant domains for secure consolidation

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deploy new cloud applications in minutes
HP Confidential: NDA Thru 03/01/2010Deploy new cloud applications in minutes

New 3PAR integration for BladeSystem Matrix and HP CloudSystemfor public/private/hybrid clouds

HP storage reporting & automationwithin Matrix Operating Environment service catalog

  • Only HP has unified infrastructure with server and storage in a single application-centric service portal.
  • 3PAR improves BladeSystem Matrix storage utilization by 50%, enables multi-tenancy, and improves agility
harness explosive data growth
HP Confidential: NDA Thru 03/01/2010Harness explosive data growth

X9000 Network Storage Gateway combined with 3PAR Utility Storage

Independent scale of block and file to deliver on multi-tenant cloud requirements

Combine X9000 scale & performance with leadership utility storage features

only hp enables efficient multi tenant consolidation
Footer goes hereOnly HP enables efficient, multi-tenant consolidation
  • Using 3PAR Virtual Domains and new support for Matrix, X9000, & HP-UX

Private and Public Cloud

‘Big Data’ Applications





Mission Critical & Application Consolidation

hp 3par momentum
HP 3PAR Momentum

New Utility Storage Services

Assessment, migration, and design plus CloudSystem services


Sales and services expertstrained across HP & HP Channel Partners

Customer momentum

Year over Year growth rates have more than doubled in the first full quarter as HP

storage silos add operational complexity and increase total cost of ownership
Storage silos add operational complexity and increase total cost of ownership
  • Rapid growth of distributed data requires efficient disk based backup
  • Inefficient storage limits the ROI from investments in virtualization
  • Explosive data growth and virtual IT expose storage inefficiencies
  • Messaging is crucial to user productivity and requires 24x7 availability


storeonce now with greater scale performance
HP Confidential: NDA Thru 03/01/2010StoreOnce now with greater scale & performance

What’s New: HP StoreOnce powered D2D Backup Systems

  • Container matching improvements to HP Labs StoreOnce deduplication algorithm improves throughput and recovery performance
  • 2TB drives in HP D2D4324 Backup System raises raw capacity to 96TB (useable capacity to 72TB)
hp storeonce powered d2d4324 backup system
HP Confidential: NDA Thru 03/01/2010HP StoreOnce powered D2D4324 Backup System

Why HP? Better performance and lower TCO

  • Speed time to value with 67% faster deployment
  • Protect 1.4PB of data at 33% lower cost vs. the competition
  • Increase performance by 66% vs. previous generations
the 1 st san fully converged with bladesystem
HP Confidential: NDA Thru 03/01/2010The 1st SAN fully converged with BladeSystem

What’s New: HP P4800 G2 SAN and SAN/IQ 9.0

  • 2 node starting configurations vs. 4 nodes cuts entry point in half
  • Scale from 2 to 8 nodes within a c7000 enclosure
  • Upgrade existing c-Class deployments with P4800 controller nodes
  • Tighter integration with VMware through VAAI integration and new Insight Control vCenter plug-in

P4800 G2

hp p4800 g2 san and san iq 9 0
HP Confidential: NDA Thru 03/01/2010HP P4800 G2 SAN and SAN/IQ 9.0

Why HP? Total infrastructure convergence

  • Start small and pay as you grow with flexible configurations now at half the cost
  • VMware integration speeds certain ESX functions by up to 95% and storage locking at the block vs. LUN level enables 6X more VM’s per volume
  • Physical convergence reduce SAN networking costs by 65% and cuts power & cooling costs by 30%



converged infrastructure is it a server or storage simplifying microsoft exchange with hp e5000
Converged InfrastructureIs it a Server or Storage?Simplifying Microsoft Exchange with HP E5000
turnkey business communications
HP Confidential: NDA Thru 03/01/2010Turnkey business communications

What’s New: HP E5000 Messaging System for Exchange 2010

  • E5300: 500 users
  • E5500: 1,000 users
  • E5700: 3,000 users
  • Optional expansion nodes and 1GB or 2.5GB mailbox configs.
exchange 2010 role deployment
Exchange 2010 role deployment



Client Access Server (CAS)

Hub Transport



Hub Transport

Client Access Server (CAS)

hp e5000 messaging system for exchange 2010
HP Confidential: NDA Thru 03/01/2010HP E5000 Messaging System for Exchange 2010

Why HP? Communication without complexity

  • Simplify initial project design by 90% while benefiting from HP and Microsoft best-practices
  • Deploy Exchange in 87% less steps with pre-sized systems available as 1 solution vs. 30 parts
  • Improve end user productivity with larger mailbox per user at lower per-user cost
  • Reduce power requirements by 30% with infrastructure and application convergence
storage designed for convergence36
HP Confidential: NDA Thru 03/01/2010Storage designed for convergence

Announcing March 1st, 2011

  • Accelerating 3PAR Utility Storage for the cloud
  • HP is converging storage to remove the gaps between business value and application infrastructure
  • Simplifying data management with storage & server convergence
for more information
Footer goes hereFor more information
  • Around the Storage Block blog: www.hp.com/storage/blog
  • Announcement page: www.hp.com/storage/highlights
  • Join the storage SIG on Connect and connect!
  • Engage with us on Twitter:
    • Lee Johns: @StorageOlogist
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