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Social Networking PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Networking

Social Networking

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Social Networking

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  1. Social Networking

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  3. Social Networking • Social Networking is the use of communities to engage with others: Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter. Social Networking sites often include social media tools to facilitate the interaction and conversation

  4. Social Networking

  5. Why is Social Media important? • If your kids are awake they are probably online • The average young American now spends every waking minute – except the time in school – using a smart phone, computer, TV or other electronic device according to a new study from the Kaiser Family Foundation. Those ages 8 – 18 spend more than 7 hours a day with such devices. And that does not count the hour and a half that youths spend texting or talking on their phones

  6. 16 to 24 year olds • They have higher demands!! • Growing up online has shaped how teens and young adults receive, process and act on information. They expect information to be brief, instant and always on (there are no office hours)

  7. Peer Endorsement • The vast majority of people report the opinion they trust most is from ‘someone like me’. For the first time in our history, peers have bested the wisdom of experts • Peer endorsement is the single greatest decision-making accelerant. Through Social Media, peer influence cycles are happening at a velocity never before seen. Decision making is clearly becoming more social

  8. The Asian Market

  9. How popular are Social Networks? • According to the analysts at Hitwise, social networks in general are more popular than search engines in some parts of the world • Facebook’s overall web traffic pulled ahead of Google’s for the first time in the U.S. in March of this year. • Facebook dominates the current crop of social networks, accounting for the majority (55%) of all social site visits. When compared to the wider web, Google gets around 9.3% of all web traffic, while Facebook captures just over 7%

  10. Facebook • Social networking website connecting people across the street, country and world • Focuses on building and relating social relations among people who share common interests, activities and experiences

  11. History

  12. Social Impact of Facebook • Most recognized social networking site in the world; “The Social Network” grossed $96M in US • Allows continuous contact to and from anyone in the world with an Internet connection

  13. What does the future hold • 3000 employees • Estimated 2011 revenue: $4.2B • Initial Public Offering rumored to raise $10B, bringing net worth to $100B

  14. How to use Facebook • Sign Up • Update basic information • Post a profile picture • Add friends

  15. Communication • Status Update: Share what you’re doing, feeling or thinking • Facebook Chat: Real time communication with friends currently on the facebook website • Wall: Write a public message to a friend on their wall

  16. Communication (continued) • Facebook Message: Send a private message to a friend or someone you would like to be friends with • “Like”: Nothing witty to say? Give your friend the thumbs up • Comments: Write comments on pictures, friend’s status updates or wall posts

  17. Pages • Common Interest Groups • Businesses • Musicians • Random

  18. Privacy & Settings • Friends only • Notifications • Mobile Phones

  19. LinkedIn At A Glance LinkedIn is a social network aimed toward professionals More than 120+ million users Usually seen as an online version of your resume, but it’s actually so much more than that LinkedIn can help you grow your business, expand your knowledge, and promote your best work!

  20. How LinkedIn Works Your Friends’ Friends’ Friends Your Friends’ Friends Your Friends

  21. 1. Build a Professional Online Presence

  22. 2. Connect in a Meaningful Way with Alumni and Other “Warm” Contacts

  23. 3. Find New Opportunities

  24. Getting Started LinkedIn can: Increase visibility Create outlets to gain new leads Connect you with vendors, future partners, and clients Build trust in brand Establish leadership in the industry Allow for you and your company to demonstrate expertise, knowledge, quality of service, etc.

  25. Building Your Profile Your LinkedIn Page is So Much More than a Resume!

  26. Setting Up Your Profile The Photo Choose something professional For a company profile, choose your logo or a photo of your team The Summary Make it explain why someone would want to do business with you Your elevator pitch Read it out loud - would you stop and take a closer look? Experience & Skills Explain what you've done as well as what you CAN do Interests, Groups & Associations Showcase where you're active Recommendations You need them Testimonials to your service, expertise, and skill can build trust and make you look more attractive

  27. Growing Your Network Asking to connect is like sharing a business card.

  28. Growing Your Network Building your network from the beginning: Start out by connecting with people you know Search feature Let LinkedIn scan your email address book and select who you want to connect with

  29. Growing Your Network: Best Practices Seek out current employees, clients, friends, and professional connections Introduce contacts to one another Suggest an expert in the industry Answer questions in relevant groups or forums or in the answer feature Notify your contacts on interesting events happening in your company Recommend employees, partners, or vendors React on the successes of your contacts Start and have conversations with those in your industry, including prospects and leads!

  30. Other Ways of Growing Your Network Develop your network by asking for introductions Join groups and communities Use LinkedIn's Questions & Answers feature Use your LinkedIn URL in your email signature Link to your LinkedIn profile on your site Link to your LinkedIn profile on your Facebook or Twitter

  31. Who Uses LinkedIn? • 120 million+professionals • Over 150 industries • Executives from every Fortune 500 firm • 6.5 million+ students • 9 million+ recent college grads • 37,000 college and university alumni groups • People are joining LinkedIn at a rate faster than 2 new members per second!

  32. The secret of LinkedIn…. …the more you give, the more you get!