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Chapter 17. Laundry Service. Laundry service. Laundry service cart. Ironing Service. Laundry Bag. Laundry List. Part I Dialogues Part II Vocabulary Study Part III Listening and Speaking Part IV Practical Writing Part V Feature Reading. Dialogue 1 Explaining Laundry Service Hours.

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chapter 17

Chapter 17

Laundry Service

Part I Dialogues
  • Part II Vocabulary Study
  • Part III Listening and Speaking
  • Part IV Practical Writing
  • Part V Feature Reading
dialogue 1 explaining laundry service hours
Dialogue 1 Explaining Laundry Service Hours
  • Context: A guest wants to have her laundry done. She
  • calls the housekeeping to ask about this service,
  • Pre-listening questions:
  • What are the laundry service hours ?
  • What is the guest worried about ?

Guest: Hello. Is this Housekeeping?

Staff: Yes. Sherry speaking. How may I help you?


Guest: Yes. I’m from Room 1106. I have a silk dress and a jacket

for the laundry. What time do you pick up laundry?

Staff: Sure, madam. Laundry iscollected from 7:00a.m.though

9:30, and it will be returned to your room by 8:00p.m.the

same day. Articles collected before 2:00p.m.will be

returned by 2:00p.m.the next day.

Guest: I see. And what are the rates?

Staff: The laundry rates are in the stationery folder. Madam.

Guest: Good, but I don’t think the silk dress is color-fast.

Will the color run in the wash?

Staff: You may have it dry-cleaned. Then the color won’t run.


Guest: You’re sure? That’s fine. And the lining of this jacket migh

t tear over further while washing.

Staff: Don’t worry, madam. We’ll sew it on before the washing.

Please don’t forget to fill in the laundry form otherwise the

hotel’s count shall be considered correct.

Guest: All right, I see. Would you please send someone up for my

laundry now?

Staff: Sure, madam. A valet worker will be up in your room in a


Guest: Thank you.

Staff: You are welcome.

dialogue 2 offering express laundry service
Dialogue 2 Offering Express Laundry Service
  • Context: A guest is calling the Laundry Center and wants to
  • have his clothes cleaned immediately
  • Pre-listening questions:
  • Is express service more expensive? What is the charge?
  • Why does the guest wish the sweater to be washed by
  • hand in cold water?

Staff: Laundry center. How may I help you?

Guest: Yes, this is Mr. Smith in Room 1208. I have a three-piece

suit to be dry-cleaned and a sweater to be washed

right away.

Staff: We usually pick laundry before 9:30a.m. Now it is 12:00

noon. I’m afraid your laundry can’t be returned today.

Guest: But I need to wear it to attend a party this evening.

Staff: Don’t worry ,Mr. Smith. Our express service is available if

you like.

Guest: That’s great. How do you charge for it?


Staff: There is a 50% extra charge, but only takes you four hours

Guest: Very good. I’ll have the express service then.

Staff: May I send someone right up to pick up your laundry now,

Mr. Smith?

Guest: Yes, but I couldn’t find my laundry bag.

Staff: Did you look in the top drawer ,Mr. Smith?

Guest: Yes, nothing there.

Staff: Don’t worry. Mr. Smith. The valet worker will be up with an

extra laundry bag.

Guest: That’s very kind of you. Just a moment, I nearly forgot



Staff: Anything else I can do for you?

Guest: Please wash the sweater by hand in cold water,

or it might shrink.

Staff: By hand in cold water, I have taken note of it.

Guest: Thank you .You are most helpful.

Staff: My pleasure. We are glad to be of help, Mr. Smith.

Have a good day!

dialogue 3 handing laundry damages
Dialogue 3 Handing Laundry Damages
  • Context: A guest is calling the Laundry Center complaining about her damaged clothes.
  • Pre-listening questions:
  • What does the guest complain about?
  • 2) How will the guest be refunded according to the hotel regulations?

Staff: Good afternoon, this is the Laundry Center, How may

I help you?

Guest: Yes, I’m Mrs. Carter in Room 1206,I just received my

laundry and I had a lot of complaints.

Staff: What is the problem, madam?

Guest: First, I sent a sweater to the laundry but it’s come back

badly shrunk. You must have washed it in very hot

water. And I also send a silk dress which was a little bit


Staff: I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy our usual good service. In such

a case, the hotel should certainly pay for the damage.


Guest: How will I be refunded?.

Staff: According to the hotel policies, we pay an indemnity no

more than 10 times the laundry charge. I hope you can

understand us.

Guest: What’s the laundry charge, then?

Staff: A total of RMB60.

Guest: RMB60?It means I can only get RMB600 for

compensation. That’s unfair.

Staff: We do apologize for all the inconvenience, madam. But it is

the regulation.

Guest: Should there be something RMB1,000?.

Staff: If you insist on that amount, I’ll get the manager to talk to


Guest: I hope so..

Staff: I’ll do my best to help you, madam. Please wait for a

moment. See you later.

dialogue 4 picking up the guest s laundry
Dialogue 4 Picking up the Guest’s Laundry
  • Context: A laundry worker comes to a guest’s room to pick up laundry.
  • Pre-listening questions:
  • What is the laundry worker’s reply when she is asked to remove the stain?
  • Does the laundry worker agree to sew on a new button for the guest?

Staff: Laundry person. May I come in?

Guest: Yes, please.

Staff: Good morning, sir. You said you have some laundry.

And I’m here to pick it up.

Guest: Yes, exactly.

Staff: Would you please fill out the laundry form, sir?

Guest: OK. I want this suit and vest pressed and the tie dry-



Staff: Yes. Please mark them down on the laundry list.

Guest: The silk shirt must be washed by hand in cold water.

Please use soft soap only; otherwise, the color will fade.

Staff: By hand in cold water, soft soap. I understand, sir.

Guest: There’s also a stain on this shirt. I’d like it removed before


Staff: What kind of stain is it, sir?

Guest: I spilled some vinegar on it.

Staff: We’ll do our best to remove the stain but we cannot

guarantee the outcome, sir.


Guest: That’s OK. By the way, do you have mending service?

Staff: Yes, sir.

Guest: There is a hole on the sock. It needs darning. And the

shirt has one button missing. Please sew it on.

Staff: I’m afraid we cannot mend a hole. But we’ll sew on a new

button for you.

Guest: That is all right. What time can I have them returned?

Staff: We will deliver them to your room by 8:00p.m.

Guest: Very good. Thank you.

Staff: You are welcome.

vocabulary study
Vocabulary Study

Laundry n.

Housekeeper n.

Housekeeping n.

Housekeep v.

Silk dress

Contain v.

Stationery n.

Folder n.


Run v.












Dry-clean v.

Lining n.

Unstitch v.

Tear v.

Further adj.

Three-piece suit


Express adj.

Express laundry service

Extra adj.






















Charge n.&v.

Pick up

Shrink v.


Damage n. &v.

Complaint n.


Refund v.

Indemnity n.

Compensation n.


Compensate v.

Convenience n.

Convenient adj.

Fill out/in

Vest n.

Iron v.

Soft soap

Fade v.

Spill v.












Remove v.



Darn v.




Valet service












Exercise 1:

Match the expressions on the left with the best meaning

on the right.

  • -----laundry a. the supervisor of the Housekeeping
  • Department
  • 2----express b. something, such as money given or
  • received as payment or reparation, as
  • for a service or loss
  • 3. -----housekeeper c. clothes to be laundered
  • 4. -----shrink d. going, sent quickly/sent out with or
  • moving at high speed
  • 5. -----compensation e ,make or become less, smaller

Exercise 2:

Complete the following with words or expressions

from the dialogues.

  • Would you please send someone to p-----my laundry, please?
  • Please tell us or notify in the list whether you need your clothes i-----, w-----, d-----or mended and also what time you want to get them back.
  • I wonder if your hotel has a p-----on dealing with it.

4. We will d----- it to your room by 10:00p.m.the same day.

5. I wonder if you have e----- in the house because I’m going to a party this evening, And also I’d like this sweater to be washed by hand in cold water. It might s----- otherwise.

1 functional sentences
1. Functional Sentences


Any laundry today, madam?

Excuse me, sir. Have you any laundry?

Housekeeping, may I come in?

The laundrywoman will come to collect your laundry.

Could you fill out the laundry form, sir?

Is this for pressing only, sir?

If you have any laundry, please leave it the laundry bag behind the bathroom door.

Please tell us or notify in the list whether you need your clothes ironed, washed, dry-cleaned and also what time you want to get them back.
  • What time you want to get them back.
  • Please don’t forget to fill in the laundry form; otherwise our list must be accepted as correct.


If the laundry is received before 9:30p.m., it will be delivered to your room by 10:00p.m.the same day, sir.

And if we receive it before 4:00p.m., we’ll get it back to you by 12:00 noon, the next day.



If you are in a hurry, we have a four-hour express service.

For express service, the clothes will be back within 4 hours.

We’ll deliver it within 4 hours at 50% extra charge.

We also provide express service, but it will cost 50%more.

WE have express service , but there is an extra charge of 50%



It’s on the laundry list, sir.

There’s a rate chart in the drawer of the writing desk, sir.

Please refer to your laundry list for further information, madam.

The rate chart is contained in the stationery folder, madam.I



Don’t worry, sir/madam-------

The laundry Center has wide experience in their work.

We’ll dry-clean the dress.

We’ll sew on a new one for you.

We’ll stitch it before washing.


A valet will be up in a few minutes, madam.

I’ll send someone immediately to pick up your laundry, sir.

A laundryman will be up to your room right away, madam.



I’m sorry, madam/sir;-------

But we don’t have the special equipment necessary.

We couldn’t remove the stain.

We can only do simple mending.

I’m afraid it’s too late for today’s laundry.


I’m sorry--------

To have caused you so much trouble, madam


for all the inconvenience, madam.

I’ll bring it back to the laundry, sir.

We do apologize for causing you so much.

Inconvenience, madam.

We’re very sorry, sir. I’ll send someone immediately

In such a case, the hotel should certainly pay for it.

According to the hotel policies, we should par for it.

Damage, but the indemnity should not exceed 10 times the laundry charge. I hope you can understand us



Your laundry is back, sir. May I leave it on the bed?

I’ve brought your laundry. Is this yours, sir?

Your laundry is here ,madam. Please check it.

Here you are, sir. A pair of gloves, a T-shirt and a jacket

2 answer the following questions
2. Answer the following questions
  • What should you say when you answer a telephone call?
  • What should you say when you pick up the laundry?
  • How would you suggest express service to a guest who is in a hurry?
  • What should the room maid say to a guest when the laundry is taken back?
  • When a guest asks to send someone to fetch his/her laundry, what would you answer?

f. What would you say if a guest is too late for that day’s laundry?

g. What would you say if the laundry is damaged?

h. What would you answer if a guest asks you to remove a stain on his coat?

i. What would you say if you can not satisfy the guest’s request?

j. What would you say if a guest worries that his clothes might be damaged or fade or shrink while washing?

exercise 1 listen to the short dialogues fill in the blanks then practice with your partner
Exercise 1: Listen to the short dialogues. Fill in the blanks. Then practice with your partner.

Dialogue 1

Staff: Housekeeping, may I help you?

Guest: Yes. I’d like to know about your laundry service hours.

Staff: If your laundry----before 10:00 a.m. we’ll deliver it to your room by 9:00p.m.------

Guest: Thank you..


Dialogue 2

Staff: Excuse me.--------? The laundry is here to collect it.

Guest: No, not now, thank you.

Staff: If you have any, please just leave it in----behind the bathroom door and tell us or notify in the list whether you need your clothes---,------or mended and also what time you want to get them back.

Guest: I see. Thank you.

Dialogue 3

Staff: Good morning, housekeeping-----?

Guest: Yes, some of my clothes need washing.

Staff: Please-------the laundry paper bag and fill our----The laundryman will come over to collect them

Guest: Thank you.


Dialogue 4

Guest: I have a silk coat. Could you take it for washing?

Staff:-----. Your name and-------------, please.

Guest: Mrs. Brown, Room114. Oh, wait a moment. I’d like to have it dry-cleaned.

Staff: No problem, -------------. Then the color won’t fade.


Dialogue 5

Guest: Will you have the laundry done today?

Staff: I’m afraid it’s too late-------, sir. We can deliver it tomorrow

around 6:00p.m.

Guest: Oh my dear. I’m going to a party at 4:00p.m.

Staff: But we have a -------. We will deliver it within 4 hours at a

30% extra charge.

Dialogue 6

Staff: Housekeeping.----------------------?

Guest: Yes, I sent a sweater to the laundry but it came back

badly shrunk.

Staff: I’m very sorry for-------, madam. In such a case, the hotel

should certainly pay for it. But the indemnity shall not

exceed ten times the laundry.

Guest: I should hope so.

exercise 2 listen and fill in the missing information
Exercise 2: Listen and fill in the missing information.

Why call:___________________

Name of the guest:___________ Room number:__________

Name of the articles to be laundered: 1_______ 2_________

Usual days for the laundry to be retuned:__________

Prices for express service:______ Hours for express service:_________

Time for all the deliveries retuned on same-day:__________

exercise 3 listen and fill in the blanks
Exercise 3:Listen and fill in the blanks.

Staff: Housekeeping, what can I do for you?

Guest: Could you _____for my laundry, please? Room 604, Mrs.


Staff :Certainly, Mrs. Bell ._______ up in a few minutes. Guest: Good. I also have a silk dress which I don’t think is color-

fast. Will the color run in the wash?

Staff: ___________. Then the color won’t run.

Guest :You’re sure? Good !And the lining of my husband’s jacket

has come unstitched. It might tear over further while


Staff: Don’t worry, madam. We’ll________Guest: That’s fine.

Now, when can I have my laundry back?

Staff: Usually it takes about two days to have laundry done. But

__________ or same-day

Guest: What’s the difference in price?


Staff: we charge _____for express, but it only takes 4hours.

Guest: And for same-day, will I get dress and jacket back

this evening?

Staff :Yes madam. ________will be made by 6:00p.m.

Guest: I’ll have express then.

exercise 4 complete the dialogue orally with the chinese prompts
Exercise 4: Complete the dialogue orally with the Chinese prompts.

Guest: Hello. Is this Housekeeping?


Guest: Yes, could you tell me about your laundry service hour?

Staff: _________( 在您写字台的抽屉里有一张收费表 ) Guest: What are the rates?

Staff: _________(当然可以,先生.客房服务员马上就到) (a few minutes later, the housemaid comes up, and knocks at the doors0

Staff: ___________(客房服务员,可以进来吗?)

Guest: Come in ,please

Staff: Good morning sir. I hear you’d like to get some clothes cleaned.

Guest: Yes ,I do.

Staff: _____ (请您填写一下洗衣单,好吗?)


Guest: OK. I want this suit and vest pressed, and the tie dry-cleaned.

Staff: Certainly, sir.


Staff: Yes, sir.

Guest: There is a hole on the white shirt, it needs darning. And the blue shirt has one button missing. Please sew it on.

Staff: Yes, I’ve remembered.


Guest: Bye..


exercise 5 role play
Exercise 5: Role Play





Letter of Apology




Dear Jane,

I’m very sorry for my failure of keeping the appointment that we made last Sunday. I hate to done so, but I had no way out because my mother fell ill at that time and I had to send her to hospital and look after her. I hope you will understand me and excuse my absence.



Exercise1: Translate the following into Chinese.

1)I was terribly sorry to hear that my daughter had broken a beautiful glass at your house yesterday.

2)I hope you will excuse her for her carelessness.

3)I want to pay you its value.

4)I hope you will understand me and excuse my absence.

Exercise2:Translate the following into English.







List For Laundry & Dry-cleaning

Pre-reading questions:

1)If you want to have your clothes washed, what should you do?

2)Does the hotel take the risk of the laundry service? Why?

Passage A
  • NAME:_______________
  • ROOM:_______________
  • DATE:_______________
  • List for Laundry &Dry-cleaning
  • Kindly fill out this and put it in the bag with your laundry & dry-cleaning. If you leave it at the Service Center before 9;00a.m., you can pick it up after 7:00p.m. in the same day. This service is available from Monday to Friday. Please list the quauntity of each item in the left-hand column.
Pressing/Dry-cleaning of ties is always at the risk

of the guest. We can not be responsible for shrinkage, ordinary wear and tear or anything in pockets of during cleaning/pressing. Our liability for either loss or damage will not exceed the amount of 10 times the pressing or dry-cleaning charge .In the event no specified list filled out, the” hotel count” should be accepted.

passage b what do customers really want
Passage BWhat do customers really want?
  • Pre-reading questions:
  • What are the 12 needs for the guests?
  • In practical work, what aspects have you achieved? How do you achieve them?
  • If you are a customer of hotel, apart from these needs, what else do you want?

1.Control  自主

Customers need to feel they are in control of situation. And also, they need to feel they can make things come out their way and they are not being taken advantage of, manipulated or deceived.

2. Goals  目标

Customers need to feel that whatever they are doing is helping them nove toward their goals. Most of the things we do in life are in pursuit of some goals. We are constantly seeking those things that are important to us: things we feel will bring us happiness and satisfaction.


3. Self-image  自我感觉

Customers like to feel good about them as they go about their daily lives. They like to think of themselves as doing the right things, that they are intelligent and competent, not foolish or silly. They like to interact with those who help them maintain their positive image of themselves.

4.Fairness  公平

One of a customer’s strongest drives involves a sense of fairness. They like to feel that in any service transaction, they are being treated fairly and appropriately when compared to others.


5. Friendliness  友善

Customer want to feel good about those with whom they interact. They want to trust them and have confidence in them. They like service-givers to be friendly and warm so they as customer can enjoy a pleasant service transaction.

6. Understanding  理解

Customer always want to know what is happening and why, so they can understand what’s going on around them. In service-giving situations they get frustrated and angry when they can’t get the information


they want. They don’t like it when things are not explained to them so they can really understand what’s going on.

7. Security  安全

Customer have a strong need to feel safe and secure. They like predictable situation where they are familiar with everything and know what’s going to happen. That’s why they often hesitate to change service or products, or move to a new city. In service situations they get apprehensive when they think their safety or security is threatened.


8. Approval and Recognition 获得,赞成,认可

Customer like to have the approval and acceptance of others. Praise and recognition by others is one of their most powerful motivator. From our first efforts as babies to gain the approval of our parents, we all spend a lot of time trying to get others to recognize us for our accomplishments.

9. Importance 被重视

All customer like to feel they are important and essential. In service-giving situations, they want service-givers to recognize their importance and ignore them or theat them as unimportant. They


like prompt, full attention and to have their time and activities given the proper consideration.

10. Appreciation 受到赞赏

Customer like to feel appreciated. Especially if they invest a large amount of time, energy or money in something. They want that effort to be appreciated by those benefit from it. In dealing with organizations they patronize, customer like to know their business is valued and appreciated, especially if they are regular customers.

11. Belonging  归属感

Customer like to identify with organizations. They belong to clubs, neighborhood groups and volunteer organizations. They like to feel they contribute to others


and that others contribute to them as members of the same group, they enjoy being identified as people who belong to a group. In service-giving situations, customers are often proud of their affiliation with an organization. They like the feeling of being a regular customer and “belonging” to that organization. Service-givers who recognize regular customers, greet them by name, and acknowledge their affiliation, help their customers satisfy that sense of belonging.

12. Honesty 诚实

Customer have a strong need to feel they can trust and have confidence in service-givers and their organizations. This is especially true today because so many customer have been the victims of false advertising, broken promises and poor service.

exercise 2 according to the passage put true or false in front of the following statements
Exercise 2: According to the passage, put True or False in front of the following statements.

( )1.Customers don’t like to be cheated or taken advantage of.

( )2.What customers do is to seek a goal that will bring them happiness and satisfaction.

( )3.In any service transaction, not all customer hope to be treated fairly and appropriately when compared to others.

( )4.It is unnecessary for service-givers to inform customers what is happening and why in case they should get angry and frustrated.

( )5.It is the service-givers’ duty to let every customer feel safe and secure.


( )6. Customers like to be praised, so every service-givers must do it every day.

( )7. As all customers want to be respected, regarded as important and essential, we mustn’t refuse them whatever they require.

( )8. Customers are often cheated, fooled by false advertisements, broken promises and poor services just because they tend to trust others and have confidence in service-givers and their organization.


3. The association convention present(s) the greatest potential for “no-show”.

  • Lots of GIT bookings
  • A long lead-time booking
  • Late cancellations
  • Overbooking
  • amendments

4. Before accepting a reservation, it is necessary for the staff to check the room availability to avoid excessive overbooking.

  • Room status
  • Forecast boards
  • Reservation charts
  • Density charts
  • Conventional charts
  • Hotel diary

5. A reservation form is an important document of reservation records.

  • Reservation amendment form
  • Reservation cancellation form
  • Confirmation letter or slip