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  2. Future of Virtual Reality • Difficult to predict • Short-range predictions of technological progress are much easier than long-range ones • It took a lot of imagination and vision to predict the future • Computer development will affect the future of Virtual Reality

  3. Virtual reality systems may transform the nature of entertainment. • VR has been embraced by game makers as a great new toy and the future of gaming • User will be able to play sports games in which you will have to use your whole body • A virtual world will be design so people can see and communicate with each other • Online Entertainment

  4. VR as a learning medium in the future VR can be applied in : • Distant education such as virtual classroom • Training such as combat warfare, doctors and etc.

  5. Create unique environment for explorations and problem-solving • VR could be used primarily to help architecture students to visualize in 3 dimensions • With VR users can "walk through" a building while it is still being designed.

  6. VR Main Resources

  7. Chosen Websites on VR • The Virtual Reality Society • QuickTime Virtual Reality Suite • VRML Works !!!

  8. Virtual Reality Society • Address : http://www.vrs.org.uk • Three Links: World of VRS, What is VRS and VRS Journal. • World of VRS : Online Database of Virtual Reality Glossary and Online Database of Virtual Reality Companies. • It provides the technical assistance on Virtual Reality and also awareness of the VR contribution on industries.

  9. World of VRS : Gives the historical background and the objective of the society. • Founded in 1994. • Founded to give the meeting place for academics, industrialists, researchers and students to discuss and learn the new technologies on Virtual Reality. • Society’s journals are given four times per year. • Four membership types; Student, Associate, Member, Fellow and Corporate.

  10. The VRS Journals are official publications of the society • Its aim to disseminate research and provokes discussion on the topic. • Journals written from vast collection of genres • Virtual Reality technology and software systems • Human Factors • Virtual Reality Application • Assessment of Virtual Reality System • Philosophical and ethical issues • Advances relevant to Virtual Reality

  11. The Virtual Reality Society is a one-stop knowledge research which provides the journals for reference and discussion. • Promotes the love of Virtual Reality researches and catalyses the keenness of new enthusiasts on the topics.

  12. QuickTime VR Authoring • Address: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/qtvr • It is the award-winning photorealistic Cross-Platform VR software suite. • Applications can play any Quicktime Movies and Quicktime VR Movies. • Several software integrated together in the suite. • QuickTime VR Authoring Tools. • VR Worx • MapsaVR • Corel-Draw 8.0 • Sound SaVR • RevolVR

  13. Quicktime VR authoring Tools – create interactive VR scenes with simple clicks. • VR Worx - create panoramic movies, object movies and multi-node scenes in QuickTime VR. • MapsaVR – Add in navigations inside a VR scene. • Corel Draw 8.0 – Enhances photo to gain more realism and better rendering results. • SoundSaVR – Adds the directional sound to the VR scene. • RevolVR - Add auto-rotate capability to QTVR objects. • Conclusion – Quicktime VR provides authoring tool resource to help the VR user to finish their works.

  14. VRML Works !!! • Address : http://hiwaay.net/~crispen/vrml/ • Step by step tutorials in teaching VRML. • Lesson One : Viewing VRML Worlds • Lesson Two: Visiting Some VRML Worlds. • Lesson Three: Building Your Own Worlds. • Lesson Four: VRML Models and Textures • Lesson Five: Frequently Asked Questions • Lesson Six: History • Lesson Seven : Cyberspace and virtual community. • Lesson Seven: Essay Reading.

  15. Website acts as a resource for the new enthusiasts to learn the language or a professional reference to the hot and latest development on Virtual Reality. • Archive for VRML tutorials, VRML worlds and any other scenes.

  16. Summary • Online resources ranges into four categories such as knowledge, coding, software and the hybrid of any of them. • The future seems quite bright and future investment may bear its fruit.

  17. Major Conferences A brief idea

  18. Main purpose • The general purpose of having conferences is to exchange ideas and thoughts • Serves as a gathering place for people around the world to trade information on virtual reality

  19. Major Conferences • Virtual Reality World Congress • Belgium 1999 • Japan 2001 • IEEE VR Meeting • New Brunswick USA 2000 • Yokohama Japan 2001

  20. Benefits • Overall there is a lot of benefit • Development of ideas can be very fast • Spreads information across a huge number of people fast


  22. Highlighted Publications • The Future Of Virtual Reality • Author: John Makulowich • Source: http://www.usatoday.com/life/cyber/ccarch/ccmak005.htm • Pointed out a statements by Michael Donfrancesco, a senior executive with InterSense whom preferred to discuss about augmented reality on top of virtual reality because of the variety of the uses. • People soon will influence more toward interactive 3D features in internet • Next Generation of e-commerce, distance learning, entertainment, design & manufacturing

  23. The Second Future Of Virtual Reality In Industry And Medicine • Author: Leslie Versweyveld • Source: http://www.hoise.com/vmw/articles/LV-VM-12-97-1.html • Bob Stone, Chairman of the Amsterdam Euro-VR Mini Conference '97– stated that VR will have a bright future • In UK, VR technology has been exercise into scientific environment & industries technology • VR has influence to be adopted into • aircraft building • product handling • design of semiconductor • training program • Surgeon Training – one of main key point that lead into Real-Time 3D interaction • Limitation of 3D based system – high cost of equipment & implementation lead to slow development of VR based

  24. Virtual Reality past, present, and future • Author: Gina Cadzow, Rona MacKinnon & Juan Salgueiro • Source: http://www.dcs.napier.ac.uk/~mm/socbytes/jun2001/Jun2001_11.htm • Focus briefly about all the related future prospects of VR • Software • lead to various graphics application of 3D • Military technology • influence better tactical planning • flight simulation & war training simulation • Manufacturing • prototype design • product testing

  25. Medical Application • surgeon training with simulated environment • practice & improve skills of doctors • Entertainment • 3D games & animated movies • Internet • 3D internet application with interactive features • Future development • VR as teaching aid • driving lessons & test through simulated environment • enables people to deal with real life occurrences more competently by safely simulate hazardous conditions