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  1. VIRTUAL REALITY Elvin Cruz & Joshua Chambers

  2. Overview What is Virtual Reality? History Applications Future of Virtual Reality Ethical Analysis

  3. What is Virtual Reality? • Artificial Environment • Created with hardware and software • Experiencing a different type of environment • Computer screen • Uses at Least 2 of 5 senses Sight- Sound

  4. Virtual Reality • 3 dimensional images that appear to be life-sized from the perspective of the user • Tracks a user's motions, particularly his or her head and eye movements • Adjust the images on the user's display to reflect the change in perspective

  5. History In the late 1950s, Douglas Engelbart, a navy operator had the idea that computers can be used for more than number crunching. After his days in the navy, he knew that any digital information could be displayed on a screen. One of the most influential forms of virtual reality was the flight simulator. The military started using combat simulators following WWII. By the 1970s, Hollywood began using virtual reality in BIG movies such Star Wars, The Terminator and The Matrix. By the 2000s, millions have been invested in virtual reality to entertain customers, train troops, doctors and many other amazing uses.

  6. Applications Entertainment Industry Medical Field Military Vehicle Industry


  8. Virtual Reality in the Future People will be able to take virtual vacations What if doctors could stay home and use virtual reality to control to perform surgery via robotics? You will be the character in first person games The military will be able to use virtual reality to control robotic soldiers from a safe zone. Blood cell sized nano bots will be injected into our bodies, keeping us healthier from the inside and allowing us to access a virtual reality environment from within the nervous system. To access the virtual environment the nanobots will shut down the signal coming from the body and create signals appropriate for the virtual environment.

  9. Ethical Analysis What if virtual reality can damage your eyes What if theres an error and someone is injured What if a doctor is performing surgery and the robot the doctor is controlling malfunctions Virtual reality benefits soliders, keeps them out of harms way by controling a robot soldier It will benefit families that cant afford to take vacations in real life It benefits anyone looking for entertainment, that’s pretty much everyone Incredibly expensive, we are already in massive debt Who does it hurt? People who don’t really want

  10. Ethical Analysis • Social Contract • Act Utilitarianism