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McKay Colton Carleton Copa Ethan Davis Ethan Fabela Greg McKinnon. INDIA. TROGDOR The Burninators. India - सत्यमेव जयते. India’s tradition and heritage are extremely important and are woven into all parts of society Religion is an integral part of society and a public affair

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McKay Colton

Carleton Copa

Ethan Davis

Ethan Fabela

Greg McKinnon

india s culture
India’s tradition and heritage are extremely important and are woven into all parts of society

Religion is an integral part of society and a public affair

Family values are considered sacred

Field hockey is the national sport. However, cricket has become the de facto national game

India’s Culture
india today
An Emerging Economic Superpower

10th Largest Economy – Gross GDP

4th Largest Economy – PPP

By 2050 Projected 3rd Largest Economy

India Today
is india a superpower
Forget the India you once knew: It is gone. Contemplate instead a new, funky, self-confident, resurgent nation, embracing its role as an emerging Asian superpower. This year, India's growth rate could outstrip China's — and prove more sustainable. Indians are big in global software development. India's core institutions, from an independent judiciary and a feisty free press to a massive, nuclear — but always apolitical — military, are anchored by roots more than half a century old. There is mounting support for India to become a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. The country's scientists plan to launch a moon probe. Then there is the brightest jewel in India's crown: its firm adherence to democracy. Put all this together and the surprise is not that India is gatecrashing the elite superpower league, but that it has not happened earlier. Is India a Superpower?
india today1
Population – 1.1 Billion, 2nd Largest

7th Largest Geographically

Largest Democracy in the World

India Today
india today2
122nd in Per Capita Income

79.9% of Population live on less than $2/day

212 Million undernourished people

Nuclear Power

Active Space Program

India Today


Federal Parliamentary Representative Democratic Republic




“Worlds Largest Democracy”

United Progressive Alliance

Indian National Congress

National Democratic Alliance

Bharatiya Janata Party

Recent polls indict that India has the 2nd most corrupt government, trailing Hong Kong

Estimated that 85% of the politicians are corrupt

The constitution states that the Executive branch cannot influence the Judiciary

Executive appoints the Judicial branch

You do the math…

there are no economic threats only benefits burgeoning middle class skilled work force risks

India: Economic Threats and Benefits to the U.S.

-There are no Economic threats, only benefits

*Burgeoning Middle Class

*Skilled work force


merchandising exports
30th in the world


0.8% of world merchandise exports

Merchandising Exports
labor force
496.4 million

60% agriculture – 22% of GDP

17% industrial

23% in services

Labor Force
Indians ages 15-25

Destination driven

Outwardly looking

Upwardly mobile

Indian Institutes of Technology (7)

Indian Institutes of Management (6)

“When I finished IIT Delhi and went to Carnegie Mellon for my Masters, I thought I was cruising all the way because it was so easy relative to the education I got at IIT”

Vinod Kholsa, cofounder Sun Microsystems

capital markets
Bombay Exchange

3500 Companies

Market Cap $466B

5th largest by trading volume

Capital Markets
tata group
Chairman Ratan Tata


Industrial & Services

Tata Consulting – India and Indiana

Agreement to buy Corus Steel

Who printed your textbooks?

Tata Group
economic stability
Key to Indian innovation

Transparent markets

Intellectual property rights

Flexible labor laws

Business Creation and Dissolution

10 years to complete bankruptcy

Economic Stability