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TIME Collaborative: Colorado Creating Schools with More & Better Learning Time PowerPoint Presentation
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TIME Collaborative: Colorado Creating Schools with More & Better Learning Time

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TIME Collaborative: Colorado Creating Schools with More & Better Learning Time - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TIME Collaborative: Colorado Creating Schools with More & Better Learning Time
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  1. TIME Collaborative: ColoradoCreating Schools with More & Better Learning Time School Kick-Off

  2. Today’s Objectives • Learn about the TIME Collaborative and the planning process in order to develop a shared understanding of what it means for your school • Develop a redesign mindset • Plan key next steps and assign owners to prepare for the launch the Planning Process

  3. Why More Learning Time? More Time Benefits BOTH Students and Teachers Achievement Engagement Inst Quality More Time to Raise Student Achievement and Teach to Common Core More Time to Provide Rich Engagement Offerings for Students More Time to Collaborate and Improve Quality of Instruction

  4. Fulfilling the Promise of Expanded Learning Time Percent of Students Scoring Proficient Silvia Elementary School (Grades PK – 5) and Kuss Middle School (Grades 6 – 8) • NOTES: • Proficiency rates aggregated and weighted across Grades 3 – 5 and Grades 6 – 8

  5. What are Teachers Saying about Having More Time?

  6. TIME Collaborative: Across the Nation • Multi-year initiative to develop high-quality and sustainable expanded learning time schools in 5 states--CO, CT, MA, NY, TN • Participating schools create a plan that provides a minimum of 1440 hours of learning time for all students beginning in SY2014-15 • NCTL providing planning and implementation support at no cost to districts and schools District + School Selection Fall ‘13 School Planning Process Nov‘13 – Feb ‘14 Implementation Plans Due March ‘14 Implementation Begins August ‘14

  7. TIME Collaborative: Colorado NCTL is collaborating with the Colorado Department of Education, the Colorado Legacy Foundation and the Ford Foundation to bring the TIME Collaborative to a limited number of CO districts and schools • Cohort I: There were 8 Cohort I planning schools in Colorado; 4 schools were approved and are now implementing an expanded year • Cohort II: NCTL will work with the Boulder Valley School District and DenverPublic Schools to engage in a planning process during the 2013-14 school year to create High Quality, Sustainable plans with • Boulder Valley (1 school) • Denver (3 schools)

  8. TIME Collaborative: High-Quality ELT School-wide Approaches around… Focused Priorities 1 Frequent Data Cycles 3 Enhanced School Culture 2 …Support Effective Practices in: 5 6 7 4 Engaging Enrichment Teacher Collaboration & PD Targeted Intervention & Acceleration High Quality Instruction

  9. TIME Collaborative: Sustainable ELT Successful expanded learning time schools maximize and target their RESOURCES to create their unique visions of their school-wide approaches and effective practices. Maximizing Resource • Identify proper amounts of time for courses/activities, for students AND teachers • Create staff schedules that are mindful your school’s budget AND adults’ work load; 300 more hours for students does not necessarily mean 300 more hours for teachers Time • Match students with the adults who can best serve their needs •  Identify roles for adults that are tailored for his/her skill-set and experience •  Explore policies that allow for flexibilities in staffing •  Explore partner organizations/outside staff that can add to a school’s capacity TYPE OF RESOURCE Talent •  Leverage existing technology to support and enhance a variety of classes, while concurrently decreasing teachers’ workloads and/or class sizes •  Identify uses of technology to assist with non-direct instructional activities, such as data analysis Technology

  10. TIME Collaborative: Support to Districts + Schools Planning Session #1 Planning Session #2 Planning Session #3 Planning Session #4 Planning Session #5 Planning Session #6 On-site Support and Coaching of School Planning + District Teams • Detailed resources such as sample schedules, implementation guides and videos • On-line learning opportunities for schools and district to access virtual resources • Learning from ELT practitioners from high-performing schools • Webinars • School Tours

  11. TIME Collaborative: The Planning Sessions During SY13-14, school-based teams from the selected districts will participate in 6 full-day planning sessions and 2 additional school-based “mini-sessions” (3 hours) What are the Planning Sessions? • Opportunity to learn about best practices of high quality ELT schools • Time for small teams to meet and rethink their school schedules to better meet the needs of students and teachers • Opportunity for teams to network with other planning teams from across the state Who Participates? • A minimum of 5 teachers and the principal representing a broad range of disciplines, experience, and roles form the ELT planning team (this can be a sub-set of a school’s ILT) • Include teachers, union representatives, principal, other administrative staff, parents, and school partners • Key district personnel charged with supporting schools’ efforts

  12. Cohort 1: “The Most Valuable Part of Today’s Session Was…” “…learning about staggering staff schedules to make the most effective use of instructional time“ “…developing draft schedules – and back-up plans!” “…our team coming together for a real purpose.”

  13. Cohort 1:The Value of an Inclusive, Collaborative Planning Process “I used to think I functioned better on my own as a teacher. Now I think with talented and creative teammates, my ideas are able to be heard and built upon. I enjoy the time with my team. We are better together.” “I used to think that adding more time would be a huge burden on teachers and unappealing to students. Now I think that the benefits of adding time outweigh all else. Adding time will allow me to become a more effective teacher, provide time to learn from others and provide students with the level of quality instruction they need and they deserve.” Final Reflections on the TIME Collaborative Planning Process, Spring 2013

  14. TIME Collaborative: Conditions for Success • COLLABORATION • Among district leaders and staff • Among school leaders and staff • Between district and schools • COMPLEXITY • Needs to be highly organized and coordinated • There will be lots of questions and not always easy answers • CHANGE • On many levels • You have been chosen in part because you have demonstrated the ability to lead successful change • Need to remain flexible and consider options

  15. School Planning Team TIME Collaborative: Key Roles in the Planning Process • Leads planning process + attends all sessions • Keeps colleagues and stakeholders fully informed • District Time Collaborative Team • Your School’s Faculty and Staff • Led by District Point of Contact • Includes principals and district leaders • Meets monthly and as needed to address district solutions and problem solve • Participates in planning process as organized by Planning Team • Provides input and feedback on design as it is developed

  16. Getting into the Redesign Mindset • IDEO Redesigns the Shopping Cart • Take Something Familiar and Make it Better • DIRECTIONS: • Watch video and take notes • Team discussion • Share out

  17. Redesign from the Ground Up What can the leading design firm in the country help us understand about rethinking your school day?

  18. Building Support For Your New School Day Communicate early and often to: • Build support and enthusiasm for the effort • Create a common sense of purpose • Convey a sense of urgency • Reduce anxiety and misconceptions by providing concrete information and regular updates • Building support for your new school day by engaging key stakeholders will be an ongoing theme of the planning process

  19. Key Messages for You to Relay Now • This initiative is about building a better school day and year for our students, teachers, and families • We are just at the beginning and we need you to play an active role in the process of developing a new school experience for our community • With more time, our school will be able to do x, y, and z Important for you to spell out the possibilities that will be created for your school community because of more time—paint a picture of what your school day/year could look like

  20. All of the materials shared today can be found online at: http://timeandlearning.org/colorado-cohort2 Mary Lindimore: mlindimore@timeandlearning.org ( Lisa Pryor: lpryor@timeandlearning.org (405) 808-3457