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Discussion – Chapters 12 & 13 Mr . Wilson LMAC. ENDER’S GAME. Bonzo. Chapter 12. Chapter 12 - Bonzo. There are really three big events in this chapter, though there are some smaller ones that go with them . What are these sections?

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chapter 12 bonzo
Chapter 12 - Bonzo
  • There are really three big events in this chapter, though there are some smaller ones that go with them.
  • What are these sections?
  • Make up one-word titles (like Card's) to name these sections.
chapter 12 bonzo1
Chapter 12 - Bonzo
  • How is chapter 12 like chapter 1?
chapter 12 bonzo2
Chapter 12 - Bonzo

“Ender Wiggin must believe that no matter what happens, no adult will ever, ever step in to help him in any way. He must believe to the core of his soul, that he can only do what he and the other children work out for themselves” (p.202).

chapter 12 bonzo3
Chapter 12 - Bonzo

“Because he’s the best, that’s why! Who else can fight the buggers? That’s what matters, you fool, the buggers!” (p. 210).

chapter 12 bonzo4
Chapter 12 - Bonzo
  • As Ender's training continues, the people in charge of the Battle School make some serious changes in how the battles are organized and run.
  • What are the major changes in this chapter?
chapter 12 bonzo5
Chapter 12 - Bonzo

“There was no help for him. Whatever he faced, now and forever, no oned would save him from it…Peter had been right, always right; the power to kill and destroy…and nothing and no one will ever save you” (p.212).

chapter 12 bonzo6
Chapter 12 - Bonzo
  • What are the reactions shown by the following characters to Ender's demolition of Bonzo:
    • Dink
    • Bean
    • Ender
    • Colonel Anderson
chapter 12 bonzo7
Chapter 12 - Bonzo

“He wanted to go back home, back to the battle school, the only place in the universe where he belonged” (p.225).

chapter 12 bonzo8
Chapter 12 - Bonzo
  • How surprised were you to learn about what actually happened to Bonzo?
  • How much more surprised were you to learn about Stilson?
  • Why did they keep this knowledge from Ender?
chapter 13 valentine
Chapter 13 - Valentine
  • What is the official reaction to finding out who Locke and Demosthenes are?
  • What are the good and bad points as far as the voices are concerned? (We don't actually know who is talking in this segment.)
chapter 13 valentine1
Chapter 13 - Valentine
  • Ender tells you the secret of how he manages to win all the time.
  • What is it? (p. 238)
  • How is this related to Peter's (p. 131) special ability and Valentine's (p. 127)?
chapter 13 valentine2
Chapter 13 - Valentine
  • After Ender has made up his mind what to do, Graff tries to explain to him why he brought him back to Earth and let him take three months to make up his mind.
  • What connection does Graff want Ender to make?
chapter 13 valentine3
Chapter 13 - Valentine
  • How did humans learn that faster than light, instant communication was possible?
  • How is this related to Ender watching the old invasion videos?
chapter 13 valentine4
Chapter 13 - Valentine

"If the other fellow can't tell you his story, you can never be sure he isn't trying to kill you."

  • Why can't the two races communicate?
  • Why is this important?
  • What are three reasons that have been given for the buggers attacking Earth.
chapter 13 valentine5
Chapter 13 - Valentine
  • Graff says, "Nature can't evolve a species that hasn't the will to survive ... the race as a whole can never decide not to exist."
  • How does this apply to the decision Ender has to make?