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Learning Targets

Teacher and Principal Induction Tools and Resources Karen J. Wyler, Ph. D. Teacher and Principal Induction Specialist IHE Evaluation System Specialist Georgia Department of Education kwyler@doe.k12.ga.us 678-458-3763. Learning Targets.

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Learning Targets

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  1. Teacher and Principal Induction Tools and ResourcesKaren J. Wyler, Ph. D.Teacher and Principal Induction Specialist IHE Evaluation System SpecialistGeorgia Department of Educationkwyler@doe.k12.ga.us678-458-3763

  2. Learning Targets • Develop a common understanding of an effective induction program • Become familiar with the Georgia Teacher and Principal Induction Guidance and additional resources • Identify your next steps to support quality induction in your RESA districts

  3. Norms A: Appreciate one another’s expertise E: Engage fully in all learning experiences I: Invest in your own learning O: Open your mind to new ways of thinking U: Unite in purpose—improving student achievement! Learning Forward

  4. Induction Expectations • Induction guidelines should be scalable, with required components and optional components so that districts can tailor the induction programs to their specific needs. • RT3 school districts are required to develop and implement teacher and principal induction programs using the GaDOE Induction Guidance. • All school districts in the state will be encouraged to use the induction guidance for teachers and principals.

  5. Education Reform Areas • Recruiting, preparing, rewarding, and retaining effective teachers and leaders, especially where they are needed most • Building a P-20 data system that provides seamless data access to all users: students, parents, teachers, administrators and researchers • Turning around our lowest-achieving schools • Adopting standards and assessments that prepare students to succeed in college and the workplace and to compete in the global economy

  6. Effective Induction Programs • Comprehensive - There is a structure to the program, consisting of many activities/components and many people who are involved. • Coherent - The various components, activities, and people are logically connected to each other. • Sustained - The comprehensive and coherent program continues for many years. Wong

  7. TEACHERS MATTER There are 1,702,758 reasons to have effective teachers and leaders in Georgia.

  8. Induction Guidance Domains • Roles and Responsibilities • Leadership and Organizational Structures • Mentoring • Orientation • On-going Performance Assessment • Program Evaluation • *Professional Learning

  9. GaDOE Resources • Teacher Induction Guidance • Principal Induction Guidance • Teacher Implementation and Evaluation Resource Guide • Principal Implementation and Evaluation Resource Guide • Georgia’s RT3 Story • Principal Mentor Training/Videos

  10. Lessons Learned From First Year Implementation • Communicate clear goals and expectations of an effective induction program, • Articulate roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders in the induction process, • Provide the resources needed to implement and sustain a quality induction program, • Develop and implement ongoing mentor training for teacher and principal mentors, • Build interdependence across institutions and • Go slow…so we can go fast!

  11. Georgia’s Induction Journey: Learning, Sharing and Growing • Shift from a focus of teaching to a focus on learning • Develop a collaborative culture • A Focus on Results…teacher and leader effectiveness

  12. Two Questions Do your current induction practices advance learning and teaching? Will your current induction practices improve student growth and achievement?

  13. GaDOE Website http://www.gadoe.org/School-Improvement/Teacher-and-Leader-Effectiveness/Pages/Teacher-and-Principal-Induction-Guidelines-.aspx

  14. GaDOE Induction State Contact Information Cindy Saxon Associate Superintendent, TLE csaxon@doe.k12.ga.us Robin Gay Director, TLE rgay@doe.k12.ga.us Karen J. Wyler, Ph. D. Teacher and Principal Induction Specialist Teacher and Leader Effectiveness kwyler@doe.k12.ga.us 678-458-3763

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