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Mid life Choices. Is this you?. Am I happy with my current career? -To the extent that I can pursue this for the rest of my life?

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Is this you
Is this you?

  • Am I happy with my current career?-To the extent that I can pursue this for the rest of my life?

  • I am in my 40’s- I have always wanted to start something on my own- but I wonder if it is too late for that? Will I be able to learn new skills? How will my family cope with lifestyle issues

  • This routine job is getting to me- I wish I could do something more creative; more original- something that is inherently ‘me’?

  • I have always placed my career second to my husband’s..Now that my children have grown up, I wish I could get back to a mainstream career for myself..

  • Is there a career that will allow me to do justice to home front as well as my professional talent

Mid life Career Choices

What is common across these people
What is common across these people?

  • Captain Gopinath

  • Dr ShashiTharoor

  • Dr M S Swaminathan

  • Ms MeeraSanyal

Mid life Career Choices

Examples of successful mid life career changes
Examples of successful mid-life career changes…

  • Captain GopinathFrom agriculture to Aviation to logistics company

  • Dr ShashiTharoorFrom Writer to UN Beaurocrat to politics

  • Dr M S SwaminathanFrom Government beaurocrat to Research Scientist to politician

  • Ms MeeraSanyal

    Country Manager of a foreign bank- ran for politics in 2010

Mid life Career Choices

Middle age is the time when
Middle age is the time when…

  • We feel we understand ourselves better…

  • We feel we have probably achieved our initial set of professional and financial goals..

  • We feel we are in the process of building a stable family structure…

  • It is also the time we can ‘re-set’ the agenda for the rest of our lives…

  • We cannot have a fulfilling life if we believe we are not doing meaningful work…

Mid life Career Choices

In the last two decades
In the last two decades…

  • India has thrown up many opportunities –thanks to liberalisation

  • Cost of experimenting with a new career is lower- as one can always get back to a job

  • Less stigma attached to failure- in fact a “premium” attached to exploring something new…

  • Economy has helped people progress significantly- hence most lifestyle goals are met..

  • Opportunity to live two lives in one!

Mid life Career Choices

How did we choose our first careers
How did we choose our first careers?

  • Did we ‘choose’ at all?!

  • Decision based on salary and perks opportunity rather than basic understanding of one’s own strength or passion areas

  • So once these goals are met, what next?

  • But the question remains- is it too late to try something new?

Mid life Career Choices

What are the options
What are the options…

  • From corporate to :-Social sectorDo I want to make a difference through my skills and network to a larger community in a more direct manner?RakeshJinsi- Secretary General SOS Children Village did it- after being in Eicher for 22 years..- Childhood passionIs there something that I have always wanted to do right from childhood?Sriram –IIM Kolkata-Citibank did it- got back to pursuing carnatic music as a full time career..KalyaniCandade- advertising 15 years- moved to setting up ‘nature’ based corporate training outfit- ‘Wildertrail’

Mid life Career Choices`

What are the options1
What are the options..

  • From corporate to :- TeachingWill I find it too ‘passive’? Can I cope with such less pay?Associate Prof RamasamyRaju-Anna Univ did it- moved from Railways to teaching after 22 years..-EntrepreneurshipStart something on my own- what if I fail? Will I lose a lot of my savings?BadriSeshadri- founder cric info .com did it- started a regional publishing house as a second career..-PoliticsR K Misra- moved from software to joining politics

Mid life Career Choices

Points to ponder
Points to ponder :

  • Simple questions do not have simple answers

  • Action does not ensure happiness- but there is no happiness without action

  • Mid life career choices are a REALITY to deal with…

Mid life Career Choices

Not as easy as it seems
Not as easy as it seems..

  • Evaluated myself in terms of :- What have I been good at- What do I enjoy doing- What do I need at this point of time in my life

  • Self –assessment by Marcus Buckingham

  • Analysis and communicationInfluencing people

Mid life Career Choices

Career options
Career options…

  • Public Relations Role

  • Sales and Marketing Role in a company

  • Training and Consultancy

  • Teaching

Mid life Career Choices


My Mid life Career Choice

Professor and Head of Department-Chennai Business School

Why teaching
Why teaching?

  • Utilises my natural strengths the best- academics and communication

  • Takes forward my work experience

  • Allows me flexible time as a home maker

  • Am more of myself at work..there is no divide

Mid life Career Choices

What really changed
What really changed?

  • Work environment( team versus individual)

  • Social life setting

  • Lifestyle/ Pay

  • Student relationship building( task versus people)

  • ‘Staying updated’ on my specialisation area

  • More flexibility of time

  • Education-’Destination Career’….

Mid life Career Choices

What i have learnt through the book journey
What I have learnt through the book journey..

  • Family ‘Rules’- Planning for financial stability is key..

  • Need to “earn more” not a driving factor for mid-life career change..

  • Men and Women wired differently about careers..

  • Mid life choices are about aligning with one’s true nature..

  • One does not necessarily have to change careers around mid-life…

Mid life Career Choices

Sum up how do you go about a career change
Sum up- how do you go about a career change?

  • Take a break ( mentally- and if possible- physically)-watch your mind/ where it takes you..

  • List will emerge- things that you always wanted to do..gather some more INFORMATION on these areas..

  • Let your instinct guide you on whether you need to ACT based on these..

  • ‘Acting’ on some is critical..gives you a feel for the ENTIRE aspect of the new career..

  • Study your parents closely for their hobbies/unfulfilled interests..

  • Look at your own childhood…

  • List out aspects of your job that you have enjoyed till date…


Mid life Career Choices

Mid life career choice mine is teaching what is yours
Mid life Career Choice- Mine is Teaching –What is yours?

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