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More Choices of Life

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More Choices of Life - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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More Choices of Life
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  1. More Choices of Life Christopher Bark

  2. “The Sapphire of Kings is said to have chaotic proportions of energy thatcould destroy the entire human race and start the new civilization of demons.” “You may be the Chosen One to destroy this evil and bring peace to the human race.”

  3. The Sapphire of Kings.

  4. “The Castle of Memories will test you on how much of your past will effect you on your journey.”

  5. “The Lake of Promises will test your will power and resistance to temptation.”

  6. “The last test of your journey will be the hardest one of all: The Plain of Trials.”

  7. “I can handle any test that you throw at me anytime, anywhere!”

  8. “I so told you so! Ha-ha!”

  9. Axel must show bravery and skill to defeat the ultimate foe!

  10. “Don’t think that you can just take the Sapphire from me. It will be quite the challenge.”

  11. Axel must tap into the power of the Emerald that gave him his power, along with the help of his friends to bring down the ultimate evil.

  12. Sonnachips is a wild dude who has a feral but civilized fighting technique. Rosalina is a graceful fighter who can use magic with deadly accuracy.