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Consumer Channels Group – Small Retailers/Channel Integrators Content Marketing December 22, 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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Consumer Channels Group – Small Retailers/Channel Integrators Content Marketing December 22, 2011

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Consumer Channels Group – Small Retailers/Channel Integrators Content Marketing December 22, 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Consumer Channels Group – Small Retailers/Channel Integrators Content Marketing December 22, 2011. Purpose

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Presentation Transcript

Consumer Channels Group –

Small Retailers/Channel Integrators Content Marketing

December 22, 2011



Create third party content from both Business and Technology Trend orientations in order to act as a catalyst for knowledge transfer and building trust between Intel and Small Retailer/Channel Integrator partners. This will enable Intel to strengthen partner relationships, establish thought leadership and heighten brand preference for Intel products/technologies.


The approach is made up of 4 components which incorporate best-of-breed content creation practices to drive cost efficiencies, promote peering and ensure the direct transfer of value to Intel. Each component can be further customized according to stakeholder needs and requirements.



  • Stronger Intel brand equity
  • Positions Intel as trusted advisor
  • Relationship building platform
  • Heightened contextual relevance
  • Governing structure for content creation
  • Consistency/continuity of content
  • Improved knowledge transfer
  • Enhanced site user experience
  • Increased industry credibility
  • Anywhere, anytime access to content
  • Increased peering/influence
  • Continuous refinement/improvement

Content Structure

  • Objectives/Deliverables
  • Create a framework for defining content subject matter, referencing related content and cataloging for searchability.
    • Subject matter will be defined by partner orientation (Business and Technology Trends).
    • Categories and tags will be used to reference and catalog content as well as promote usage.
    • Intel brand attributes will be used for mapping the categories and tags to create strong associations with the Intel brand.
  • Develop format guidelines using 2 format types and 8 elements to provide consistency/continuity for third party content creation.
    • Format Types:
      • Short Articles (Blog-Like) – 400-500 words, best for C-level and top management decision-makers
      • Long Articles – 800-1,000 words, suitable for marketing/operations/IT technology decision-makers
      • Note: Can be applied to any medium (e.g. multimedia, video, etc.)

8 Elements (Title, Snippet Descriptor, Body Text, Linkage, Boilerplate, Intel Endorsement, Social Sharing Chicklets, and Meta Data):

Keyword-based Title

Social Sharing Chicklets to Promote Peering

Snippet Descriptor

Keyword Rich

Body Text

Embedded Linkage Redirecting to Intel Pages and Third Party References/Sources

Company Boilerplate Providing Company Background/


Intel Endorsement to Establish as Trusted Advisor

Meta Data Residing in Source Code to Identify Asset Purpose/Content

  • Brought to you
  • by Intel Corporation
  • Shenkan & Associates, a full-service marketing firm, helps companies succeed with critical research measurements, innovative strategy and targeted communications tactics.

Content Planning & Flow

  • Objectives/Deliverables
  • Subject matter will be determined from tracking industry topic coverage as well as monitoring partner site/content usage.
    • Industry coverage of “hot topics” will draw from information sources with global coverage (NA, LA, EMEA, APAC) for heightening relevance of existing/planned content assets.
    • Partner site/content usage will be monitored via an Intel web analytics dashboard for refinement/improvement of content and site flow.
  • Develop an editorial calendar for planning and managing third party editorial content creation on a monthly basis.

Content Creation

  • Objectives/Deliverables
  • Third party editorial content creation will draw from one or all of the following 3 sources:
    • S&A Digital Library – Information and editorial stored in the digital library will be categorized using the framework and repurposed into third party editorial. A “series” format will be utilized for larger/multi-faceted topic areas.
    • Topical Industry Sources – S&A will manage writers as they compile reference points and data from multiple information sources aligned to the framework for building industry relevance/credibility.
    • Top Online Publications – S&A will establish/manage partnerships with media editors of top online global publications for Small Retail Technology Trends and Channel Integrators for creating editorial using the established structure:

Developing Social Keywords

Advertising Via Facebook

Optimizing Your Website

Social Media Best Practices Series Example

Strategies for Content Marketing

Social Demand Generation

Nurturing Engagement Via Social Media


Content Socialization

  • Objectives/Deliverables
  • Options for showcasing/socializing content include a scrollable highlight bar, dynamic widget application, RSS/Twitter feeds and mobile applications:

Mobile Application

Apps for the iPhone and Android mobile platforms provide access to content on an anywhere, anytime basis.

Scrollable Highlight Bar

Showcases recently added assets and increases visibility of high-demand content.

Dynamic Widget Application

Acts as a content aggregator and provides real-time profiling and personalization tools to identify decision-makers and create a natural progression of content/conversations using

behavioral insight.




Intel Insider

RSS/Twitter Feeds

Pushes new content directly to partners as it becomes available.