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Richard James Trainer's 20*20 Pty Ltd PowerPoint Presentation
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Richard James Trainer's 20*20 Pty Ltd

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Richard James Trainer's 20*20 Pty Ltd - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Richard Trainer, an amazing explorer in building structures, has beaten up all the heights of success graph in construction field with his outstanding working skills.

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Richard James Trainer has applied for worldwide patents for its cutting edge house construction system which enables the company to build climate-friendly, energy-efficient and cyclone-proof homes within 90 days, thereby helping to tackle Western Australia's serious housing shortage.


Richard Trainer said the 20*20 system was quicker, smarter and stronger than other building systems, and had wide applications with different design options – from single-storey homes to multi-storey developments.


The 20*20 system has helped reduce carbon, greenhouse gas and waste, while providing a new standard of comfort in design. The company has addressed the chronic housing shortage in the towns of Port Hedland and Karratha in the State's north-west, the epicenters of the mining boom, by building substantial four-bedroom, two-bathroom cyclone-proof homes that appeal to mining and resources executives.


The structural system used by 20*20 allows homes to be erected in least possible time. The reason why 20*20 homes can be built so quickly is that the structural system allows work to be started on the roof immediately after the first steel side panels have been installed.


The steel panels that are used in construction are cold-pressed in the production process so there is no heat generated, which means the panels themselves have a very high residual value. In addition, Richard Trainer explains that before utilizing the product for construction, it passes through a toxic screening process to make sure that the product is free of toxins. To learn more, visit