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homes by 20*20 Pty Ltd PowerPoint Presentation
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homes by 20*20 Pty Ltd

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homes by 20*20 Pty Ltd
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homes by 20*20 Pty Ltd

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  1. Environmentally friendly homes by 20*20 Pty Ltd

  2. With the threat of global climate change becoming more pressing each year, it is clear that even those who would not describe themselves as environmentalists will have to make some adjustments as global warming becomes an even more urgent cause. Perth-based 20*20 Pty Ltd has designed an innovative construction system for building new homes, taking into account humanity's need to reduce its environmental footprint at a time when the global population is continuing to explode.

  3. The company and its professional team of engineers have dedicated themselves to reducing power and water consumption in homes when the world is starting to run out of both of these essential commodities. The company's building system is convenient to use and ideal for building environmentally friendly homes. The Easy Build System by 20*20 Pty Ltd is an efficient and effective home building system, and the construction process is completed in a short time.

  4. The innovative system of home construction developed by 20*20 could be applied equally well in the deserts of the Middle East, the earthquake-prone areas of the world, or in the tsunami-hit zones of South-East Asia. The company has a dedicated and highly skilled team under the supervision of Richard James Trainer, 20*20's Business Development and Operations Manager. whose exceptional managerial skills have added value to the company’s success.

  5. Richard James Trainer has brought new ideas to the construction business, focusing on a passive solar, low energy building envelope, carbon reduction, potable water conservation and indoor environmental management. Passive solar is achieved by incorporating good orientation, ventilation, insulation, shading and material. Natural light is maximised with window placement, and all 20*20 building materials are assessed for potential pollutants. To learn more, log on to