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Richard Trainer Perth PowerPoint Presentation
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Richard Trainer Perth

Richard Trainer Perth

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Richard Trainer Perth

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  1. Cutting-Edge House Construction System by 20*20 Pty Ltd

  2. Richard Trainer of Perth is the Business Development Manager of 20*20 Pty Ltd, which has designed an innovative construction system for building new homes, taking into account humanity's need to reduce its environmental footprint.

  3. The company's cutting-edge house construction system is efficient, fast and effective. With the help of this system, the construction process is completed rapidly, using little skilled labor. Richard James Trainer said the system also helped to reduce carbon, greenhouse gas and waste. Richard Trainer said 20*20's innovative construction system uses pre-fabricated, lightweight composite steel panels for its outer walls, which are load bearing and easily locked together to give a structural stability that is up to four times stronger than stud construction.

  4. Richard Trainer worked with Curtin University's Professor Bill Perriman to perfect the new system. Under the guidance of Richard Trainer, the company has gained a growing reputation. Richard deals with clients’ on a daily basis and is solely responsible for responding quickly to the changing needs of the clients, no matter how much they alter the size and scope of the project.

  5. The company has won many prestigious awards, including the 2009 Housing Industry Association (HIA)-National Australia Bank (NAB) Mid-West Awards for Innovation in Housing, Framed Home of the Year, Residential Designer of the Year, and Outdoor Project of the Year. To learn more, visit