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Richard James Trainer

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Richard James Trainer
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Richard James Trainer

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  1. Richard Trainer outlines the benefits of 20*20 System

  2. Richard James Trainer, endrose the use of Scyon in constructing homes. As 20*20's Business Development and Operations Manager, Richard Trainer is always ready to accommodate people wanting to build their dream homes. The company won two Master Builders Western Australia Housing Excellence Awards last year. This award-winning product was borne of frustration with existing construction methodologies, in terms of supply, cost and timelines for delivery.

  3. Mr. Richard Trainer said of the award winning house in Exmouth: "The client had chosen our lightweight steel wall system and loved the concept of our new lightweight solid internal wall system made from gypsum blocks. He wanted a home that had the benefits of a lightweight outer skin, but also one that had significant structural strength advantages over conventional wall systems."

  4. 20*20's innovative construction system uses pre-fabricated, lightweight composite steel panels for its outer walls, which are load bearing and easily locked together to give a structural stability that is up to four times stronger than stud construction. The company's building system keeps a check on costs by reducing the requirement for skilled labor, and the light weight steel panels can be handled by one or two unskilled workers.

  5. Richard James Trainer currently holds the position of Business Development and Operations Manager at Perth-based 20*20 Pty Ltd. Richard Trainer oversees the construction schedule, the allocation of personnel and equipment and the project's budget. His experience and expertise adds value to the company's success. Please visit for more information.