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The Military

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The Military
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  1. By: Brandon The Military

  2. Table of Contents • How It Started---------------------------------------------pg.1 • Who got involved-------------------------------------------------pg.2 • Solution-------------------------------------------------pg.3-14 • Conclusion----------------------------------------------15 • Resources -------------------------------------------------pg.16-17 • Tribute------------------------------------------------------pg.18 • Glossary----------------------------------------------------pg.19

  3. How it Was Started • On September,9,2001 the hijacking of two planes took place. Osama Bin Laden sent in terrorist to America. All of America was watching in devastation. The Terrorists on board threatened the passengers. They called the air port radio stations through radio connection. They said if the Army tried to send in planes to take them down they would crash into the twin towers (The Twin Towers used to be one of New York's most famous monuments. ) The Army did exactly what the terrorist said not to do. Then all of America could see a fiery inferno engulfing the first twin tower people scrambled away from the horrible sight. The President called in wart hogs to bomb enemy planes but the y didn’t because there were people inside of the plane that would make a lot of casualties (issues made from innocents being killed.) After that day America and Iraq were at war. This is what the attack looked like.

  4. Who got involved? • Suddenly the C.I.A,S.A.S And F.B.I. got involved. They helped the military carry out a mission called Iraqi Freedom. They all purchased helicopters, Boats and much more stuff . They all trained for there undecided plan. Other countries wanted to get involved like The United Kingdom, France and many more countries. They got some of the top soldiers and agents in this mission. This is the S.A.S. logo. Central intelligence agency logo. The Federal Bureau Of Investigation.

  5. The U.S. Military carried out an operation called Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. The Military discovered a compound. They had suspicions about Osama Bin Laden was hiding in the compound . Paid allies planted cameras all around the land to capture images of the enemy Osama Bin Laden and his refuge. The C.I.A. wanted more people to scope out the area so that no one would get hurt. Solution This is in his Camouflage jack vest Osama Bin Laden.

  6. The Military called in the best troops to solve the problem. They called in Seal Team Six. Just incase you didn’t know Seal Team Six is a highly trained team of Navy troops that are referred to as seals of the Navy and they train fight and do missions 300 days of the year and have the other 65 days to see there family. President Obama had other options like droping a bomb but he didn’t want to cause casualties. Then there was a air raid still it would cause casualties so President Obama choose Seal Team Six. Solution A Navy seal preparing for war.

  7. Before the whole war getting to Osama Bin Laden was about revenge but in 2009 it became a matter of safety for Iraq citizens then. So the Pentagon lead Marines into Iraq to save the innocent citizens. When they began there trip they took orders from the Pentagon in Washington D.C..The convoy could not hold off all the Iraqi forces but could not do this action and had to call fo3 back from air support. The Military did agree on sending in troops but wanted to get more information about the compound. So they sent in paid allies to discover that there were numerous children women men animals and weapons. The allies told the Military to be careful because Osama Bin Laden had weapons of mass destruction that could ruin the Military. Solution This is the Pentagon in Washington D.C..

  8. The Navy Seals trained for this very day the chance to execute Osama Bin Laden. The seals had fight dogs. There were a lot of bombings around just a few days before the raid. Nothing about it was on the News because it was so secret and if the Military failed the media wouldn’t talk about. Humvees patrolled around the perimeter to scope out any enemy so nothing would happen and so the enemy couldn’t do any damage to the military base that is filled with the top and best soldiers to do the mission so that’s why we need humvees scattered around the base so suicide bombers couldn’t enter the base this has happened many times now we have higher security in the area Resolution These are Navy Seals training.

  9. The seals boarded the Air Crafts to go to the compound of Osama Bin Laden. When the air crafts got there the second helicopter lost elevation and struggled to stay in the air but still crashed into the compound wall barrier but some soldiers still survived but some didn’t. Solution This is a Military helicopter training for a mission.

  10. The Seals trained a lot for this mission and needed the right gear to survive. In the middle of training on a hot Iraq April day a meeting was scheduled to interrogate a possible Terrorist group courier and a C.I.A. agent wanted to interrogate this target but as soon he got through the security check point he got out of the car and the soldiers around noticed something about the target he was limping and the soldiers around yelled “Is he supposed to limp like that?” and he had his hand in his pocket so the soldiers said “Get your hand out of your pocket!” “Get your hand out of your pocket!” Then it was to late on that Iraq Air Force base blew up and most people on the base. The Military had to recover from this tremendous terror attack. Solution Military Training

  11. First S.A.S. had to scope out the area. So that the U.S. Military had no surprises. Then the U.S. Military wouldn’t have to face IED’S Terrorists bombs or artillery. This same thing happened when the military didn’t watch out so in the 1980’s a helicopter crashed in Iran (Iran is a country from the middle eastern area and the soldiers were on board were attacked by Iranian terrorists and the terrorists stole the helicopter and fixed the malfunctions and used it against other middle eastern countries. The reason why they don’t use it against America is because they would be swatted down by our nations Navy battle ships. The reason they got passed to bomb the world trade center is because they got on planes in there country and then went to America and the clerk at the air port check in let them in but he did have suspicions. The pilots were replaced by the terrorists and people were praying in aerobic and the passengers called the service members and then the planes hit the towers. Solution The U.K. Military scoping out the area

  12. When the soldiers unloaded out of the helicopters they knew the area like it was there home. One more training exercise before the raid. It was just like the compound so they would be very prepared for the real compound with Osama Bin Laden inside the compound for the children the soldiers knew they would have to be prepared for the children's whining so they had to bring small toys and glow sticks to amuse the children in the compound. Solution Seals Unloading from a stealth helicopter.

  13. When the soldiers got into the compound they knew it would be rough but not as rough as it really was going to be. The first seconds were hard because the doors were locked so they had to use flash grenade’s to blow open the door so they could get in the structure. The parents attacked the soldiers with rifles. The children were screaming and yelling at the soldiers. To the soldiers this was usually the routine but that wasn’t right. When a courrier told the terrorists even the children to get weapons and trying to fend the croud off was not the easiest thing to do in the conditions the soldiers were in (Fatigue hunger cold and injured from recent attacks from other enemies in the compound.) Soon there were only a few people who had there strength to fight off the detainees Solution The Seals arrive at the compound.

  14. Reinforcements were called in to help the struggling soldiers. As the other soldiers went up the stairs but saw Khalid Osama Bin Laden’s son so he hid. One of the seals whispered to Khalid “It’s me Khalid.” Khalid was very gullible and put his head over the stairs and was executed. The Seals moved up the stairs. To Osama Bin Laden's room. Osama Bin Laden was killed in a split second. Osama Bin Laden was dead at that point. All the soldiers went down the stairs to get to the main room with all the plans hard drives and computers were the seals took all of it on to the one helicopter that didn’t crash. The other seals had to blow up the crashed helicopter with C-4. Solution Reinforcements arrive.

  15. The shooter of Osama Bin Laden was interviewed by Wolf Blitzer on the radio he said “Osama Bin Laden was taller than he expected and had to aim my gun up.” He was a guest on the news but the reporter asked the crowd where were you when you found out Osama Bin Laden was dead. The shooter said "I know where I was I was in his bed room looking down at his body.” I hope you know how important the Military is. Remember Osama Bin Laden is not alive so don’t worry about any terrorist attacks from him but there are other terrorists in the world but we have the U.S. Military the strongest military in the world. Conclusion Osama Bin Laden

  16. Resourses • • • • •,r:44,s:0,i:221 •,r:50,s:0,i:235 • The Situation room Wolf Blitzer February 14 2013 Sirius radio channel 78 February 12 2013 • February 14 2013 •,r:84,s:0,i:342 • 2013 • Iraq War

  17. resources •,r:36,s:0,i:264,i:396&tx=127&ty=76 February 25 2013

  18. The Military

  19. Glossary • Casualties –(Issues created by innocent people being killed • Terrorist –(A person trying to cause terror to other people with weapons of mass destruction • Twin towers –( One of New York's most prized landmark.) • Osama Bin Laden-(The most ruthless terrorist on the planet.) • Seal Team Six-(Seal Team Six is one of the best Seal Teams there are that train fight and do missions 300 days of the year.) • Air Support-(Support from Air Crafts.) • Terrorist Group-(A group of terrorist that cause terror to other countries and sometimes to there’s.) • Courier-(Someone that is linked to a terrorist group and delivers bombs messages and weapons to other terrorist group.) • Flash Grenades-(Grenades that flash when they blow up sometimes causing you to lose vision in the eyes • C-4-(a bomb called C-4 in kids and younger people call it dynamite.) • Navy-(a armed force that controls the water and helps other armed forces.) • Wart Hogs-(A type of plane that is painted in the front as a shark.) • Detainees-(A person seems to be connected to the target/enemy in this case Osama bin laden.)

  20. Glossary • Camouflage-(A material used in the military so that the enemy can’t spot them.)