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MILITARY . Evolution of the Military. Mesopotamia (4000 B.C.)- some of the first military records come from ancient Mesopotamia with the development of stone and bronze weapons and armor. Evolution of Military.

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evolution of the military
Evolution of the Military
  • Mesopotamia (4000 B.C.)- some of the first military records come from ancient Mesopotamia with the development of stone and bronze weapons and armor.
evolution of military
Evolution of Military
  • Sumer and Akkad (3500-2000 B.C.) – First records of structured armies of the bronze age.
evolution of military1
Evolution of Military
  • Military Revolution (1500 B.C.- 100 A.D.) – This time period is known as a time of constant war, weapons wereconstantly being produced from ironand every villagein the Mid-East andGreece had a military.
evolution of military2
Evolution of Military
  • Roman Invasions, Muslim Conquests and Attack of the Huns (100 – 1000) – This age marks a notable progress in the uses of military; as every village around Europe, Asia and Middle East finds it necessary to have a military in fear of invasion.
evolution of military3
Evolution of Military
  • 1001-1200:Norman Invasion of England, the Crusades, Reconquista, Anglo-French Wars, Wars of the Lombard League
  • 1201-1400:Mongol Invasions, Albigensian Crusade, Wars of Scottish Independence, Teutonic Knights, Hundred Years' War, Byzantine-Ottoman Wars
evolution of military4
Evolution of Military
  • 1400- 1600 Knights- Were protective forces of kings and their kingdoms. With this came new weapons and armor. They used swords, bow and arrows, maces, war hammers, and axes.
  • Armor also advanced and knights began using chainmail.
evolution of military5
Evolution of Military
  • 1600 – 1800: Militaries grew with the rise of revolutions such as the French/Indian war and the American Revolution, also in these times came some of the first military uses of firearms.
evolution of military6
Evolution of Military
  • 1900- 2000: the 1900s mark a turning in warfare, militaries became more structured with multiple branches. Many new weapons and vehicles were introduced such as planes, tanks, artillery and automatic weapons.
evolution of military7
Evolution of Military
  • Modern and Future- Rise of technology, drones, robotic weaponry and use of guerilla warfare/stealth tactics.
5 branches of the united states military
5 Branches of the United States Military
  • Army
  • Navy
  • Marine Corps

4. Air Force

5. Coast Guard

united states army
United States Army
  • The main ground force of the US
  • Main function is to protect and defend the united states
  • The army uses ground troops, armor (tanks), artillery, attack helicopters, ect
  • America’s oldest force
united states navy
United States Navy
  • Mission is to maintain the freedom of the seas
  • Helps supplement Air Force
  • Navy also supplies and works with sumarines
united states marine corps
United States Marine Corps
  • The United States’ rapid reaction force
  • Fight on land and sea
  • Some of the world’s fiercest worriors
united states air force
United States Air Force
  • The United States’ means of air and space fighting
  • Use planes, helicopters, satellites, drones and more