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TITLE: MOBILE MEDIC. MOHD AFIF RASHDAN B SHAFIE 11B07116 NANTHINI D/O VELLA 11B07115 BACHELOR OF COMPUTER SCIENCE NETWORK AND SECURITY SUPERVISOR : EN. AKHYARI NASIR. INTRODUCTION. Medic mobile has great potential to improve health services delivery in the developing world.

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Title mobile medic








  • Medic mobile has great potential to improve health services delivery in the developing world.

  • Medic mobile harnesses the increasing presence of cell phones among diverse populations and uses phones to deliver increased healthcare services to those receiving incomplete care.

  • For effective implementation, a medic mobile solution must start on a small scale with relatively simple cellular technology, and the best and most cost-efficient will be open source.

Project objectives
Project Objectives

  • The main objective for this project is to spread news or reminder to hospital users, to build a system that can send an SMS quickly and efficiently.

  • Manage specific mobile platforms and utilize various mobile technological tools for responding to health problems.

  • Design dynamic and effective strategies for using mobile technology platforms and tools to respond to social challenges in fields of health.

Project scope
Project Scope

The aim of this project is to overcome the paper-based data collection problems by the usage of mobile technology. This is to be achieved by development of a frontlinesms software that allows user to manage forms that are on the fly connected to the hospital organization’s database The main target where the project can show significance for:

  • Support hospital coordination and management, community mobilization for vaccination clinics, logistics and supply chain management, referrals, routine data collection, and mapping of health services.

  • For patients , doctors, nurses and hospital staff usage

  • using only at hospitals.

Problem statement
Problem Statement

  • People are very busy with their daily routine.

  • Burdening with many task sometime they missing the important event including their health.

  • Burden on patients to make their treatment and to return back for follow-up visits.

  • Pay for transport and travel long distance.

Literature review
Literature Review

  • Frontline SMS.

  • Software that enables structured communication via text messaging, using only a computer and a mobile phone or GSM (Global System for Mobile) modem.

  • The platform enables two-way messaging between users and groups of people via mobile networks without the need for an Internet connection.

Literature review1
Literature Review

  • Short Messaging Service (SMS).

  • Only 140 to 160 characters.

  • SMS was originally designed as part of standard mobile digital GSM, but is currently available in a wide variety of networks.

Literature review2
Literature Review

  • Absenteeism from hospital outpatient appointments.

  • Outpatients’ failure to attend because tendencies such as forgetfulness and a confusion or misunderstanding over dates and times.

  • Use of SMS text messaging medium as a means to send appointment reminders is highly effective in increasing the attendance rates.

Literature review3
Literature Review

  • Strengths of SMS technology for use in appointment reminders.

  • Mobile phone messaging is a widespread method of communication.

  • all types of mobile phones have the ability to accept such messages.

  • Sending automated messages usually saves time as well as being cost effective.

  • The messaging system for patients to reminder by SMS can enable them to cancel their orders to help reduce the rate of nonattendance and available dates for other patients who would otherwise be missed.

Literature review4
Literature Review

  • Comparison of phone call and SMS text message reminders.

  • SMS text message reminders for appointments are a form of communication.

  • People often ignored the phone call when they’re busy or attend a meeting.

  • But with SMS, people may read it anytime, anywhere.

Methodology research
Methodology : Research

  • Internet

  • Books

  • Articles

Methodology analyze
Methodology : Analyze

  • What the software want to use

  • What hardware that require for the system

  • What the Operating System that will be used

Methodology design
Methodology : Design

  • Design the logical and physical topology

  • Determine where to put the system when it’s complete.

Methodology development
Methodology : Development

  • First need to install the software

  • Check the software run properly or not

  • After that configure the software

  • Integrate all the software with the language that support

Methodology verification troubleshoot
Methodology : Verification & Troubleshoot

  • Verification of the whole project

  • Checklist

  • Testing

Project requirement
Project Requirement


  • Keyboard

  • Monitor

  • RAM

  • Hard Disk


  • Processor

  • Motherboard

  • Mouse

  • SIM Card

  • Mobile phone/GSM Modem

Project requirement1
Project Requirement


  • Windows 7

  • FrontlineSMS


  • This project builds to help doctors, nurses, hospital staff and patients to make easier to share the information, fixed appointment and call for a meeting.

  • It is faster to share information.

  • Hopefully, this FrontlineSMS system will expand the features of securing the network in future