by dino petaccio jr l pd n.
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Who Committed this Crime?

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Who Committed this Crime? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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With all of the information in the following presentation, let’s see if you can determine…. By Dino Petaccio Jr. L pd. Who Committed this Crime?. Evidence #1 The Americas.

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by dino petaccio jr l pd

With all of the information in the following presentation, let’s see if you can determine…

By Dino Petaccio Jr. L pd.

Who Committed this Crime?

evidence 1 the americas
Evidence #1 The Americas

Before our perpetrator came to the Americas, the USA was very uncivilized. There was not a language, division of labor, little agriculture and insufficient permanent settlement. Although our perpetrator committed a horrible crime that is completely unacceptable , the economic state of the Americas were forever changed by him.

evidence 2 native americans
Evidence #2 Native Americans

All though they would have been much poorer than they are today our perpetrator deserves no honor for murdering these innocent people. They were the original inhabitants of the Americas. It did not matter whether it was males or females, children or adults. Our villain would murder all of them.

evidence 3 and 4 scaffold and map of hispaniola
Evidence #3 and #4 Scaffold and map of Hispaniola

Our felon’s choice of murdering the natives were most of the time merciless hangings. Other than hanging them , he would make them work as slaves and most Natives did not survive being a slave for very long. Throughout our felon’s time in the Americas, they was known to sell their slaves to the island of Hispaniola. Many died en route.

evidence 5 map of perpetrator s travels
Evidence # 5 Map of Perpetrator’s Travels

Our criminal was also known to travel a bunch, traveling to Cuba, Hispaniola, San Salvador, Puerto Rico and Jamaica. Mr. Public Enemy Number One liked to call these travels voyages.

so who committed the crime
So… Who Committed the crime????


As far as most Americans are concerned, Columbus was a traveler who discovered America. It’s shockingthat people are not aware of the crimes he committed while he was here.