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Allotropes Awww Yeahh

Allotropes Awww Yeahh

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Allotropes Awww Yeahh

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  1. Allotropes AwwwYeahh By Kelsey Young

  2. Allotrope Book Information yeah son. • Allotropes are two or more forms of an element that have distinctively different physical and chemical properties. • For something to be considered an allotrope, the forms of the element must be in the same state, solid liquid or gas form. • Example- Solid iron and molten iron have distinctly different properties and because they are in different states, they are not allotropes.

  3. Just a little more book info ay? • The explanation to how chemists account for the different properties of allotropes lies in how the atoms of the element are linked and organized, like in the structure of the substances. • Although the three allotropes of carbon are all composed only of carbon atoms, the distinctively have different atomic arrangements.

  4. While Surfin’ the net • Allotropes are new molecular configurations with new physical properties. • Examples of allotropes, carbon, oxygen, sulfur, and phosphorus. • Allotropes of a given substance will have substantial differences that an allotrope of another. • For example, one allotrope of carbon fullerene is much stronger and lighter than steel. • Most of the time, one allotrope will be more abundant than the other.

  5. Allotrope Internet Information cont. • Carbon is the substance with the greatest number of allotropes. • Carbon has 8 allotropes discovered so far and it has allotropes that are the most different from one another.

  6. Allotrope Internet Information cont. • In a shorter, simpler definition, allotropes are different forms of the same element. • They occur within Groups 13 through Group 16 in the Periodic Table.

  7. Picture of the 8 Forms of Carbon Picture A: Diamond Picture B: Graphite Picture C: Lonsdaleite Picture D: C60 Picture E: C540 Picture F: C70 Picture G: Amorphous Carbon Picture H: Single Walled Carbon Nanotube

  8. Forms of Sulfur and Phosphorus Allotropes Sulfur Phosphorus

  9. Three uses of allotropes • The allotropes make diamonds durable, making it useful for jewelry. • Allotropes make graphite useful for writing. • Allotropes also make carbon affective for heating.

  10. Ways to apply allotropes to what we have learned… yes. • Physical and chemical properties of elements. • Calculating percentages in ores, this has to deal with the diamond video we have recently watched. • Mining and refining- one has to mine to extract the ores where allotropes are found.

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  12. Review Q’s ay • What is an allotrope? • Name a few examples of allotropes!