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“Beyond 2008” A Briefing PowerPoint Presentation
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“Beyond 2008” A Briefing

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“Beyond 2008” A Briefing
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“Beyond 2008” A Briefing

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  1. “Beyond 2008”A Briefing 11th European Conference on Rehabilitation and Drug Policy Working together – Partners for Change Ljubljana, 6 June, 2007 www.vngoc.org

  2. The Vienna NGO Committee on Narcotic Drugs: Background • Established early 1980s • Purpose • to provide a link between NGOs, UNOCD and the UN CND • Activities • regular meetings with UNODC • annual forum during CND • representation of NGO views to UN drug control bodies

  3. Vienna NGO Committee International Events • Has convened a series of major international NGO events. • 1st NGO World Drugs Forum, September 1986 - Stockholm. • 2nd NGO World Drugs Forum, June 1987 – Vienna • 3rd NGO World Drugs Forum, December 1994 – Bangkok • NGO Village during the 1998 UN General Assembly Special Session – New York.

  4. United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Illicit Drugs (UNGASS) • June 1998, to address the world drug problem. • Political Declaration to achieve significant and measurable results by 2008. • Adoption of the Guiding Principles of Demand Reduction and Measures to Enhance International Cooperation to Counter the Drug Problem. • Address to the UNGASS Plenary Session by six NGO’s representing different points of view.

  5. Beyond 2008: An Overview • An opportunity for the NGO community to: • reflect on its own achievements in drug control since 1998 • find improved ways to work together • make proposals on future directions for drug control and • rethink current collaboration mechanisms to establishing more effective partnership. • The means A forum “Beyond 2008” • to contribute to the review and future plans • regional consultations in 9 regions • representative Forum in July 2008 • presentation to the CND in 2008 and 2009

  6. Objectives & Deliverables • Three specific objectives: • To highlight NGO achievements since the 1998 UNGASS. • To propose new and/or improved ways of working with the UNODC and CND. • To adopt principles to serve as a guide for future deliberations on drug policy matters.

  7. Regional Leads &NGO Committee Designated Representatives

  8. Roles and Responsibilities Regional Leads • develop, manage and host the ‘Beyond 2008’ regional consultation. • make a joint presentation on the drug situation in their region to the NGO Forum during the 2007 CND • attend a preliminary regional planning meeting on the margins of the 2007 CND. • present key findings from their regional consultation to the ‘Beyond 2008’ Forum. Designated NGO Committee Representative • facilitate communication and management of the planning and delivery of the regional consultation • liaison between the regional consultation leads and the VNGOC Program Committee • act as facilitator for the regional consultation meeting • managing the allocated budget • support the regional leads in accessing relevant information

  9. Regional Consultations W. Europe East Europe & Central Asia N. America N Africa & the Middle East S. Asia S.E. Asia & the Pacific Sub-Saharan Africa Latin America & the Caribbean Australasia

  10. The objectives in greater detail Objective 1 To highlight tangible NGO achievements in the field of drug control, with particular emphasis on contributions to the 1998 UNGASS Action Plan such as achievement in policy, community engagement, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and social-reintegration.

  11. Objective 1… States to report biennially on progress in achieving the 2003 and 2008 goals and targets. CND to analyze the reports to enhance cooperation combating the world drug problem. The Biennial Reports Questionnaire (BRQ) as the instrument for reporting on progress.

  12. Objective 1… Modified for NGO audience Translated into all six official UN languages Completely automated including quantification of responses Online at: www.vngoc.org

  13. Objective 2 To review best practices related to collaboration mechanisms among NGOs, governments and UN agencies in various fields of endeavour and propose new and/or improved ways of working with the UNODC and CND.

  14. Objective 2 • Review of existing procedures for different intergovernmental organisations • Survey of experience of international NGOs • Preparation of a report from this work • Develpment of a series of questions / proposals to be examined at the regional consultations • Presentation of a revised document to the July 2008 Forum • Proposals for the 2009 High Level segment of the UN CND

  15. Objective 3 To adopt a series of high order principles, drawn from the Conventions and their commentaries that would be tabled with the UNODC and CND for their consideration and serve as a guide for future deliberations on drug policy matters.

  16. Objective 3 • Preparation of a briefing on the UN drug control conventions and bodies • Development of a series of questions to collect experience in the application of the conventions • Consultation on the principles which should inform the development and implementation of drug control activity • Presentation of the agreed principles to the High Level Segment of the 2009 UN CND

  17. Regional Consultations Format Location: • To be determined jointly by the regional leads in consultation with the designated representative. Timing: • To be held between September 2007 and February 2008 Participants: • To be determined jointly by the regional leads in consultation with the designated representative Format: • Evening reception + two days of consultation

  18. Timeline Invitations and travel arrangements Vienna Forum July 2008 CND2007 CND2008 Participant selection Site selection Regional Leadsprepare for consultationMarch – August 2007 RegionalconsultationsSeptember 2007 -February 2008 Analysis Of Consultation reports Prep for July 2008

  19. What you can contribute • Complete the NGO Questionnaire • Publicise the Questionnaire to other NGOs • Translate the questionnaire into local languages • Add your experience of working with Governmental and Inter-Governmental bodies • Add your experience of how well drug control efforts are achieving their objectives