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Lesson 35 : China’s Most Famous “Farmer” PowerPoint Presentation
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Lesson 35 : China’s Most Famous “Farmer”

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Lesson 35 : China’s Most Famous “Farmer” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lesson 35 : China’s Most Famous “Farmer”. Yuan longping ----- “ Father” of Hybrid Rice. Questions:. 1.What was Yuan Longping`s dream ? 2.What has he done since 1960’S ? 3.What did he do in 1973 ? 4.What was the reslut( 结果;效果 ) ?

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Lesson 35: China’s Most Famous “Farmer”

Yuan longping -----

“Father” of Hybrid Rice


1.What was Yuan Longping`s dream ?

2.What has he done since 1960’S ?

3.What did he do in 1973 ?

4.What was the reslut(结果;效果) ?

5. ①Have China and other country benefitted from his work ?

②How do you know that ?

6.What is he doing now ?

answer 1
Answer 1.

He wished to grow a new type of rice.The grain of this new type of rice would be as big as a peanut so that farmers could rest in the cool shadows of big rice plants.


answer 2
Answer 2.
  • Since then , he has devoted himself

to research and to the development

of new varieties.


answer 3
Answer 3.
  • In 1973,together with other people,he succeeded in the development of hybrid rice.


  • This made China a worldwide leader in rice production.
  • For this, he was honored with the name “Father” of Hybrid rice.


answer 5
Answer 5.
  • Yes, they have.
  • Because of Professor Yuan’s hard work, China now produces enough rice to feed her people every year.
  • Besides, many other countries including the U.S., have benefitted from his work.


answer 6
Answer 6.
  • Now Professor Yuan is working on developing super hybrid rice.


1 so that that
  • ① so that“为的是;以便”,表示目的,句中常有情态动词can, could, may, might, will, should等。
  • eg:He turned off the TV so that his mother could have a good sleep.
  • ②so that还可以表示结果,“结果;以致;因此”,so that前常用逗号隔开。
  • eg: He got up early, so that he caught the first bus.
  • ③so +adj/adv+that...结果状语从句“如此……以致……”。
  • eg:The box is so heavy that I can’t carry it.
2 graduate from
2. graduate from….

graduate v.毕业

graduatation n. 毕业;毕业典礼

graduate from 毕业于……

eg:You’ll graduate from this school next July.

3 devote to
3. devote…. to
  • devote v. 奉献 , 献身
  • devotion n. 热爱,热心,挚爱
  • devote oneself/sth. to +n./v-ing
  • 献身于;致力于
  • eg : They devoted themselves to helping the disabled people.
  • He devoted his lifetime to the study of physics.
4 honour honor n
4.honour/honor n.光荣;荣 幸;荣誉
  • be honored with 被尊称为……/被授予……荣誉
  • eg: Fu Mingxia was honored with the name of “Queen of Diving”.
5 besides
  • ① besides prep. “除了……之外(还有)”
  • ② except prep. “除了……之外(不再有)”
  • eg: There are four students in the room besides Tom .
  • eg: We all went to the park except Tom.
6 it is said that
It is said that …“据说”

eg: It is said that we’ll go to the zoo tomorrow .

It is reported that … “据报道”

eg: It is reported that Professor Yuan has worked on developing super hybrid rice for about fifty years .

6.It is said that …

7. nothing but

nothing but 仅仅;只不过;只

eg:There is nothing but a card in the box.

  • Yuan Longping once had a dream . He wished to grow a new kind of rice whose grain was as big as a peanut farmerscould restinthe cool shadows of big rice plants .
  • At age 23 ,he the Southwest Agricultural University .Since 1960s ,he has the development of new hybrid rice. In 1973,hethe name of “Father of Hybrid rice “ for producing more rice
  • Professor Yuan’s hard work ,many other countries have benefited form his work China .
  • he is one of the richest people in China . But he cares about his research .

so that

graduated from

devoted himself to

was honored with

Because of


It is said that

nothing but