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Family of Ms. Stone ’ s Seaside Explorers! PowerPoint Presentation
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Family of Ms. Stone ’ s Seaside Explorers!

Family of Ms. Stone ’ s Seaside Explorers!

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Family of Ms. Stone ’ s Seaside Explorers!

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  1. Welcome Family of Ms. Stone’s Seaside Explorers! Please sign in at the front table. If you would like to conference about your student, please sign the conference sheet as well.

  2. Welcome to Sixth Grade • I am SO pleased to be teaching your student! To begin, I will inform you about sixth grade. • If you have any questions, please save them for the end of the presentation. • Additionally, If you have any questions or concerns regarding your student, please sign up for a conference, email me, or call the school.

  3. AboutMe • This is my 1st year at McAuliffe. • I have prior experience teaching 6th grade. • I am committed to meeting each student at his/her level and helping them achieve academic excellence. • I obtained my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from Cal State University, Bakersfield, where I also obtained my B.A. in Liberal Studies. • Lived in Bakersfield my whole life. PBVUSD alumna.

  4. My Goals • To provide my students with the academic and social skills they need. • To provide a supportive and fun classroom environment. • To help students discover and pursue new interests. • To provide a structured schedule and meaningful school day, everyday.

  5. Daily Schedule • 8:20 Attendance, SSR, ELD intervention, Morning Work: Journal Write and Daily Paragraph editing • 9:00 Math • 10:20 Recess • 10:40 Reading and Language Arts • 11:50 Writing • 12:30 Lunch • 1:40 Social Studies/Science/Enrichment • 2:50 Wrap up/ Pack up • *This schedule is tentative as we have many pullouts/enrichments throughout the week.

  6. Enrichments/Pull outs • Library: Mondays 10:45-11:30 • Music: Tuesdays 9:40-10:20 • Chorus: Tuesdays 1:30-2:10 • Computer Lab: Fridays 11:30-12:30 • Band/Orchestra: Subject to instrument

  7. Classroom Community Our classroom is a community. In our community, we have rules to help us model leadership and get along with others. Listen when others are talking. Quickly and quietly follow directions. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. Work quietly and do not disturb others. Show respect for others, their property, and the school. Work and play in a safe manner.

  8. ICMM ICMM means I can manage myself. As sixth graders, your students are at an age where they should take responsibility for their own choices and the resulting actions. If your student can not manage his/herself (following class rules and being a responsible student), there are consequences. Each student will get an ICMM card and will have 3 strikes. Strike 1: Formal warning! Make better choices! Strike 2: Loss of recess! Strike 3: Detention! Any other problems beyond these three strikes means loss of privileges and a possible call home.

  9. Rewards Group points: Students will receive group points for being on task, participating, and being model students. Groups with the most points at the end of the week will receive a small treat. Homework Heroes: Students who turn in all their homework for the whole week will get to have lunch with me in the classroom and get a treat, on the following Tuesday. Students who turn in 75% or more of their homework for the whole year will get a surprise treat.

  10. Camp KEEP • Camp KEEP dates: February 17-20 (Tues.-Fri.) • Students will delve deeper into science through hands-on activities and hikes, while exploring the beautiful surrounding area of Cambria. • Please complete/return included form to reserve your child’s spot. • Chaperones • 15 counselor spots (sign up in front if interested) • Mrs. Roberts will contact you regarding the application process. • Supervising students 23/24 hours a day • Please be advised fingerprinting is required.

  11. Camp KEEP • Cost: $305 paid in full by February 1st • 3 opportunities to raise money organized by parent club (packet) • We ask that you please set aside money each week to pay balance. Payments may be made in front office. (CASH ONLY) • Accounts and money will be handled by Traci Valdivia. Please, politely, contact her with any questions or concerns.

  12. Homework/Assignments • Norms: • Homework is USUALLY sent home nightly Monday-Thursday (Unfinished work becomes homework even on Fridays) • Assignments are recorded in Daily Student Planners each day, please check daily. (Please send $3 so that your student may purchase one) • Assignments will be posted on my classroom website (access through the school website) • Assignments account for 10% of students’ weighted grade. • Expectations: • Students should come to school with homework completed. I give points based on completeness rather than correctness. I want students to try their best even if they do not completely understand. Then, they will be able to ask questions when we grade it together. • Work should be legible, properly labeled, and on time. • Students should show any work necessary for completing math assignments and not just the answer.

  13. Late, Incomplete, & Missing Assignments • Late Work: • Late work can be turned in within a reasonable time. • (1 week depending on circumstance) • Small daily homework assignments’ point value will not be penalized, if turned in within a reasonable amount of time. • Larger assignments and projects will be penalized up to 30% if late. • Missing Work/Incomplete Work: • Missing work will be entered as a zero in the grade book until turned in completely finished. • Incomplete homework will be treated as a missing assignment until it is completed as it is the student’s responsibility to complete their assignments. • Incomplete assignments/projects will be graded as they are when turned in.

  14. Friday Folders Each Friday your students will be sent home with a blue folder that has a weekly conduct report and lets you know if they have any missing assignments. It will also have any tests/quizzes that were completed that week. Please review the contents, sign and return it on the following Monday. The week is recorded from Friday-Thursday.

  15. Assessments • Classroom: • Students will be made aware of any classroom tests or quizzes at least one day in advanced (Usually longer). These will account for 90% of students’ weighted grade. • Students have an AR goal based on their reading level, that they will need to meet each quarter, by reading and taking AR tests. This will count as a test grade. • Dibels: • Students will be tested three times a year on reading fluency and reading comprehension. • Star Reading/Math: • Students will be tested at least five times a year , on the computer, to monitor progress of math and reading skills. • SBAC testing: • California standardized testing has been replaced with the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBAC). This test is brand new and was adopted with the adoption of Common Core Curriculum. This is a computer based test that will test students on the new standards of their grade level. This is the test’s first year of use.

  16. Parent Vue • • Grades 4-8 Only. • Account activation information is the same as previous years, if you need this again please contact the school office. • District Provided real-time information on assignments, grades, immunization compliance, transcripts, and more.

  17. Earning School Points • Block Letter 250 Points • Star 500 Points • Each Additional Star 250 Points • Plaque 1,000 Points • Honor Roll, Principal’s List, Chorus, Band, • After-School Sports, Track Science Fair, Oral Language, • Student Council, BOB

  18. Other • Encourage your kids to read! Read with them! Remember, they need to reach their AR goal each quarter. • Classroom Donations (wish list handout) • Restroom policy: • Students may go to the restroom anytime they need as long as they ask, and did not just come in from recess/lunch or we are leaving for recess/lunch in a few moments. • I will only dismiss one student to the restroom at a time.

  19. Contacting Me • McAuliffe Elementary • (661) 665-9471 (Ms. Stone, room 2) • Email: • Send a note 