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Solar System Series

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Solar System Series. What if the World Series took place not just on Earth?. Resource Overviews. Curveball. HitModeler. Students are also able to study Aerodynamic Forces and Newton’s Laws

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solar system series

Solar System Series

What if the World Series took place not just on Earth?

resource overviews
Resource Overviews



Students are also able to study Aerodynamic Forces and Newton’s Laws

As the Batter, students are able to see what effect location, weather conditions and speed have on the flight of a hit baseball

Students can analyze (graphically) these changes and there effect.

  • Students are able to study Aerodynamic Forces (Lift) using a baseball. (Newton’s Laws)
  • Student acts as a Big League Picture and tries to throw strikes.
  • Stadium Locations and other factors can be adjusted and changed to study the effects on Lift
  • Different weather parameters can also be set
highlights limitations
Highlights & Limitations



Location changes and Weather Condition changes

Speed of pitch and Angel (fastball and curves)

Ability to increase or decrease Grid view

Ability to plot more than one flight of the ball

Ease of use by students

No “Stadium view”

No swing of the bat

  • Ability to change locations (Earth to Mars)
  • Adjustments to Weather Conditions
  • Two views of the baseball (overhead flight and wind tunnel)
  • Use of Probe for testing pressure changes
  • No actual Picture or batter view of the flight (MLB)
  • More Planetary Locations
  • Trouble with probe usage

Lesson: Students are given the option to be a Solar System Series Pitcher or Batter. Using NASA ‘s CurveBall or HitModeler Applets. Objective: Compare your Earth Statistics with your Mars Statistics

Students act as Pitcher

Students act as Batters

mulberry elementary november 2010
Mulberry ElementaryNovember 2010

Mr. Heck’s

5th Grade Science Class:

Solar System -

Baseball Series