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Solar System PowerPoint Presentation
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Solar System

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Solar System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Solar System. At-Home-Project. Board Games Examples for Your At-Home-Research Project!. Be Creative!. Recycle an old board game!. Teaching your peers how to play your colorfully and exceptionally challenging game is exciting!.

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Solar System

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Solar System At-Home-Project Board Games Examples for Your At-Home-Research Project!

    2. Be Creative! Recycle an old board game!

    3. Teaching your peers how to play your colorfully and exceptionally challenging game is exciting!

    4. Solar system punch outs, glitter, star stickers, and old toys makes a wonderfully designed board game!

    5. Again, recycling an old board game and designing your own game creates a fabulous board game. Also, you can use the computer to make answer cards and instructions!

    6. A piece from a card board box, markers, crayons, and solar system stickers created a beautifully crafted game!

    7. “Name that Planet” was created by using felt and a plastic placemat!

    8. A piece of card board from a box, paint, and stickers helped create “Space Quiz”

    9. Playing is the best part of creating a board game!

    10. You can use poster board, construction paper, makers, and glue!

    11. Black construction paper, white color pencils, and Styrofoam balls made this “Sun Travel” game exciting!

    12. Your board game is a teaching tool for your classmates. Creating questions from the research you gathered will assist you with creating interesting and challenging questions!

    13. Another type of board game and this game can be easily folded. This game included addition as well as questions about each of the planets!

    14. This student used the computer to create this amazing colorful, challenging, and loads of fun board game!

    15. Packaging the game is just as important to this game because you want your game to be easily carried from place to place. Also, there is limited class room space to house all these terrific teaching tools!

    16. Reusing a cake box for housing this board game! Surprising all these items fit neatly in the box.

    17. This little box held a game because of the cleverly designed foldable board game!

    18. Solar System At-Home-Project Have fun making your own board game!