Greek gods goddesses
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Greek gods/goddesses. Pictures, symbols, facts and more!. Achilles. Achilles. The only place Achilles could get a mortal wound was his ankle Achilles wasn’t a god, he was half mortal and half immortal because his mother was a goddess and his father was mortal.

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Greek gods goddesses

Greek gods/goddesses

Pictures, symbols, facts and more!


  • The only place Achilles could get a mortal wound was his ankle

  • Achilles wasn’t a god, he was half mortal and half immortal because his mother was a goddess and his father was mortal.

  • Achilles died from a poison arrow that hit the only part of Achilles that could cause death to him.(shot from Paris).

Greek gods goddesses

  • Achilles was the son of Thethis and she was foretold her son would die really young in a great battle.

  • Thetius dipped Achilles in the river of Styx

  • This was supposed to make Achilles immortal, and the only part Thetius didn’t was the ankle

War of troy
War of Troy

  • Achilles first didn’t fight the war of troy but the death of his friend Menelaus, he was outraged and joining the war.

  • Achilles challenged Hector the heir of the thrown of Troy because he killed Menelaus.

  • Achilles defeated Hector and dragged his body by a carriage for (4 days!!!!).

  • The Spartans made a giant wooden horse so they could fit their warriors in it. In the morning the king of Troy saw this and let it in their castle. Then, the Spartans burst out of the horse when they were sleeping that night and took over Troy. This Achilles was killed during the battle by a poison arrow in the ankle.


  • Strong, intelligent, arrogant, agile.

  • relative of thetius, son, wife, son, wife,

  • lover of meneiaus, wife, son,

  • who feels passion angry, pain.

  • who needs friends, partner, to think before acting.

  • who fears death, who gives confidence, respect,

  • who would like to see his mom, troy to fall, and his dead friend

  • resident of Greece

  • Achilles

Modern reference
Modern reference

  • In the modern day Achilles is referenced by many things. they named the Achilles tendon after him, and some people might use it as a metaphor to show there weaknesses or flaws.

T iresias

  • Tiresias was known very well for his blindness

  • There is at least two myths about his eyesight being taken.

  • Tiresias could understand birds.

  • Tiresias became a blind prophet

Myth of tiresias
Myth of Tiresias

  • The myth of Tiresias goes…

  • He accidentally walked upon Athena bathing so she took away his sight. Later on in life she felt bad so she wanted to give him his sight back but she couldn’t. In stead she gave him the gift of prophecy.

Tiresias bio poem
Tiresias’ Bio Poem

  • Tiresias

  • Honest, Blind, Prophet, Ashamed

  • Relative of Chariclo

  • Lover of his gift

  • Who feels sorry

  • Who needs fame

  • Who fears being hated

  • Who gives hope to people

  • Who would like to see happiness


  • The Symbol of pandora is a girl with a box

  • She is the goddess of being good at everything.


  • She opened a jar and let evil out into the world.

  • Pandora has no weaknesses

  • She married the little brother (Epimetheus) of the man she was created to punish (Promethius)

Pandora s myth
Pandora’s Myth

Pandora was the first and prettiest woman on Earth. She was created by Zeus to punish Promethius. Pandora eventually marriedEpimetheus, Promethius’ little brother. Zeus gave her a jar and told her not to open it, but she opened it anyway. It let evil into the world. Their was only one thing that did not escape and that was hope.

Modern day
Modern Day

  • There is few modern day references.

  • Pandora radio is related because it is a database of all sorts of music and it relates to the jar of all evil.

  • She also relates to Pandora jewelry because she was the first woman and was given the talent of beauty.

King midas1
King Midas

  • Symbol is a gold coin

  • He was the god of war

King midas2
King Midas

  • Collecting gold was a hobby of his

  • Anything he touched turned into gold

  • The river water made the gold disappear

  • He was the king of his town

Midas myth
Midas’ Myth

  • King Midas was so obsessed with gold that he wish everything he touched turned into gold. He got his wish but soon it backfired. He touched his daughter and she turned into gold. She he begged for his power to go away. He was told that if he bathed in the river water his power would end and everything would go back to normal.

Modern reference1
Modern Reference

  • Today Midas is a synonym for “rich man.”

The muses1
The Muses

  • The Muses were goddesses of anthropomorphic

  • Symbols were:

    1.Callope-wax tablet

    2.Clio- scroll

    3.Euterpe- Double flute

    4.Melpomene-tragic mask, ivy wreath


    6.Erato-smaller lyre

    7.Polyhymnia-depicted velled

    8.Urania- celestial globe

The muses2
The Muses

  • The muses did not have ha myth they were just important. And they were Zeus’ nine daughters

Modern reference2
Modern Reference

  • Today Urania is the most commonly heard sister because it refers to the universe


  • Narcissus was a Nymph


  • He was a player, with both genders.

  • He had fell in love with his reflection in a pond but with the empty feeling of not being loved back

  • Echo love him but he didn’t love her back

  • Echo was the last one that had love for Narcissus

Narcissus myth
Narcissus’ Myth

  • He was a very handsome man and was a player. He had many affairs with both sexes. He was not searching for love at all and he didn’t want love to find him.

  • There was this one nymph (echo) who fell in love with him and he broke her heart’

  • Echo locked herself away from everyone. After that he was cursed to fall in love with his reflection and soon died because of the torment of not being able to fall in love with someone, ever.

Greek gods goddesses

  • She was a nymph

  • Roman name- Echo

Greek gods goddesses

  • She was a nymph of the woods

  • She amused Hera

  • Hera put a curse on her to make her say rhe last words of people.

Echo s myth
Echo’s Myth

  • She was a nymph of the woods and she fell in love with Narcissus. He didn’t love her back so she got very sad and locked her self away. She shriveled up and dried away but all that’s left of her is her voice.